Useless CSA are so unprofessional

September 9, 2015

I have had continued issues and upset with regards to Belfast CSA however when speaking to another CSA (UK) they were helpful and kind, I have been promised phone calls with nothing well over 20 times, have been given no or wrong information. I was not told they had a text service until I spoke to the UK CSA, I have been with the CSA for around 9 years in total, it was only unitl I went to my MP they took notice so I have been receiving money now for around a year. Recently my money had not gone into my account and was not told the reason for this after many times of calling the CSA it was only the last person I spoken to who gave me decent information and was nice to me. I dread each and every time I have to converse with Belfast staff, do they not enjoy there jobs? Im a mental health nurse and would never be so unprofessional towards others.

CSA don’t care that they’re taking more than I earn

September 8, 2015

I have just split up with my wife and have 3 young kids. im employed and earn £292 per week and i am struggling to pay for my kids. i hav asked the csa to check if they can some how lower the payments i have to make but they just say its the law so its got to the point now where im unable to pay my own bills and carry on working at this stage. i am a hard working and proud man and want to do all i can for my children and want to provide for them but i cant do that if i cant survive on my own income. i really dont no wot else i can do?? my ex partner seems to be on a better income than myself and the fact that she wont let me have any contact with my kids is just sickening. how can i keep on working when its not paying me to do so??? if you can help i will b grateful thanks.

CSA took my money without informing me

September 7, 2015

My son was 15 when i got involved with the csa. they took it straight from my wages. i earn £500 a month they took £15 a month. but when i got paid today they had taken £110. our head office told me they had recived a letter saying i had to pay it for arrers. ive not had any letters. they did all the figures and took a percentige. if theyve made a mistake why should i have to pay for it. they only letter ive had was telling me my son was no longer entitled to any money as he was not in education or living with his mother. ive phoned the csa today. they were supossed to phone me back. but they did say my  17 year old is worth £25 a week but my 5 and 6 year old are only worth £15 a week each. i wouldent mind but he lived with me for 3 months and i still had to pay. when is somebody going to do something about these people.

CSA don’t know what they’re doing

September 6, 2015

I put in a claim for maintence back in 1999 and it took up till about 2009 for me to ever hear anything then that was with constant nagging always being on the phone to them. I eventually got awarded maintenance and they worked out a small amount of arrears which is currently sitting at over two grand but only got few payments then they stopped for over a year now the arrears seem to have been suspended for now what ever that means and they even had the check to take about 16 pound of one of my payments saying I was over paid when there is outstanding arrears they also sent a payment back to him as they received it a couple of days early what’s that all about this money is what he should have been giving his son all along he has never had anything from him where as his other children did its teaching my son that its okay to cheat and u don’t have to be responsible for the consequences.

CSA chase money quickly, but take so long to refund it!

September 5, 2015

This CSA case is regarding my stepson, and the payments that are taken from my husband’s wages every month. My husband has been paying £229 every month for a long time, but his son recently turned 19 and left his college placement to work full time. He told the CSA of this development in May, when his son left college, and CSA told him he would have to continue paying until September when the new academic year begins. Seemed a bit odd given that his son is a working man, paying tax etc, but we accepted that was the way it is. In June my husband called CSA and was told that he had overpaid by £229, as his payments had been reduced to £71/month. They said that the money would be refunded as soon as he supplied his bank details. The man we spoke to was very helpful, and sure enough, as stated, 5 working days later the money was in our account.

However, on my husband’s next payday, again £229 had been taken by CSA! He and I have called them up 7 times between us, and each person we speak to gives us a different story. The employees we speak to seem to recognise that they are due us a refund of £158, yet they can’t just give us our money back like they did with the £229. We are being told that it will take 6 weeks as they need to pass the case to another dept, we have to be allocated with a case worker who will go through our case thoroughly to make sure the figures are correct before requesting the refund from the government!

In the meantime we have absolutely nothing in the bank, no petrol in the car for my husband to get to work and a dwindling supply of food for us and our 2 children. I just don’t understand why, when they have taken too much of our money they can’t just give it back. As one of the employees I spoke to agreed, if we didn’t make a payment, they would be chasing us for it after only 2 days, yet they can take 6 weeks to return what is rightfully ours!

CSA say they can take what they like!

September 4, 2015

Well im of sick im in ill health im 61 and just had hip replacement, ive now got blood clots. i get 84 pound sick pay a week and csa takes all but 53 pound thats for me to live on carnt pay morgage im at wits end. feel like giving up all together. i can only work part time as health bad. they freighten me on the phone with saying they can take what they like. im on the verge of a break down. but please remember this if anything hapens to me its csa fault.

CSA say I owe arrears when I know I don’t

September 3, 2015

I have 2 boys and the oldest I no longer need to pay maintenance for, however my youngest is 18 soon and apparently in further education which I’m slightly dubious is true. I was paying my ex directly but I was made redundant so advised her of this and said I might have to reduce the monthly amount. Without replying to my message all of a sudden she’s got the CSA chasing me again.

I’ve no problem paying the £28 per week but the £41 per week they want for “arrears” is ridiculous. My ex has contacted them twice previously to say I don’t owe any arrears but for a 3rd time these “arrears” have reared their ugly head. Apparently when she told them, the arrears were only suspended instead of being wiped off.

To top this off my ex took my sons to live 300 miles away a few years ago and I’ve never been a missing dad, I had them every weekend and paid her/the Csa throughout. I didnt leave town she did (with my kids)

After a few months of everything going wrong in my life, being made redundant, splitting with my girlfriend, this is the last thing I need and feel as if the walls are closing in on me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

How to I prove ex is lying about his income?

September 2, 2015

Im needing some advise my ex husband pays through csa ive always claimed that his wages were worked out incorrect and have been told that i have to prove they are incorrect how i do this i have no idea ?? i have just found quite a few wage slips of his from 12 years ago ( we have been seperated 10 years the wages show he was on alot more money then than he says now he is in the exact same job wages have gone up not down would they use these as evidence ive been told that its he only has to give them figures over the phone and they dont need to see proof so he can tell them anything , how is this fair ?? any advise welcome.

Ex wife won’t help support our son

September 1, 2015

My wife and I divorced 6 years ago. It was agreed that our son, then 10, should live with his mother. As he was to live with her and as I was depressed and in denial about our break up, I allowed my ex all the proceeds of the sale of our home and tried to start again with very little. Soon after, I was diagnosed with throat cancer which reduced my income substantially. However, within a short period of time, our son was living more with me than with her as he couldn’t get on with her boyfriend. Within 12 months, he came to live with me permanently. I have supported us from my income as a club manager and more recently as a company rep. never asking her to contribute. I survived the cancer but received a terminal illness payment which I used as a deposit on a small house for us both. I have a £100,000 interest only mortgage However, I recently lost my job and, as I am 65 next month and will be living off my state pension, approached my ex for a little help with our son’s expenses. She flatly refused although she is a partner in several pubs and has this year bought property in both Spain and France!

She has substantial income and boasts stocks and shares investments (her partner is an ex-banker). I have no partner (nor have since the divorce) At the moment I receive benifits and do have a little savings which will be gone within 12 months. Please Advise what course of action I should take.

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