CSA refuses to do anything with ex who refuses to pay

November 22, 2016

Ex owes nearly 2 thousand in c s a refused to pay .Gone self employed now to avoid it and refuses to pay .Before self employed employer was meant to do deduction of earnings but it never happened. Thought they can be prosecuted? How can I get amount owed and start getting arrears. Really getting fed up .He fill kids head with hol8next year !!But won’t pay amount meant to ever hence owes nearly 2 grand .Please help .At wits end and c s a not doing anything not even ringing me back as promised.

Devilish CSA needs immediate changes

November 21, 2016

My case is closed as of 6 September 2016 but there are still arrears owed as the CSA screwed up the schedule last year (never accepting blame of course)and left me not paying for 3 months (hence the arrears). This organisation is bigger than GOD in that they appear to wield unlimited power without mercy. THEY are the devil incarnate and the most hated agency in the UK bar none.

Despite the fact that I agreed to make my residual arrear amount in increments of £100, they totally rejected this and demanded that the amount be divided in to two payments debited from my payroll finance. This is not only oppressive at this time of year, but unconscionable and not in keeping with good business practice. MP involvement has proven futile. They don’t respond to political interference and this actually infuriates the CSA further. They are bullies plain and simple and the CSA is more corrupt than even ‘Crooked Hillary’. Their staff are bold, brazen and uncouth. They refuse to negotiate and must be getting kickbacks on every fish they land to pay the other partner monies that are not negotiable in terms of accountability.

This in essence means that the recipient parent does not even have to prove to the payee or the CSA that the monies remitted even go to the care of the children. For all intents and purpose, it could be used to feed a bad habit or fed the house pet. What is needed is true accountability where the recipient parent must proved bonafide receipts for care of the children’s needs in terms of food, school expenses, uniforms, etc. You get the idea! At present, the money seems to go into a black hole where no one cares.

The CSA’s business model must change. This a government organisation that requires immediate reform to weed out the corruption and practices that go unchecked and that allow the paying parent (who has rights and entitlements) to know how their money is being spent. At present, this does not happen. I ask all who read this to solicit their MLA’S, MP’s and to protest the actions of the CSA via a legal system whereby this organisation is put on notice that they exist to serve the betterment of society through the use of better business practice, not bullying, intimidation and threatening behaviour by CSA staff members who believe they are above contempt and rule of law. Write to every political representative to highlight the CSA as a failed policy and to revamp the system to ensure a fairer shake for the poor sucker that has to pay.

Unhelpful CSA won’t give me the payment my ex made or allow me to lodge a complaint

November 20, 2016

The current arrangement with the CSA is ending due to the new CMS. My Ex Partner pays the CSA at the end of each month and they hold onto my money for at least a week before it reaches my Bank Account. (I have questioned this but they come up with all sorts of excuses as to why they can’t release it straight away – to me it’s just another way for the Government to make money out of separated parents.)

Anyway, my partner has agreed to pay me directly from Nov so the last payment he made through the CSA was Oct 31st. As of today (Nov 10th) I still have not received the payment from the CSA so I rang them, was told it was a manual payment and would call me back. When they did they advised it is now being processed (why did it need processing in the 1st place – it should have been paid to me automatically like previous months) and it will take 3-5 days to reach my bank account. I asked why an immediate payment couldn’t be made but the lady I spoke to could not (or would not) answer this. I said it was unacceptable as I have bills to pay and food to buy for my Daughter – but she basically said it wasn’t her problem.

So I asked her why it was a manual payment and she said they have thousands of cases to deal with so I said that wasn’t my problem either. I asked to speak to her manager but she refused saying she was in a meeting so I asked for a complaints name and address and she just gave me a PO Box No. I asked if the call was being recorded and she said No. I asked for her name but she refused to give me her surname. I am absolutely livid as if I hadn’t have rang them to ask where my money was – they would not have contacted me (she said as much) They are basically waiting for the receiving parent to ring before releasing the funds. Outrageous!

I’ve not received payment in months and there’s no-one to complain to!

