Scheming exes and CSA nearly made me end my life

May 12, 2017

My story of csa is not good I have 2 boys with 2 ex partners my oldest boys mum left me when he was 3 months old and I brought him up until he was 3 years old on my own sadly as I worked my ex won him back in court because I worked its crazy I know after 3 years of no contact she then moved him about place to place changed his surname so I lost contact with him for 10 years.

My other boy me and his mum split as after my first boy I never wanted any more children so she got pregnant on purpose I tried to make it work but could never forgive her and this is where my trouble with csa begins after my youngest boys mum got me sacked from my job as her dad worked for the same company she went to csa thy then came after me for 13 years of back payments for my oldest boy even though I brought him up on my own for 3 years and then also payments for my other child 1 year of back payments so all in all I had 14 years of payments thy wanted off me !!!!

thy went to my work and took half my wage left me with £500 a month at the time my mortgage was £700 so after 3 months of not being able to pay I lost my home and my relationship broke down csa did not care that thy made me homeless and put me on the poverty line all thy wanted was there money if it was not for my now wife I actually think I would of ended my life as I could not see a way of living with what the csa was doing to me I’m now upto date with arrears and normal payments are going as now my oldest is nearly 21 and a dad himself my new problem is iv been promoted at work so my wage is going to change each month as in sales I can see csa making my life hell again .

I stole someone’s husband to get a third income

May 11, 2017


1) People are greedy and ruthless.

What first attracted you to the man with a car a house and a Big pay packet.

2) Marraige has a major legal catch.
3) The government want to look good in support of mothers even if they are just making sure they get the Lions share.
4) The government don’t care about moral values or families they grant divorce to anyone who just wants to cash in.
5) Ah yes someone has to pay and it aint going to be the government.

Simples it’s all about cashing in on marraige , I did it and I stole someone elses Husband so I had 3 incomes.

We need the CSA because some fathers look for ways to avoid paying for their kids!

May 10, 2017

If you’re all paying ‘fair’ maintenence, why do we even need the CSA/CMS.

I’m the mother with care. My daughters father lies about his earnings so as to pay her £8 per week! He’s a full time lorry driver, claiming to earn £150 per week. How does he get away with it? How come they can’t track him down? Because he’s SELF EMPLOYED and can cook his books as much as he likes.

So, for all the mothers with care, struggling to make ends meet whilst the other ‘parent’ buys new cars and goes on nice holidays, suck it up… We certainly have to!

CSA want me to pay until my daughter is 20!

May 9, 2017

From when is a Child 20 years old?

I was counting down the months until my daughter hit 19 and id be away from the Cancer that is the CSA but like the bad cancer they are, they have informed me I have to pay until my daughter is 20!

PLUS their calculations are not altered unless your income changes by 25%.

I have always paid CSA, i reckon ive paid about £60000 pounds over the last 15 years from my three children and slowly but surely they were passing out of the CSA and I was so looking forward to my last child whom is clearly an adult coming 19 and ID BE FREEEEE!!

The letters are so threatening, they are the most dreadful people to talk to on the phone.

My daughters mother hasnt worked in 20 years and is a typical sponger, buys my daughter nothing from the money see receives from me and indeed was holidaying in New York while my daughter was ringing me to buy her food.

Its a horrible situation and has been for the 15 years the CSA has been involved, im wasting money on my ex as she spends the CSA money on herself living the high life where the money should be going on my daughter.

Son’s cheating ex is lying to get two lots of money!

May 8, 2017

My son split up with his wife two years ago,she WS seeing other men while he was at work,they have two kids,he has paid direct payments every week to her which she demanded or he couldn’t see his kids,he has them every weekend.Marston baliffs now want 7000 grand because his ex lied and said he hadn’t paid anything.he is at his wits end and she uses the kids as weopons.

