I’m being treated like a mug by ex and CSA!

February 19, 2016

I’m after some advice the csa have got me down for having my 2 kids 2 nights every other week where as I actually have them 3 nights every other week plus at least 4 weeks a year, I have told the csa this they supposedly reassessed me & then after 3 months I contacted them as I’d not heard anything they said that they wouldn’t be changing my payments as there was non court order in place.

I am sick of being treated like a mug by the csa & my ex she hasn’t even talked to me since she left me only contact is through text message She has forced me to buy school uniforms even though I pick my kids up from school on friday afternoon & return them to school on a monday morning. Now she has started in school holidays dropping the kids off & makes them get changed into clothes I am having to buy them on top of what I am paying her through the csa. I don’t mind paying for my kids but I feel like I’m paying for them twice I haven’t had a proper holiday for 8 years while my ex who works part time her partner doesn’t even work manage to go on holiday at least twice sometimes 3 times a year, is there any thing or anyone who can help meas I am really struggling?

Can CSA make me pay for when I lived abroad?

February 18, 2016

I was divorced in 2006 and paid maintenance via the CSA, until I was made redundant and moved to the Republic of Ireland in 2007, every 2 weeks I came back to England and had my son for the weekend, picking him upo from school on the Friday and returning him to school on the Monday, I had him over half of every school holiday, whilst living in Ireland I was unemployed and not paying a structured payment scheme to me ex, however I was paying for his school clothes and of course clothes and toys when I was looking after him as his mother refused to provide anything for me. I returned to England in the summer of 2010 and found employment and immediately started paying CSA, my ex is now trying to make me pay for the 2 years I lived in Ireland, is this possible?

Incompetent CSA can’t keep their admin in check and make us pay for it!

February 17, 2016

My husband has 15 year old son to his ex. For the first 5-6 years of his life, there was a mutual agreement over who pays what. His ex, thinking she may get more money, got the CSA involved. When calculated, my husband actually paid less per month. This continued until the age of 11 until we had a letter from CSA demanding nearly £6000 in arrears.

When we questioned it, we were told that it was due to no payments before CSA were ever involved. If we disputed it, we would need 5 years of proof of what my husband paid for. As you can imagine, receipts of clothes etc have not been kept and most of the payments were done it in cash (as requested by the ex).

I think this system is evil, as my husbands ex only done this out of spite as she heard we were getting married. CSA believe her over us. I may add that she has full custody and does not allow my husband contact, so not only are we hurt in an financial way, but in an emotional way too.

My husband gets very stressed and depressed about the situation, he finds it’s difficult to contact the CSA as it’s a constant reminder of the son he doesn’t have in his life. So he made the decision to not push forward with a complaint and appeal, and pay 40% of wage to pay it back.

6 months ago, we had to contact CSA for a change of information. A conversation about arrears was brought up. We were then advised that the arrears were not from the time we thought, it was from somewhere else? We asked were from but they couldn’t answer our question, they just said lack of payments over the years. I demanded a break down, which we never recieved. We did however recieve a letter asking my husband to pay for ANOTHER child. When we questioned this they apologised and had sent it error. This does not fill us with confidence. But still, we call to get answers regarding the arrears and we get promised contact back and never recieve it.

Today we received a letter asking my husband to prove with his wage slips that he had been paying maintenance as their records indicate he hasn’t for the last year! How do they jot keep a record of this? Is this why we have these ‘arrears’?

How incompetent, I dispute these arrears, but I cannot prove anything as I have no idea when they are supposedly from. If they cannot keep their own admin in check then how can they be trusted? It’s not even like we can refuse to pay until it’s sorted, as they go straight for his wages.

We live poor due to this, whilst his ex goes on lovely holidays and doesn’t work, whilst driving farther and son apart.

CSA are so biased towards fathers, and completely incompetent!!

I want to take legal action against illegal CSA bailiffs

February 16, 2016

How does my company take the CSA/DWP to court over illegal baliff action where bailiffs took property from the company premisis (I am a director)where I live. I have had all items now returned. I want to claim against the time taken by directors letters sent. Lose of use of company computer etc. I have told them I want £20,000 + I sent them a list of cost etc. I told the enforcement officers they were acting illegally etc. It took nearly 5months for them to return everything. Which is the best method to take the DWP on?

