I’m paying CSA but I’ve been threatened by bailiffs

February 6, 2017

I have been taken to court for arrears. At the time i could afford the £100 per week but due to loosing my job and the economic melt down, I contact the CSA by mail to let them know that i could only afford £100 per month. I heard nothing from them so i changed my standing order to £100 per month. I admit i have missed a couple of these payments but generally i have kept the up. Out of the blue i receive an enforcement letter from a company called Marston. I contact them via email but had no reply. I told them i was in contact with the CSA and the dept was being paid from my bank. I have now just received a final notice with intent to recover goods from my home. What can i do? “HELP” please.

CSA have too much power and the wrong information

February 3, 2017

I could really do with help/advice/cyanide pill, any one of those will do at the moment. I’m in £27k debt, which StepChange are trying to help me with, my income is less than my outgoings, i have a 3 year old Son who’s being assessed for Autism/Aspergers and our Landlord won’t renew our tenancy, won’t tell us why and so we have to find somewhere else to live….


I have two children with my Ex-Mistake and this new CSA firm are screwing me over massively. I was currently paying £300 a month with the old CSA but this new firm have turned up, flexed their muscles and all of a sudden they now want £500 a month from me!! The reason?…. HMRC have me earning £39,000 a year. Yeah i was, last April, but that company has gone into liquidation and i’m now scraping £32,000. But these scumbags don’t care, they have ‘Information’ on my £39k so they’re using that. It doesn’t matter that I have a dozen new payslips here, telling a different story, or about my money issues in the opening paragraph. Paying that much will cost me everything, my current relationship, my Son, any chance in affording somewhere else, everything! I thought my Ex and I were on OK terms, but now i’ve seen the real greedy, selfish, spoiled her and i’m glad we’re apart. This new CSA have FAR TOO MUCH power, they take nothing into consideration (ie, my debt and problems or the massive amount her partner earns) and you can’t turn to anyone for help or to argue against them. It’s like screaming at a brick wall. I don’t have the amount of money they are asking for and you can’t get blood out of a stone. But they are certainly going to try!!

If anyone has any advice that can help me i’d be grateful. I obviously want to pay for my children, but i need to keep a roof over my other one too!

Are my assets subject to confiscation?

February 2, 2017

I was seriously injured in Afghanistan and I am in receipt of a war pension in the form of Armed Forces Conpensation Scheme payments. This income in tax-free and suggests the flat rate of £7 per week through the CMS.

I have been told I could potentially be the father following a one night stand. The child is not born yet.

I own assets from the compensation I recieved, invested into property, stocks and shares etc. Altogether over £100k

I would like to know if those things I own are now vulnerable to confiscation? And whether I should look at transferring my assets elsewhere/overseas?

Bitter ex lied to CSA even though I provided for years

February 1, 2017

Me and my ex split up 13.5 years ago – whilst together I paid for everything including taking out a loan to pay off her debts and we shared a house – due to me finding out she was cheating I left the house – and this is prior to having a child. weeks later she confirmed she was pregnant and I still helped with everything. as the child turned 1.5 years old I decided enough was enough and I cant show any affection for the ex no more as she was simply a vile woman who had horrible opinions of others and little regard for people in general. So I left and then got in a new relationship which is my current mrs for 13 years now.

The reason for my cry for help is I recently received a letter from the csa stating that I owe 35000£ for not paying maintenance – I could not believe it. This is also taking into account that ive previously had an attachment of earning – this is on top of all the cash I’ve handed over and also all the items and things I’ve purchased for our daughter and the holidays and nice things ive done for her over her lifetime.

I live in a house with my other x2 daughters and as I’ve had to pay over £500 per month for my first child my current children have gone without – this is totally not fair and all the csa have to say is that my case is on an old system and it is what is it.

The mother of my olderst child is bitter and she believes I owe all the 35k in cash – how on earth an I suppose to look forward positively with my Mrs and daughters living with me when i cant ever have the means to advance myself to a position of happiness.

I still owe the loan i took out for my ex and im paying off debts then i receive a debt for 35k this is totally ridiculous and out of order – just because she has told the csa what she likes and has made me look bad when everyone who knows me and my daughter knows that ive done everything for my child from day 1.

As my and my current mrs have had another child the bitterness has increased and my ex cannot see past the past. it is very shallow and its almost as if to keep in contact with me their must be a conflict – let me just move on with life as our daughter is one of the top athletes in the country and she is not deprived of nothing. my ex works as a social councillor and are far from the bread line – all their bills are paid with change – on the other hand I’ve been the one made to suffer having to constantly borrow just to make ends meet – as i said it is ridiculous owing 35K for a child when the ex is always having a bad day so she has to aim to get more money from the day who pays more maintenance for 1 child then people i know who earn 80000k per year . bloody ridiculous.

on that note our daughter has the latest in everything this includes laptops PlayStation clothes etc. and my daughters have the bare minimum unless someone else buys for them.

That’s the harsh reality of it – i need help from someone who actually cares for my situation.

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