Disabled ex serviceman to be made homless by the CSA

January 24, 2011

I was disabled when in the Army and awarded a war disablement pension, which I have received along with incapacity benefit. For 15 years I paid the basic flat rate to the CSA. However 18 months ago the wap pensions acknowledged that I would never be able to work again and took over the payment of the incapacity benefit, as part of my war pension it is called the unemployability supplement. However the csa has decided that as I no longer receive incapacity benefit the maintenance due has been reassessed and increase by a sum 18 times more than I was paying previously, even though my income has not increased!

This is despite the csa website and their leaflet printing stating that those receiving war disablement pensions pay the same basic flat rate as those on incapacity benefit.

This 1700% increase in child support payable will now make me bankrupt, so within 3 months I will be homeless!!

Just another disabled ex serviceman on the streets.


  • lyn says:

    This is disgraceful what type of people are they.

    Just to let you know my ex partner lost his house recently to these F****** he will be homeless shortly and no job.

    They dont care what they do to people and will not allow Fathers to get on with their lives.

    His ex wife is on benefits and has a Son from a previous relationship serving time in prison for killing a man FOR MONEY! So while her jailbird son sits in his comfortable cell my ex partner is homeless. I have no doubt her Son was treated better then all the men hastled on the website.

  • Brokenfather says:

    Remember the CSA didn’t make the rules, the Government did. You need to take this up with you MP if you want it changed.

  • graeme says:

    I would also get the Royal British Legion involved in this fight. The cannot get away with this. This is totally disgusting.

    Good luck

    Graeme – ex Royal Navy

  • james says:

    Have you tried Saffa, thats where the judge at tribunal told me to get in touch with as i was ex army. i never went as ive been out of the forces for so long. I have they csa trying to make me pay so much i wont be able to afford to pay my bills.They are heartless b*stards to say the least and they dont care what they do. Ijust hope your MP is better than mine on this matter

    James ex light infantry

  • Craig says:

    Speak with SSAFA they are good and will help – I lost my home recently because of them.


    see page 20 of the web archived CSL101
    Web archived CSL101 Link above this is the content from there it clearly states here or who gets at least one of a wide range of
    benefits or Pension Credit.

    flat rate (net weekly income between £5
    and £100 inclusive, or receiving benefit or
    Pension Credit)
    The flat rate is £5 a week for any number of
    children. It is for a non-resident parent whose net
    income is between £5 and £100 inclusive a week,
    or who gets at least one of a wide range of
    benefits or Pension Credit.
    The benefits include:
    • Income Support;
    • contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance;
    • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance;
    • War Pension;
    • Retirement Pension;
    • Incapacity Benefit;
    • Widowed Parent’s Allowance; and
    • Bereavement Allowance.

    You can get a load more of these leaflets here http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20060213205517/csa.gov.uk/new/leaflets/ look at CSL101 102 have a look through the lot 108 is variations – I hope this helps

  • Craig says:

    That was I lost my home because of the CSA/CMEC

  • Craig says:

    Guys you are not alone come and join our FB group we have people in the same boat as you – it is good to chat about all of this – I myself am ex services and have been abused by these parasites for years – we can give moral support and info which does help keep you sane and in many cases has helped people to start fighting them back http://www.facebook.com/pages/Child-Support-Agency-Corruption/138094386286954 come and join the party (O: you will enjoy

  • Craig says:

    Ex Parachute Regiment

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