Ex lied to CSA about the contact I had received with my daughter

October 24, 2011

I have a 6 year old daughter who i have been paying maintenance for since i left the marital home when she was 19months old, i originally set up a direct debit to her mother for £80 a week but when my wages were dropped after about 4years of paying this i contacted the CSA and they calculated the correct amount i should be paying and told my ex wife of the change. Everything seemed ok until my ex wife lied about my contact with my daughter and they were soon on my back trying to get more money out of me, i proved to them how much i was having my daughter and everything settled down.

I now have a 17week old son and i contacted the CSA as soon as he was born to get the payments to my ex wife put down, i did everything they asked yet i heard nothing! I contacted them 8 times and every phone call i was told a different story, they started off saying its being processed now and you will be hearing soon and everything will be back dated, then about 2 weeks ago i rang again and they told me they didn’t even know that i had a son, how can this be the case when they told me it was being processed a few weeks ago! At one point i rang them 3 times in a row and was fobbed off everytime, at one time they even told me i’d got my security questions wrong, i dont know how as the question was my daughters name and date of birth!

Finally last week i had a phone call to tell me what the new payments are going to be and i was told i had to sort out the back dated payments with my ex, knowing what my ex is like i know she will say no to it being back dated which isn’t good enough as i need the money for my son, i then had another phone call a few days later from someone else at the CSA again telling me the new payment amount and also that they are going to sort out a plan for the back dated money, which is it? i’ll be amazed if i ever get the money back. I feel this is unacceptable as for the passed 17weeks i have been struggling to pay such a high amount for my daughter and pay for my new son, why should my son go with out because the CSA are so incompetent!

Kind Regards
Mr S Baisden