Do they have a right to take food from my kids’ mouths

January 18, 2014

Hi there
My partner had a 7month relationship 17yrs ago she said she couldn’t have family and when he left the relationship she said she was pregnant DNA was done and he was his child she said she would ruin him if he didn’t stay he had his own business at the time and now he works offshore!!!

Most of his payments over the years was about 800 pm he lived with his mum mostly until we met a few years ago and at that time the csa said that he was to live of £65pw but the child was to receive £250pw where do they get off with complete nonsense anyway he did this for years she wouldn’t let him ever c his son but he always paid as it was taken off his wages before he got them himself … Me and my partner live together and have 1100pm to pay rent every month and all the rest of bills to pay!!! His son is on the old system being born in 1996 in sept 2012 there we received a letter saying the case was closed my partner assumed that he had left school etc then At Christmas there we received another letter saying a new case was opening ????

So he phoned and basically they said she had closed the case for 13weeks so the son would be on the new system instead of the old !!!! Where they don’t allow for anything meaning no rent /mortgage into consideration !!! Like the old system done !! And I’m classed as disabled and can’t work and I have two kids the old system allowed for this and seemingly the new system doesn’t ??? CSA huh they said that basically that they would take the roof from over out heads and put me my partner and the kids homeless etc what they said as a rough figure over the ph we know we couldn’t afford that do they have a right to do this I mean to take food from my kids mouth isn’t it called the CHILD support agency ???

We have been trying for our own child for a year now does that mean that we can’t now because we will have no home or able to live ??? Please help ASAP as this is going on as I type 🙁 and does this 13 wk thing exist where an x can shut down a case as she would receive less money as now he has rent to pay a disabled partner who has two kids so she can close and open a new one to ruin our lives is this allowed does this exist is there anything we can do please please please help We are extremely distressed with this



  • Bill says:

    CS2 will make an allowance of 20% of net income for two children in the NRP’s household before using the remaining 80% of net income to calculate the maintenance.
    Yes PWCs can close a CS1 case and reopen a case on CS2 after 13 weeks.

  • jo says:

    On new rules it would be 15% of your partners net income only for one qualifying child and allowance made for any children in your home…please please make sure csa are aware of this! Have you looked on the csa calculator to give you a rough idea of what you’ll be paying?

    Some nrps find they actually payout less on the new system so in your case the pwc might be doing you guys a favour.

  • mags says:

    I wouldn’t go by the csa calculator, coz I done that, the amount that came up was completely different to what the csa says that my husband has to pay, they make up their own rules as they go along, they all tell u different information

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