Ex husband changed his name to avoid payments to CSA

January 12, 2011

1st in 18 years i personally received all of £1.50, for my son from a ex-husband. Then has the cheek to send me a letter when my son was 16 to tell me they was stopping payments. I didnt know to frame the giro or throw it.

He changed his name and my son hasnt seen him since he was 8 years old. Now my new husband who has looked after and raised my son like his own, had a letter 7 years ago to say he had 1 son and 1 daughter from 2 different women.

1st he didnt know about either of these kids till 7 years ago, when they called him in for a dna test. told he had no choise to do it, or they would take it he was the father anyway. did the dna test then heard nothing until last year june 2010, when both kids were 14 years old. unbeliveable !! he doesent know either of these kids, and the csa contact him 7 years after dna test.

Now we are suffering big time as a family, we had to explain to our daughter about her half brother and half sister who she has never seen or heard about. the csa have destroyed our family, which was hard enough without this, and now my husband is left with £540.84 every month. every penny over goes to these 2 kids. we think they are taking 40% of his wages or £309 mth for arrears whatever way they can get more money out of him.

Since last june 2010 , my husbands check is always £540.84 as he never gets more, we have to pay full hse rent of £420 mth so he is left with £120.84, for the mth. we had to explain to our daughter, and my son who didnt have any idea.

Dont get me wrong, he would of paid long time ago if he knew about these kids, and maybe of been in their lives, and now csa think they doing good but they have destroyed our family and almost our marriage, why !! for not doing what was right a long time ago. He dosent know these kids, and they dont know him , wouldnt know each other if they walked pass each other.

Why did they not tell him the results when they were 7 years old .. why didnt they follow it up all those years have gone by and now it too late he has brought my son up as his own when my ex husband didnt want to know, and was never found by the csa , he missed out on a beautiful and loving son, who only knows my husband as his dad, and who suffering now us !! and the 2 kids who will never know the truth behind the big mistake of csa.


  • Brokenfather says:

    Has your husband actually seen the results of the DNA test?

  • jan murphy says:

    funny enough , no he has never seen the dna results , i think he will be contacting them today !!

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