Ex lies in court and CSA pays wrong person but I am still left to pay!

August 2, 2018

Texas Child Support sent my payments to wrong person and made me pay that money back with interest. My son is 18 and will turn 19 in October. My son will be 19 this year and I have concerns about possible fraud by his mother but Texas laws are always on mothers side. A perfect example she made false claims about my son having Cerebral Palsy in court to try and get indefinite child support and even when records showed proof she was lying none was brought up in trial and because she dragged court once again I have back child support.

Is there somewhere I can file a complaint about this? I know child support has immunity but they make an error they have to fix it. Does anyone know of any law firm or a fathers right lawyer who can help? His mother has warrants and has no stability for my son. Has had few problems with the law in Texas and yet all favors go to her. I have records and documents to provide proof.