November 19, 2016

I haven’t received a regular payment from my x since 22 July 2016, I phone and off August 2016 to found out what was going on, I got told as he was signing on he may have had changed department’s, they said that would look into it. I have phone up every month and been told it’s in hand and they are trying to get documents up so I can get a regular payment, which am still waiting for. I have been told told that are in there time scale and somebody will grmet back to me, I have only been waiting 4 months now for this just to get regular payments. The last I spoke to yertesday said there wasn’t a complaints department is managed it supervised.

I want to support my child not a dishonest company

November 18, 2016

So it seems that I’m moaning about paying my child support no just the dis honest chargers to a dis honest company that is using the pre text that’s it children’s needs When it’s a tax on children And by paying this tax it’s abuse on our children Why the charge could be spent on our children instead of a disorganised sham iliac company that does not know its ares from its elbow Talking to robots that just dictate their idea of the child support law It say nrp has a obligation to pay towards the children’s needs Not exploit as much as possible on a make believe taxation Because the duress to the emontional needs of our children in our care will be less Due to the poverty the cms has put all nrp in Because I’m poor your making me out to be a criminal when I have paid taxes for two decades And I’m an active father to all my children I think that to be told my children cannot have presents because I owe money that I have not yet earned will deny my children a birthday present and Xmas presents

That is a crime

To be informed no it’s right that a deduction if earning is because I defaulted paying When I set up a fba paid it to the pwc Then be refused on not enough money A token tax free payment each month No they need a week wages which leaves nothing to live on Rent food collection bills other Does not register with cms It’s just abuse of practice it’s unfit to practice and using a dishonest system To breach human rights work employment children And contractual laws they breach there own contact by making new contract It’s just repudiation The breach is due to the serious nature of the breach of contract or trust.

CSA discriminate against the father all in the name of profit

November 18, 2016

I have phone 12 times in three days to cms been hung up twice and dictated too about Chargers are fair ?

Chikd support is not chargers

Being in debt to a questanated debt is unfair If the parent with care is not a decent person then chikd support will discriminate on her behalf I made an offer last year through cms to have 10% of my wages as child support to the pwc she accepted then refused which cms gave a doe from £378 to £228 from a letter of my local mp Which cms stated that it does cost me to collect my children and a judge in a tribunal agreed with But cms have lost the judgement set out nearly two months ago The cms are for profit children’s needs are not just financal they are also emoitional and educational aswel So being discriminated against for being a parent and being treated as a bank to say that I will pay for another household on a £1000 month income after tax is unreasonable to be instructed by pwc for financal abuse is cocersive and controlling behaviour To be informed by cms that only £51 is a charge When they agreed it was a set price of £55 minus contact costs £22 = £33 No profit in such a small amount Which I was granted by the intervention of my local mp which cms have disregarded that statement / contract it is in writing

When stating the fair financal act says the minim wage should be enough to live on

The government money advise shop says if a company leaves you with nothing to live on the it’s financal abuse The nrp is also pwc when they have their children but that is not taken into the costs of chargers If the pwc is using the system to deny the kids contact then that’s chikd abuse The system of exploitation low income workers because if the natural act of having children Is making money then the system does and will not work Each parent should be able to go to mediation and have a right to terms of payments If the pwc doesn’t attend she’s in breach not the nrp being stolen their living and then be told Xmas so what you owe we want pay up It’s your own fault for having children DISCRIMINATION it’s a sexist tax I’m a man born in the 1970’s not the 50’s This act should be abolished and a personal through the hmwp on a tax in our wages Not a deduction but a fair amount that does not deny children basic needs in both households cms is and has been corrupted by the pwc to deny contact with their biological children Because they don’t like you any more but will take the money Then that is unlawful How can a fair system want by April next year £5,000+ out of a 15,500 income before tax When the pwc get benefits of nearly £1000 + wages and any other money tax free If I get a second income I will be taxed and cms will take more money Even when they are leaving me with nothing to live on Nothing about this system is fair or balanced if the pwc is dishonest then the company representing her is also dishonest Breach of contract loss of information phone calls that go nowhere or phone call never being made The abuse/discrimation when on the phone Should not have had kids if you could not afford them Women have kids fathers it’s a biological impossibility Pwc can live in filth and neglect But the money in chikd support is to give a better standard of living The doe is meant to be monitored so if you fall below the 60% of net wages to live on That is also unlawful I want to pay but now I’m paying it’s just not enough The system of appeal does not exist the order of a tribunal judge does not exist the local mp the same The new or old system are being used at the same time to get or grab as much as possible quote help I’m going out of my mind I’m a worker a home owner and a token father to my three children Which the new child law is attacking me For a wage that has paid taxes for another tax As the same rate as tax and nic Which is 50% of my wages are a tax before paying more tax home tax TV water road tax fuel tax cigs tax food tax a toll tax And somehow I am to get to work and collect my children on £100 a month Stupid law stupid system Abuse if it feels wrong then it is.

