CSA fining partner for unknown circumstance change in 1999!

September 19, 2015

My partner received a letter from the csa. It stated that although they said in Feb 2015 that they weren’t going to charge him they have now changed their minds and he has to pay £1000 (aprox) at £7 (aprox) a week. His son is now 20 and when he was assessed back in 1997, because he had his son 4 nights a week, he didn’t have to pay anything, although he did give £25 per week to his mum. My partner has never heard from them (csa) since 1998.

17 yrs later they send the said letter!?

He phoned the csa and was told that during October 1998 and Feb 1999 he had a change in circumstances and because they never received the form stating this change they are now fining him. The fine is £104 per week during this time scale (Oct 98-Feb 99). But this would amount to more than the £1000 bill they sent?

He has never needed to pay csa so why the fine? When he asked what the change in circumstances was he was told that he must supply it. 17 years is a long time…who knows what it was. But why fine him when he never had to pay in the first place!? We are requesting all data that they have regarding this. Is there anything else we can do before they start taking it out of his wages. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

Country-hopping ex avoiding paying for his kids, and CSA let him

September 18, 2015

I have been trying to claim for my 3 children since 2002. I wrote to my local MP after waiting 4 and a half years for a case worker. This did the trick and I was assigned a case worker within 48 hours and their father had been contacted, this was in 2005. After contact was made he did a moonlight flit abroad and had been there for 10 years, no longer in their jurisdiction there was nothing they could do, even though it was an EU country. He has just moved back to the UK so I contacted the CSA to inform them, they asked for all my details and I provided them. Only to them be told sorry we cannot complete security goodbye, and hung up!!!!!!! 13 years of NO payment what do I need to do to get him to pay for his children??

CSA don’t care as long as they get their cut

September 17, 2015

My story is I’ve lived with my ex until my kids turned 8 and 6 2012. She decide to end the relationship. I was earning 1200 after tax which work out to be 240 a month. Since then I’ve been trying to get weekend overnight contact ever since . Everytime we try to get somewhere she sabotage it. I’ve been travelling to london tocontact centres from bristol paying 45 pounds an hour sessions.

Last year october I lost my job . I was still paying csa from my savings so it could work in my favour in court. So I decide to stop paying in march as I was working at an employment agency and you know that’s not stable. They contact me yesterday . They won’t give me a back payment because I did not tell them i lost my job . I said if you card that much for the children where were you when I’m paying all that money out.

I have a 3 week old child I’m nt living with the mom because shes still at her mom’s house . They said they can’t take my new born into consideration because she does not live with me . Only way the mother have to make a claim . That confirms they only after thier percentage for administration fee and not for the best interest of any of my kids. I told them I can’t afford it but they still want to squeeze something out of me asking me about if im on benefits they can still collect Ibut the truth is I’m not entitled to any benefits as I’m a foreigner but they still don’t care.

So I’m going to change my number but I can tell you this I’m not going to commit suicide lime that guy in September before I kill myself I’ll rather March up to thier office and make an example out of them. It’s not like I walked out on my children and want nothing to do with them the mom knew If I have weekend custody she won’t get no money. I rather spend on them than give her the money in her bank.

Ex refuses to let me see kids and makes my life hell

September 16, 2015

I’m getting desperate after 18 months of hell and agony with the child maintenance service. I don’t know what to do or where to turn anymore. I split with my ex in May 2014, she attacked me and tried to stab me in front of my sons, we ran, and she changed the locks and I couldn’t return but she took my boys back. When I left I left her £1000, in the bank as a starter maintenance for the boys and £1200, in rent credit again as maintenance for the boys, which she refuses to evidence to the CSA. I fought with my solicitor to get agreements from my ex regarding contact and weekly stays but my ex refused to sign anything.

My solicitor advised I pay a lower amount of £247 per month as I had contact with my boys. This she accepted but refused to. Admit to the CMS and refused to admit I see my kids. This has been going on for 18 months, now I am in an IVA as I can’t get credit because the CSA say I owe them money. This last month , with no notice or explanation, they have taken £500 direct from my wage and told me to stop paying her. I cannot phone them as I only have my works phone but I write to them but they are now ignoring my letters. I am on the verge of becoming homeless and having a mental breakdown I just cannot see a way out. Can you help??

