Do my pension costs affect my CSA payment?

April 25, 2011

I have set up additional payments into my company pension fund, as it would not achieve its full potential. I got confirmation from the pension company as to the new amounts being paid in. Sent this info to CSA, as I am on Cs1 rules and asked for a new assessment.

I have been told by the Csa that any change in outgoings over £10 per week have to be taken into account. I had a phone call from them today saying assessment to stay the same, as it does not change anything. I explained that i had been told other wise by the CSA. His answer was “sorry that you were told that” but thats it.

I asked what would change my assessment, responce was “Housing costs,or pension costs change”. He eventually hung up. I need help and advice on this. Does it say anywhere what i can have, do avc pension costs count?