How is this process to benefit our children’s needs?

November 17, 2016

How is child support % chargers to do with children’s needs it’s a scam Garnish of wages is a fraud the FF act the money advise shop the principles of abuse The exploitation of shite wages by a system of fatherless children by a company about % profit than children’s needs The nrp is also pec when children are in our care which is being dismissed Instead of stealing a persons wages and being disrespectful An affordable process should be in place It’s about obligation of paying for child care support so why are nrp being financially abused By alleged child law Which is in contast to children’s act 1989 The pwc is abusing the system Common sense says if you earn £1000 a month on the minimum wage how is lawful to take £300 and still pay to collect feed and be housed ???

It’s another scam that’s not regulated to basic needs Xmas next month by the action of abuse my children don’t get a present of their dad But the mother can waste it on herself and say it goes on the kids Just total cock up.

Is the CSA contactable via email?

November 17, 2016

Does anyone know of any email addresses for CSA. I have received a letter saying I have not paid since 2012 although I have never missed a payment. They are asking to send copy bank statements through the post which I do not want to do as it is confidential information and also they are asking for 5 years worth of statements and I have no facility to print. When I challenged the woman at CSA I was given the reply “Its not our problem.” If anyone can provide me with an email I would be very grateful.

Ex won’t pay me what I’m entitled to

November 16, 2016

Myself & my ex have been split up for almost a year he works a full time job & works mega overtime. He takes his son 2 overnights a fortnight. He gives me money but with absolute great difficulty. I’d like to have it done properly as I’m a student & need support & the proper amount I’m entitled too. I think having it done properly would make all the difference. He is on £10 an hour & works 40+ hours & does alt of overtime. I’m not sure if that’s on the side though.

CMS decided to up my payments to an extent where I may lose everything

November 15, 2016

My problems started when the csa changed to the cms. I have religously payed 160 pound a month for 14 years and when the csa stopped and the cms took over they told me I had to pay 450 pound a month. When I phoned to question this they told me that it was based on a wage from 2 years ago when I did a lot of overtime and for a different company.

Last year I was made redundant for 11 weeks and was then employed by the company that bought out my old company. I now have no overtime so my wage is considerably less than the one they based it on. I have sent them my p60 from last year and was told they would not accept this. I then sent wage slips to prove my earnings now and they refused to change my payments as my wages were not 25 percent less than the wage they incorrectly based it on.

I have tried to explain that as this is a new policy it should not have to be 25 percent less than anything as it is not a wage change but to no avail. I have put in an appeal to the courts and have now found out that the waiting list for a court date is 27 weeks! I told the cms that I cannot afford the payments and they told me to pay what I could afford until something can be sorted. I have payed my ex 200 pound a month for the last 6 months direct to her. I have tried to persuade ex to let me pay her this amount direct as it is more than before and all I can spare and she refused.

I have now been told that the cms have put my payments on click and collect which incurs an extra charge of 80 pound a month and they are now telling me that they are going to take this new payment of 530 pound a month plus the arrears of 300 pound a month straight from my wages. I have pleaded with them not to do this as I will not be able to pay my mortgage or feed my current children and was told, quote “oh well, if that’s what you have to do!”. I don’t know where else to turn.

I can’t understand how this corrupt government can let this happen. I am at my wits end and it is affecting my health and my relationship with my current wife and my beatiful children do not deserve this. What makes it even more painful is that my ex cheated on me and kicked me out and left me with nothing but a lot of debt that I am still trying to clear 14 years later and my son with her has wanted nothing to do with me for about 8 years through no fault of my own and he will be 18 in December and finishes college in May. So the cms are going to leave me penniless and homeless and probably alone for 6 months of payments.

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