CSA Advice

Don’t talk to CSA over the phone!

The CSA are like the nazi party, as some comments have alluded to they take the receiving partners word for it but not yours.

they only want to talk on the phone to twist what you say and use it against you as all calls are recorded but they won’t even give you their surname.

my advice is to tell them immediately you are uncomfortable talking on the phone and ask for all correspondence thro mail not email because they don’t want you to have any evidence against them.

2017 and don’t have email its a joke.

i joined a site to specifically send my questions and answers thro FAX can you believe i had to do that ?

if you want an answer to a question/query ive found out you have to send it as a COMPLAINT then they’re legally obliged to answer it.

if you don’t and you ask during a conversation or FAX you will be ignored basically.

thats my advice for what it is worth.

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