Do I just go on the dole until my son finishes in education?

November 2, 2013

Years ago on the old system, when you were allowed deductions for cost of living and having another child, the CSA were taking too much off me. I complained to them and they did nothing. This continued so I got representative to come to my house and go through all the paperwork. She agreed with all the paperwork I showed her and gave her recommendations. This went to the CSA who did nothing.

After a lot of correspondence I put in a complaint and went to the complaints dept, then ICE and eventually the Parliamentary Ombudsman. He judged with the CSA stating ‘if the CSA calculated it at the time it must have been calculated correctly’. I thought this was the idea of the appeal? There is no further appeal, so I have a big arrears to pay and no further right of appeal.

A couple of years ago I got made redundant (no payout as 1 year with company) but I had to go on temping jobs. To reduce my payments (as it was costing loads in fuel travelling 35 miles each way each day) I went through an umbrella company, who legally change your tax code to get expenses for fuel and hereby reducing the amount shown as actually earned.

I informed them of my change in circumstances, but they had just done a change of circumstances, so would not do another change, despite gross income being significantly lower than the assessment costed income.

I had to sign on briefly, as no work available (I only signed on so they’d stop payments), I didn’t sign on the next week, but was sill unemployed, When I got my job and started work they had charged me all the time I was not working the full amount. Again no appeal, complaints dept did not accept all the proof I gave.

Now I am paying them lots, am racking up debts to pay for living and getting to work. There is no appeal to get payments reduced as I can’t pay my bills. I can’t get support as I earn too much! I have no qualms about paying, I do object to being put into poverty and having no right of appeal.

Do I just go on the dole until he’s left full time education and claim dole??


  • a friend of the parent with care says:

    what mr prout fails to say is that he didn’t pay a single penny for 10 years despite earning and the only reason he has amounted a lot of arrears is because of this. he has only being paying maintance for the last 6 years and this has been sporadic with 6 months here and 1 year there – his son has to eat every day, has to have a roof over his head every day, has to have school uniform, clothes and shoes every day, has to be warm, shower etc every day….maintance is designed to assist the parent with care with providing all these things! mr prout, you need to grow a pair, lets face it the only reason that you are no longer together with your childs mother is because she didn’t like your hands around her throat, didn’t like being last on your list, didn’t like been lied to and cheated on and its my understanding that she has tried to unite you with your son – oh did I forget to say that you abandoned your child and haven’t seen him since he was a baby! GROW UP and pay your arrears and maintance or heres a novel idea ask your childs mother to help – she has more power than you think! you might find she’d be willing to help you out if you weren’t such an arse!!!!!!!! so instead of telling everyone on here your sob story or threatening to go onto the Jeremy kyle show to garner sympathy sit back and think….am I the one that’s created this mess and when you realise the answer is yes you need to stop crying like a baby and MAN UP!

  • Wayne says:

    Well, as usual the lady has fallen for all the bullshit spun by the mother. I have many wages lips that prove otherwise. The CSA is a joke and biased towards the mother. They continued to charge me at a higher rate after having a change in circumstances, they continued to charge me as if I was earning when claiming dole ( received £17 for 2 months off, billed £45 a week plus arrears) m. A joke. As for abandoning, I went to court 3 times to get access (without her being present) and 3 times she agreed with the court and 3 times she went against this. What did the court do – nothing!! She then started saying if hurt her and my son. The only thing I did was push her away after she’d thrown an encyclopaedia at my head and wouldn’t leave me alone. Again distortion. The olive branch has been offered, but when my job relies on not having made up crap thrown to the police, I choose to stay out of the black widows nest. Say it’s all rubbish, I have the written evidence. She even resorted to stealing all my other sons Christmas presents before leaving, not even bought by her. I’ve chosen a different path, so times are changing.

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