The company owns a pub it is struggling. I have never taken money etc out. For the last four years I have not even taken a wage. The CSA claim I have earnings etc of £349.61 ! This is not backed up by either the company accountants who keep saying the CSA is acting illegally. HMRC see no income from the pub and so I pay not taxes as an individual to them. If they say I am having an income of this amount why have they not informed the HMRC that I am acting fraudulently? Any advice would be welcome especially any lawyers who might work on a no win no fee line.

CSA errors have shattered my retirement

February 15, 2016

In 2000 CSA advised maintenance was zero for my 2nd child(from a relationship subsequent to my marriage).My wife had died, my first daughter was 15 and I had been made redundant.In December of that year they asked for an update on my situation but took no action on it. In February 2009 they contacted me to say sorry, but they’d made a cock up and I owed £39000.This was reduced to £29000 because I’d been making voluntarily for my 2nd child. They set the collection process up and got this wrong so that 2 years later my debt had increased by £12000.I had a breakdown at this point and was off work for 2 months.I have been to a tribunal, the Independent Case Examiner and the Parliamentary Ombudsman. They have found in my favour but awarded a total of £2000 in compensation – my legal costs were £4300.And the CSA are still taking 30% of my pension(I’m now 66).My debt to the ex is cleared but I still owe around £6000 to the secretary of State. I asked my MP to contact him to request that this be set aside(one of ICE’s receommendations which was not acted on).This was 4 months ago;my MP’s office say they have pursued the case with Ian Duncan-Smith but have received no response.

In addition to the consequences for my health, during the last 7 years the CSA emptied my bank accounts – and despite apologising for this, as my 2nd daughter was then living with me, they kept the money! So, 2months short of my 67th birthday,I’m still paying £320 per month; my retirement has been utterly shattered. I have no money for lawyers – can these people be sued for what they have done?

Vindictive ex backed up by heartless CMS

February 14, 2016

I am blessed with three children

And to buttered ex partners who think by bulling me for years over access over our children I’ve been through county court for one day a week for three years The mother wants money she claims benefits an part wages £25000 plus a year Cms I have said my £1000 a month £378 in my payment as a doe now nt ex wife has started cms on me aswel I cannot afford to live get to work to pay these soulless faceless corporation which is cms They have said I was a bad payer I did not pay to the penny full child support which I didn’t have I’ve asked them to make it fair so I can pay towards our children but cms want their 25% So not about kids it’s a tax on low income fathers by Vendictive mother who has used my children as weapons of hatred towards myself backed up by the cms So stealing my wages how can I give to my children when they are in my care ?

Cms informed that it’s a fair system

If there is no money to get to work how do I pay I set up a family based arrangement through cms she took the money then refused to accept the agreement  that it wasn’t enough I offered £1200 a year out of a low wage I thought was fair it cost when I have my children Where the mother is given a state handout aswel Where a doe does not qualife for any state help ?

I’m now up to going to county court over increased access because the mother is that bitter will not give more time to be a father to our kids Money and acces two different court cases so £450 to goto court ?

I was given cms against I didn’t pay it now I’ve paid 14 months I stopped because I thought 1200 a year was better than zero but cms said until action by the mother stops I can go to prison and be jailed up to 42 days and when freed they want arrears ?

I have my eldest child since she was 31/2 in my care gave my ex wife our child the house car and all the stuff I left with finding some where to live Now even though I’ve had my daughter in my home cms 104 plus ten days school holidays is not shared care 150+ is I set mediation refused I had a contact order refused family based arrangement refused It’s not enough that we the fathers are made to feel less than human I don’t ask my ex partners for money when in my care Truth the state has paid out and is sick of it I do have responsibility to pay and I offered it was rejected no means tested if you cannot pay we will fine you ?

The system has to be investigated stTe says 15000 a year no help of the state but they can take £3000. + before bills and food Racketering explodtation I’m in a fixed address and a fixed address Even if she agrees in court over payments if she does inform cms the action stands even with a direction of court ?

Mothers should be arrested it’s a abuse it’s against human rights to be left being a templory father and to be abused verbally every time picking our children up With I don’t care if you lose your home don’t have means to collect our kids threats of being arrested if I go to our kids home on day that is not mine She can do what she likes and backed up.

Despite raising her child, ex proceeds to make my life hell!

