Ex fraudulently claimed a year’s maintenance and CSA did nothing!

April 5, 2019

From Jan 2018 to Dec 2018 I was paying CSA £50 a week for my son. In Dec 2018 I found out my ex partner had moved into a 1 bedroom flat and my son had moved in with his sister also from Jan 2018 so for a year I was paying CSA to her and she never informed CSA he wasn’t living with her.

I informed CSA who said they’d investigate, I heard nothing so presumed they’d closed the case but when I got my wages on the 15th of march £350 had been taken out by CSA I phoned them and they said they needed evidence my son wasn’t living with her??? Dentist , college , doctors are all registered with his sister , my ex partner lives in a 1 bedroom flat ??? Told them all this but they done a child benefit check and as she was still claiming it ,to them he was still living with her I pointed out everything I knew but until she stopped claiming child benefit there was nothing I could do ?? I phoned child benefit and they said as long as she was passing money on it didn’t matter if he was living with her or not , so I’m stuck in a circle going round and round and nobody will help, I think it’s fraud not only from me but my son and the system any help please 😠😠😠