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Ex paid CSA but I never received money

I contacted the CSA after I divorced the father of my two children, as advised by the local social security office. My ex husband made the relevant payments to the csa, but I never received any payments from them. It amounts to almost £900.

I have rung them on too many occassions to list, and have been told to seek legal advice as to getting the payments. I have told csa I will persue it legally but they still did not move on it.

My ex-husband has also contacted them on many occassions requesting the money returned or paid…its almost two years now and still no joy.

That money is rightfully belonging to my children for essentialas for their care… yet CSA still havent paid it!!

Where is the justice in that?

4 thoughts on “Ex paid CSA but I never received money

  1. Hayley,

    You’ve not given much detail…

    Does your ex have any other cases with the CSA?

    Between what dates was the money paid to the CSA + were you in receipt of benefits?

    If you believe the CSA owe you money, you should escalate your case to a clearly marked, concise complaint ~ Post signed for and keep copies. Also copy in your local MP and request their assistance.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  2. It sis quite simple they take the money that the father has paid and use to pay for someone else s children of a father that has not paid and unwilling to pay, those of us that pay pay extra for this purpose.

  3. Its simply shocking to hear that the Law may be passed where Child Benefit is claimed until the student in question reaches 20. In this case, it is no longer CHILD BENEFIT, after all they are supposedly adults at 18! ADULT BENEFIT?
    We thought the Government wanted to reduce the benefit not let more claim it for even longer. How can this help anyone, least of all the poor struggling absent parent paying for years on end ?

  4. I was married my wife had an affair and I was the last to find out, she lied to people saying I was abusive and threatening. I was thrown out of my home with no idea what was going on when her friend approached me and told me I comfronted her only to be met by police, I was set up but after investigation police said no case to answer. But because they called to see me it was on record so when my ex wife and I went to court it was on record, she lied through her teeth about me and yes as you can expect they believed her because she is a woman. I could not say anything or fight for my say after she left me moved in with another man denied it was frauding and courts believed her she tries everyway to stop me seeing child even though I got no say with my little girl , I don’t no where she lives or if she is safe but yet I have to pay csa , I hate this country and its criminal actions to certain individuals .There is no justice just a meal ticket for someone who can play god may god hav mercy on the people who make these decisions you no how to kick when down.

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