My son is not allowed to contact me

July 21, 2015

I have written to the csa several weeks ago but I have had no reply different when there wanting more money off me anyway I have not seen my son for nearly two months as it seems my girlfriend doesn’t spend enough time with him which I can’t get my head round and I can’t contact my son and he’s clearly not allowed to contact me.

I have always paid my child support as I know its the right thing to do but if I cancelled my direct debit and just saved the money till I saw him how would this effect me in the courts. I need advice please

I am left with nothing after CSA payments

July 20, 2015

i have £1400month after tax. £600 comes of to CSA. £450 rent. £160 council tax £140 gas and electricity. Then food for the month and a pregnant partner and kid to provide for. Plus car to run and fuel for work which is about £60 a month. I am left with nothing. I pay £600 to CSA. And they don’t care I have more going out than coming in. Car insurance the lot. They will not reduce this amount.

Where does it end. This is for 2 children and they get £300 a month each. Each child should have a fixed price of maintenance. £40 from the father £40 from the mother. I can’t win

CSA demand money when I have a disabled son

July 19, 2015

It all started with a letter to myself from the child support agency in august 2014.Which stated they were taking £146 per week out of my wages for a child i didnt know of, herad of or even new existed. This child is from 16 years ago and is my ex wifes which she had after me and her got devorced,i was told if i didnt pay they would deduct it from my waqges or send in the baliffs.

I have a 16 year old step daughter and a 10 year old severley disabled son,they didnt take any of that into consideration,we had to go all winter with no heating or electric so this could be paid.I spent countless hours on the phone whithg them but couldnt get any sense.

Then today 15/7/15 i find out by letter from them ive over paid,you can imigne how angry iam,so i phoned agin saying i was going to deduct the over payment from this months payment the person i spoke to about this got rather angry and siaid you cant do that,you ex partner wont be able to manage on such a small amount my god iam very angry by this time to which my reply was if you had done somthing about this when i asked you to,we wouldnt have be freezing over winter.

This company is a complete joke they say they have the intrest of the child,what rubbish,they have severly negelted my disabled son.

I wouldnt pay them with pea nuts

Why don’t the CSA take my outgoings into consideration?

July 19, 2015

I’m paying Csa to my ex, why don’t they take my outgoings in to consideration as well as my ex partners income? I’m currently in £1200 of debt for my council tax as I can’t afford to pay the. I can barely afford to feed myself and pay bills as well as spend money on my son when he’s staying with me. My ex earns more than myself and only put a claim in 3years after we split which was when she got a mortgage.

She has been living with her bf now fiancé for a few years so why don’t they take that in to consideration? Like many other dads I’m struggling with money and help while she seems to get all the help she needs.

Please help because I’m really struggling to cope now. I’m working 7days just to make up for the money lost that I would normally have on a 5day week. I don’t want to sign on again as I will fall into a state of depression. But I feel I’m left with no other option.

I can’t find an evening job at the moment and if i do I’m worried that I will be working even more hours and they will take money from that as well.

I’m losing 8hours a week with my son to make up for the money they are taking.

How can I move on with my life?

July 19, 2015

I had a relationship with sum 1 who was 16 at the time and she got pregnant and she all so cheated on me with sum one else around the time.

I think am the farther but i do not know what to do as Read more

How can CSA just change the goal posts?

July 18, 2015

We were due to finish payments November when my husbands child reached 19 years old.

Imagine our horror when we received a statement telling us Read more

What happens with new partner’s dependents?

July 18, 2015

If my ex-husband has moved in with a new partner and her two children at what age do they cease to be a factor in the CSA calculator i.e. classed as dependents (16 years old, 18 or what?).

Thank you.

Sick of CSA’s bullying

July 18, 2015

My experiance with the CSA that they bully alot wont take my daughter into account to reduce payments destroy peoples life by taking money you carnt afford.

Ive got 2 kids at home that are suffering due to Read more

Looking forward to seeing CSA in court

July 17, 2015

Having paid in full for many many years, never having missed a payment, (which can,has,and will be confirmed. even by my ex to the csa)and after threating letters etc and phone numbers that dont exsist so one can respond within the week requried to stop legal action, these bumbling Legalized robbers are once again threating to take me to court for arrears I do not owe.

GOooooOD. in fact Read more

Should my ex be paying CSA?

July 17, 2015

ATM I am living with my mum but I am looking for a house. My ex partner is refusing to pay me any money towards my child.

He has her sat afternoon over night all day Read more

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