Ex isn’t letting me see my daughter

September 15, 2015

me and my ex split up 2 months into the pregancy and we havent got along at all she gave me an hour a week to c her and expected pay every time i lost my job and could only give her so much then she stop me from seeing my daughter we connot speak as it is impossible to spaek to one another as there is hatred between us,she has took it into consideration to bring the child into our problems,via fights and now i havent seen her in over a month all i want is to be a part of her life but i refuse to pay her money as she stop me from seeing my daughter but yet im the basterd i need help.

CSA are a total sham!

September 14, 2015

Eight year old daughter 2 thousand in arrears and first childs dad escapes paying 19 quid a week despite being earning attached.

The second dad to my son, paid for one month and has now refused me anything else and the csa are doing nothing!!!

Both losers left us in lots of debt which is crippling us and costing a fortune in phone calls to get our own money its disgusting!!!!!!the first father lives with two of the kids he is paying for so he doesnt have to pay me as much the csa are aware but have done nothing its a total sham.

What happens with CSA now I’m unemployed?

September 13, 2015

I have just lost my job – i cant earn any benefits until 13 weeks time, CSA have said they will put me on nil rate until i find a job or earn jobseekers allowance. My question is – i have paid 9 years full payments based on salary and only now have i affected my payments – when i am put on nil rate – do i have to repay back the months i have missed due to unemployment? Will i be in arrears?

Csa couldnt answer me straight!…

Why is CSA demanding so much money?

September 12, 2015

I really need some help , I had a one night stand and resulting in the women getting pregnant , when the child was born the women went to the csa , they then contacted me to my mams address but I was no longer living there, about 6months later I seen that csa role income out of my earings , I rang them they told me they sent me a letter to my mams address , oppened the lelettes and they said I owed them 1200 pound in arreas , as they were going from my income in the army not my income now which is 50% less now.

I then spoke to the child’s mother and she agreed to do it just me and her , on the 24 June she cancelled the case and all the arrears. I paid her in full for 2 full months and had a letter of csa saying the account has been cancelled and the arrears have been dropped, then the mother turned nasty because I didn’t want anything to do with the child as I always said I just wanted to pay her which I did , then she went back to csa and said I didn’t pay her when I did and showed prof of paying her , after that they asked for my payslips and they rang me back saying she wanted the arrears to b put on even thou they are wrong by almost a 1000 as my income had changed ,

they would not change them , which was wrong as I didn’t earn that much , they said they could not change it as the case was closed , I then said if the case is closed you shouldn’t be allowed to put the arreas back on the account , the guy then said there is a 30 days cool of period in which the mother can change her mind , but it was 42 days , I really need some advise as this is causing massive stress to me and I can’t afford legal advice please help.

Why does ex feel like he doesn’t have to pay for his kids?

September 11, 2015

I have two children my first who is 3, his dad is on the birth certificate, my youngest his name is NOT on the birth certificate.

I have never once had a single payment I have tried to contact CSA but because he sells drugs , still rents his own home, has a car etc but they tell me ‘there is no proof of his money so we can’t calculate it’ So its okay for him to be renting as home through a estate agents which thinks he is a gardener, yet he can’t pay for his kids???

Wow. How can I oush for this as I feel like he owes me and my children a lot!!

Can I claim money back from neglecting mother?

September 10, 2015

For the last 2 years my child has been on the at risk register as her mother was neglecting her. All the time I have been paying the CSA what is owed. When I changed my job it took the CSA 3 months to give me my new figure (with a 5k increase in pay I had a 400% increase in payments) this meant that I gained a debt as I was not paying enough for those 3 months. My daughter is now in my care but I am still paying the CSA all the back payments which is going into her pocket. The money that was paid never went on my daughter and it is now still going direct into her pocket and will do for the next 6 months. Can I get this money back? And preferably the money from the last few years so that I can spend it on my daughter now??? I get no help from the CSA as her mother is on benefits (though when I was unemployed I had to pay 40% of my benefit!!!)

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