CSA takes ex’s word even though I have proof to disprove her lies

May 7, 2017

I seem to be on the same boat as most dads. My ex said because maintenance was calculated low that I would pay school dinners etc which is around 60 a month plus school trips etc then I find out she been contacting csa asking her to get the payments from me and being backdated. When I spoke to csa they basically said if my ex doesn’t agree that this happened then it’s her word against mine , how stupid. I could get proof from school etc but it’s her word against mine .

Why am I still paying for my 32 year old daughter?

May 6, 2017

I am currently in receipt of income support due to being on carers allowance.i had to check my IS the other day I inrecieved a very low payment. I was notified that I’m still paying the csa 10.00 per week out of my IS for my 32 year old daughters surely this can’t be right when I was working I was lucky if i was left with 10.00 a month to live on as they took everything including my pay of 1000.00 over the mileniumn period of the year 2000.inseem to have been paying for over 30 years. I need to know what’s going on.

CSA miscalulate my payments and leave it until I build arrears to tell me!

May 5, 2017

In 2009, I received a letter from the CSA stating that I should have been reassessed with regards to the payments I was already making for the past ten years.after calculating my income I was told that I should have been paying more,and that I was now 23,000 in arrears.after pointing out to them that they had used two years salary,instead of one.I was then informed my arrears were 11,500.which I have now paid off.I agree that I had to pay CSA,but they have known my address since why didn’t they contact me earlier.complete cockup.

Can I take my ex and CSA to court over non-payment

May 4, 2017

Can you please help. I registered with csa in 2013. I agreed to set up an attachment to earning and agreed to pay the percentage they required out of the amount I would receive from my ex. Most months I am in contact with them asking on the progress. My ex is a job hopper. When we split he took voluntary redundancy to stop me getting any payment. Up to now I have received just under £500 in child maintenance. The csa have been absolutely useless.

Recently he got a job in January. They told me I would receive a payment in May. Due to tracing him, setting up attachment to earnings and then allowing time for the employer to pass money to csa. I rang them today and they say they have received no payment! I kno that it has been attached to his wage because he sent me a copy of his wage slip indicating £530 had been taken from his wage. This was on 8th April. They allow upto 19th for the money to be received by csa then csa should send to me.

Surely after 4 years of chasing this gutter level individual (my children’s father!) they should have chased it through and made sure it was coming thru. But no!! He is now registered as on benefit yet again. With no notification sent to me. I am now very annoyed and stressed out due to yet again no payment!! The csa state they haven’t the money and will look into it. It’s now bank holiday! They can’t do anything yet but said they would contact me when they receive information. I want to know if I am able to take legal advise and take both csa and my ex husband to court. My children have suffered due to this low life. I thought the child support agency were law and as stated in the name Child Support should legally help. How wrong am I. I’m disgusted. Please help.

Parents should stop acting like children and do what is right for their kids!

May 2, 2017

I just wanted to say that after reading many complaints a lot of fathers think ALL women are out to get money and stop the men seeing the children.

This is very sad because I’ve always believed that if you separate it gas nothing to do with patenting and mothers or fathers have equal rights to see their children! I upheld my beliefs and when I separated because of a 13 year marriage filled with violence towards me (not the children at that time) I allowed access on weekends and holidays and wherever possible as I believe it’s not morally right to stop a (good father) seeing he’s children, but in my case I discovered through my daughter their father transferred he’s abuse to them after we had separated and it’s my duty as a patent to protect my babies so I stopped contact, he was investigated through cafcass and a section 7 report revealed abuse of my children 😡 he is NOT allowed to see or contact the children due to he’s violent behavior and that is he’s own fault.

I’m sorry for any fathers out there that are not allowed access due to a relationship breakdown who are GOOD fathers, but it is still financially right to support the children’s day to day need ‘s. I understand a lot of women are childish and use children as tools and this is very wrong, because it’s hurting the children and I just hope that women and some men can wake up and be adults and stop playing silly games with children’s lives.


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