Do I have to pay CSA for 15 year old daughter who is pregnant?

September 23, 2012

I have always paid maintenance without fail on a weekly basis to my ex-partner for 5 years.

Last year my 14 year old daughter came to live with me as her mother attacked her, we had a verbal agreement that if my daughter goes back i would not have to pay any maintenance for the same amount of time my daughter stayed with me. A year later my daughter has returned to her mother and is now pregnant.

My ex-partner has now gone to the CSA and wants 15% and they will not consider the fact i have had my daughter for the past year without a penny. If my daughter gives up education to have her baby will i still have to pay?


  • Alice says:

    the fact that you have a verbal agreement with your ex that she would not claim CM via the CSA for the same length of time when your daughter was living with you does not mean you cannot be exempt from paying now that she has gone against this agreement
    when your daughter came to live with you for that time you could have submitted a case to the csa but as you did not do this at the time you cannot submit a retrospective case

    the fact that your daughter is now pregnant is not a deciding factor – if she gives up full time education you may not be held liable

    when a QC (qualifying child) has a child of their own things can get a bit complicated and there are many variables.

    a. will she take full financial responsibility for the child -ie claims benefits such as income support or child tax credits she will be classed as an adult – if she is an adult you should not be held liable for CM
    b. if she remains in education and is appointed a home tutor she may still be classed as in education so you would still be liable for CM
    c. if she opens a csa case to claim CM for her baby she will no longer be a QC and your liability for CM will cease

  • Warren Roberts says:

    I’m currently paying £615.00 per month for CM for 2 kids plus arrears when I was unemployed. I’ve just found out my daughter is 5 months pregnant and she’s 17 and in full time education. The amount I pay above leaves me just over £900.00 per months for bills etc. Two questions

    1 When does my ex other half have a duty to inform CMS that my daughter is no longer in education.
    2 Will I still have to pay the same amount as I have arrears owing.

    The amount I’m currently paying is leaving me in a dire financial state every month and really really struggling to pay rent and loans….oh and live. This is currently putting a certain amount of strain on my current relationship. Any advice would be greatly appreciated even though CMS don’t care about the paying parents circumstances

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