Ex is using CMS and my kids as a weapon

November 13, 2019

How is ok that someone can use CMS as a wepon. I had an agreement with my ex and was paying her a set amount each month. Although we did not get on very well thinks were ok I got to see my kids. This all changed when I meet my now wife. My ex became a nightmare, she tried to interfere with my relationship in anyway she could. Cut a long story short she would not let me see my kids and when I whent round to find out why she and her boyfriend attacked me. I have not seen them in 3 years. She then told CMS that I did not pay and CMS got on my case. I have the prof to show i did pay but CMS still went head with the clam. Not only that after a number of fudge up by CMS they cant even provide me with information as to why the case was even started.

How do I get help.


  • Sinead says:

    It doesn’t matter of you were paying by family arrangement, she can get that switched to direct via CMS anytime she likes. You are liable from the day she makes her claim, do not pay her anything until you get your assessment & payment schedule through as it will be counted as a “gift”. The systems fucked up, welcome to CSA hell and good luck!

  • Melanie Parton says:

    Were having issues too 7 years ours bin closed still trying to sort kids 26 various wrong amounts court orders they ignore just demand demand they are disgusting……im waiting for mp to call tomoz as this is rediculus….we went to ombudsman 2012 they admitted fault paid 150 and apologised case closed 2013 they dtill cant get it right i csn whole heartedly see what they do to dads

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