Useless CSA won’t talk to me but will take most of my money!

October 8, 2017

It’s kind of a long story that is a bit messed up, but I was with my ex for a good few years had my child early on so I’m a fairly young dad I’m now 24 my daughter is almost 2 years old and the visa seem to think I have arrears of over £3000 they say from my wages £50 a week should be paid to my ex I was paying her directly and no issues and I gave her more when she needed it and I was in full contact with her and my daughter.

I have some physical issues and mental health issues that I get no support for I work to keep myself motivated so I don’t lose my sanity then all of a sudden the csa are taking money from my wages and court costs on top then I lose my position at work due to not having enough to do what I need to get in to work I start only working a day or two a week and earn less and my metal and physical health start to get worse and end up getting into a rut with no way out.

I try to talk to the csa who tell me I can’t talk to them without a 4 digit pin I apparently set up with them this is the first time I have ever had contact with them as I haven’t needed to up to this point I don’t have a pin I say to the guy on the phone he says he will end the call and phone the mobile number on there system I tell him I haven’t called be for so I don’t have the number on the system he then says he will send a letter to help but I need to respond in 30 days or go through this process again ok I say 1 week later no letter I call again and go through this all once again still get no where wait another week still no letter.

I call this time not very happy and again same useless unclear unhelpful and rude call then to try to work and dust myself off first week back in work and I earn £301 the csa take £146 and think I can pay my rent my travel to work the food I need at home and at work for my 12 hour night shifts and nobody wants to help or give advice and I’m stuck in this position of back and forth and not getting anywhere and I’m expected to just accept this as ok and the disgusting thing here is all this because I’m a single male living alone nobody cares about us then we get painted out to be runaway dad’s as they call us.

CMS made up debts and took me to court

October 6, 2017

The Cms have contacted me stating I owe £9000 After several letters and no reply’s they issued a liability hearing.

Three days before the hearing I had no choice but to contact them by phone this was for a so call dept between 19/01/2001 to 18/03/2002 and the dept was suspended.

Which was untrue, after going to court the liability order was granted as the cms said I owed it and I had not proof to say I didn’t.

But they needed not proof that I did.

I have since the order requested my file from this period under the freedom of information act.

How can a calculation be made against monies I never receive?

October 3, 2017

So I’ve just received a letter from the CSA calculating my monthly contribution based on the gross income. How can this be? How is it possible that a calculation be made against monies I never receive? I have two young children happily married. The money requested is for Amy son of whom I haven’t seen in over 5 years. I pay 35% tax 11% national insurance. The CSA have calculated a total amount of£8450 to pay yearly. Based on a gross income of 80k. Mostly bonuss I have to add. They are a disgrace. The stress and pressure these sorts of letters put on me and my family are frankly nexcuseable. Please help

My ex is refusing to pay for my son

October 1, 2017

My ex is refusing to pay for my son. I have now been told that he has moved to a different country & they can’t chase him but he worked for a governor based company in Scotland & now gets a pension from them. Am I right in thinking his wages can get arrested before it goes to him? They have also closed my case for a few months without even telling me & when I called up to speak to them about my case there was no mention that they had closed it & happily discussed my case. Something isn’t right at all.

Ex playing the CSA game to get the most out of me

October 1, 2017

My ex has reported me to the CSA I see my son 6 days out of 7 every other week he stay with me every other weekend. during the week i pick him up from school give him dinner and drop him home at 21.00hrs he can not stay over during the week as i work shift work and leave the house at 04.00hrs. the ex has now claimed the maximum amount of money from me. i now can not afford to keep my house and pay the CSA. this means i will have to move sixty miles away from my son and only see him every other weekend from now on. the ex earns three times more money than me she has a baby with a new partner who earns more money than me as well. the person who will suffer the most is my son as he will only see me every other weekend now how is this fair. the CSA say the only way i can pay less is if i have him over night, all my son dose is sleep in his bed at night he is not costing her anything by sleeping. the ex has worked the system to her benefit.

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