Do I have to pay CSA?

December 2, 2010

So im 18 years old and my girlfriend is 17 and we have a 4 week old son, we are young parents and of course my girlfriend needs help with living and bringing up our son until she can get a job, I am more than happy to see my son every day and pay my ex money when she wants it and of course pay for anything my child needs just as if we were actually living together, im not trying to get out of paying for my son, i just dont want to have to pay the CSA more money than my child will get, because he will be the only one losing out.

Now, my girlfriend is on benefits and has a council house but i dont live with her.

Do i need to pay csa? and if so why?


  • Brokenfather says:

    Wow …..


    A free home and money in your pocket.

    Oh to me born again female…….

  • Richard Murray says:

    Spiders !!! if you dont nobody does !! GET READY

  • Christopher Stocker says:

    if ur still with your gf you dont pay anyway

  • Richard Murray says:

    My advise is marry her in the morning and every day kiss her feet and tell her she is the most fantastic person on the planet ,, But beware the first time you don't the CSA will FUCK YA !!!

  • Vikki JackDaniels Lomas says:

    if u r still together…living together or not u dont pay. U only pay if u r no longer seein her. Just watch ur back if u do use csa, they never seem to work in favour of the non resident parent.

  • Richard Murray says:

    Vikki thats the biggest bollocks statement on this Blog , when there involved END OF STORY !! He's Fucked

  • Dawn Mcfeeley says:

    If it's amicable then even on benefit u don't have 2 use CSA anymore. Better 2 stay friends support her as the mother of ur child & provide 4 ur child directly with ur ex

  • Lisa Hunter says:

    Great advice Dawn!!!!

  • Richard Murray says:

    Lisa be my mate !!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Well in an ideal world, that is what would happen after a split. I only we could all learn to do that!

  • Andrea Hobson says:

    Realy try your best to keep csa out of it,but what ever you do,what ever money you give ALWAYS!!!!! make a record of it,get her to sign,with her name and signiture and amount,or even better bank transfer.3 nights or more is classed as joint acsess,so no payment.but please keep csa out of it .what ever you do,even 20 years down the road the csa will come and GET YOU!!!!!

  • Average Joe says:

    What a joke!, why does this country do this? The state should FORCE them to live together or put her in a 1 bedroom communal block of flats! You change between calling her an ex and a girlfriend?, which is it? Probably still sleeping with her no doubt!

  • Stuart Ingram says:

    Couldn't agree more. It's great you two are still together and I hope for your sake and the sake of your child it stays that way. However, you need to start documanting any payments you give, getting her to sign for them now. I now it seems harsh, but without this paper trial, if it were to go all wrong in the fututre you will need this.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    NOTE:this guy makes a note of the PWC being an ex????I suggest approaching PWC with an idea of an agreement…. where you have shared care arrangements and you will provide clothing and footwear so that the PWC doesnt have to worry about her general household bills…Get a written agreement with hers and your signitures on…. a copy each that both can produce to CSA as evidence of an agreement should the CSA wish to interfere!!!!!By all means, try any amicable attempts to prevent interference from CSA….. Once you have CSA are on ya back……your child is not likely to benefit from your support, however! direct provision will allow your child to benefit from your financial contributions….You will be a great dad to your child as an NRP… that is evident…. Hope all works out in your favour… good luck mate!!!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    In the original comment…. copied and pasted…I am more than happy to see my son every day and pay my ex money when she wants it and of course pay for anything my child needs just as if we were actually living together… thing is to find an agreement that will help your child benefit from your provisional support and avoid inclusion of CSA at all costs!!!

  • Vikki JackDaniels Lomas says:

    OK Richard, I was putting it politely but yes if he uses the CSA then he is FUCKED!!!! We were!!! I was tryin not to scare the shit out of him…he's just become a dad at a young age, he's got other things to deal with without having the thought of the csa on his back!

  • Sarah Laffan says:

    he also calls her his girlfriend but i dont think he was wanting opinions on his relationship status! as dawn said keep it amicable as you really dont want csa on your back!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    He already has thought about the CSA being on his back else he wouldnt have commented about CSA!!!!!I still think that in the interests of his child that he has shared resonsibility and shared care and using shared quality time to go shopping for the childs provisions so the PWC doesnt need to worry about her expenditures as they are both still young and appears not to have the budgeting experiences we the elder generation have…I believe they still need to provide each other emotional support… In fact maybe through the leading wayof compromise that they got together again!!!! Now wouldnt that be a romantic surprise for us all..

  • Allan Morrell says:

    He maybe calls her is ex,gf/gf because he still has feelings for her… and wants to be with her and the child involved????….

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Probably it is true that it takes a man to understand a man as it does a woman to a woman…Women have a greater understanding of other women and their hormonal imbalances and balance but fail in the understanding of male hormone balance and imbalance… specifically that of testosterone….Yet such imbalances are precursery to arguments in relationships leading to relationship breakdowns…. especially in the younger generation…. there is time yet for them to compromise in the best interests of the child.. either by continuation of relationship together or apart…..I get the feeling this guy may actually want to be a family rather than an NRP!!! I wish him luck no matter which way it turns out… He'll still be a good father…. Compromise is all that is needed and without intervention of the child abusing CSA!!!!!

  • Juliet-Amber Jolliffe says:

    I think the original poster just thought it was common practice to use the CSA and was asking advice. Hopefully he'll either get back together with his ex or remain amicable and they can agree and stick to their own private arrangements without involving the CSA. Problems usually occur about 2 years down the line when new partners become involved and resentments are stirred.Good luck x

  • Sarah Laffan says:

    omg you still chatting to yourself allan? not noticed that nobodys interested anymore! lol

  • Carl says:

    Erm, NO im not sleeping with her, if i was then i wouldnt call her my ex…
    we were friends before we got together and made a baby… we split up before she found out she was pregnant and remained good friends, she had my son and i said id be a dad and not run away and avoid responsability like most ilads my age would do, i dont agree with all the things she gets but if its available i cant blame her for claiming.

    The question was if i would be forced to pay csa which i rescently found out i dont, we have an agreement and because i have my son living with me the same ammount of time (if not more) than my ex, i didnt want to have to pay csa just because for some reason the government thinks the women need more money to look after a child even though im paying for almost everything, CSA is a fucked up system and the governments just as fucked up, dotn complain at me or my ex because she is claiming what she can claim, at least were not claiming for thigns we arnt entitled to.

    and as for saying we should be forced to live together… WE ARNT A COUPLE, so dont talk out ur arse. Thanks

  • Allan Morrell says:

    yes Sarah… of cause I am…roflmo

  • Allan Morrell says:

    absolutely sarah

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I just soo love my own company…

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Av you not realised that yet?????

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Sorry… the urge just took over me again….

  • Martin Muddaphucker says:

    when u registered this child you gave up ownership therefore you should be entitled to claim any money you spend on "thier" child back

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Best to try and use their laws against them! They either live by them or we can not be expected to neither!

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