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Do I still have to pay ex even though she stops me seeing my child?

Me and my partner split in January 2015 . My wife stopped me seeing my child and I had to take it to court to see my child. After court was over and I started to have a relationship again with my child . Me and my ex agreed on me paying £144 a month. Witch comes out of my bank into my ex bank. But now my wife has stopped me having a relationship with her again. Relationship again with my child and I am being told I have to go back to court. What I would like to know is if a still have to pay this money to my ex while she is not letting me see my child again please could u tell me where I stand on this .

One thought on “Do I still have to pay ex even though she stops me seeing my child?

  1. Hi Stephen
    My advice to you is to continue to pay the £144 per month.

    If the Court directed you to pay the money and your ex partner to give you access to see your daughter, then if this goes back to Court, she is going to look like the one breaking the Court agreement and any reasonable judge or panel will not be impressed by her behaviour.

    You could ask your solicitor to turn the heat up on your ex by stating that you are going back to court on this matter and you will press for her to pay your costs as she has broken the previous agreement.

    Also, by continuing to pay, you do not give your ex any excuse to say to your daughter that ‘Dad paid nothing for you’. When she is old enough, your daughter will see you were doing the right thing.

    Best of luck!!

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