February 13, 2016

I have been ordered to pay csa which I have no problem doing, but I feel slightly hard done by as I raised my ex partners son for 14 years and I didn’t once ask for any money back and now my ex partner is trying to make my life hell with csa, she cancels then she proceeds, this has been the process she has put on me. I’m concerned as I don’t think the money I’m giving her is going towards my son, Last Christmas she spent a mere £40 on my son and I spent around £400 not including the csa payment, I think this is so unfair, he stayed with me over the Christmas and the mother isn’t giving him the money I pay for csa. I would like to know what can be done about this as my ex is just trying to make life difficult for me because of her troubled upbringing.

I am not against supporting my child but when the money isn’t going towards my son then surely something has to be done.

Barring in mind I raised and contributed to her eldest son who isn’t my child. I just can’t believe someone could be so heartless even though I raised someone else’s kid and I didn’t have to. My ex partner has clearly stated to me that she is going to make my life hell and this is the result of it, I’m not sure of her mental state and I know she has been drinking a lot lately and she was even in hospital for related illnesses. I have been off work this week sick with flu so I was unable to go to the bank to transfer the csa money which I explained to her on Monday. I said I woyuld pay Friday the latest and now she is sending me threatening text messages saying she will report me to the csa! is this fair after I already explained the reason?? I can’t put up with this behaviour no more and she is really stressing me out. I cant believe people can be so cold especially when I raised her son for all these years. It’s just so unfair, I would like to know my rights as this can not be right surely.

I cant even contact my son because the mother turns his phone off and I cant ever get through to my own son, the only time I hear from her is when she wants money.

I work for the CSA and I care about my job and the effect it has

February 12, 2016

I’ve previously submitted 2 good news stories about the CSA. I agree that although the laws and regulations put in place by our goverment and the DWP (not the CSA itself) aren’t perfect, there are some people such as myself who work for the agency who do care about their jobs and the affect it has on people’s lives. I myself am disgusted by some of the stories on here, made ever more so of the fact that I pay child support myself. The fact that people have been treated this way by some of my collegues is awful. This being the case, the CSA cannot be blamed for action taken(such as deduction from earnings orders) that arise from general non-compliance.

Yet I see no mention of any of the stories I’ve submitted.

You state that “CSAhell.com features daily news and stories about the CSA, with comments and advice from both sides of the coin”.

I see now that this is not the case and that it is people and websites like this that distract from some of the good work that dedicated induviduals do and why the CSA is reviled as it is today.

Trying to get hold of CSA and CMS is ridiculous!

February 11, 2016

I have just been on to the csa who i thought had been disbanded they are still keeping ongoing cases , i went through a wait a whole lot of security questions to be told i needed to contact cms . I rang them waited and then fired even more security questions !! guess what after reeling off numerous questions they said i had failed the security and someone will call me in the next 24hrs !! Get this i then checked to see if they had the right number andd they said they couldnt answer because of data protection . What a bunch of F—G retards/rules , maybe i will get a call maybe i won’t !!

CSA and manipulative ex are crippling me

February 10, 2016

Met the mother of my supposed child in late 2001. Slept together at the start of 2002 and had a very passionate start to our relationship. Had moved in with her withing 2 weeks and all seemed to be amazing (naive I know) We then found out we were going to have a baby early February which we were both made up with. A great deal happened in the following months maybe too much to detail here but the short of it was that it was put to me by friends that all she really wanted was a baby. She decided to sell her house and return to Blackpool without even giving me the option to go with. She informed me that she knew how to manipulate the system or me. I am not named as father  on the BC which apparently I do not need to be?? I asked to come to blackpool to be her birthing partner but was refused. I have never seen my supposed daughter or been offered access to her. I have no idea where they live as only went to her parents house twice in the short time 6 months we were together.

I have been hounded by the CSA for payments. I sought leagl advice a year later but was told I had no chance and it would cost me a small fortune (which I do not have then or now) Since then at one stage received confirmation letter stating that I was no longer required to make any payments to CSA. Then a year later to find out that they started to collect payments direct from my wages before I even see any money and it has crippled me not only financially but is destroying my relationship of 7 years with our 3 year old daughter. What can I do? Can I challenge payments I have never seen my supposed daughter, I have no idea she is, never been offered access. I did complete the form with my contact details to be passed on to my ex but had nothing back. I am at breaking point what can I do??

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