What happens when my child moves into halls?

November 24, 2014

Do i still pay for my daughter if she goes to university whilst she isnt living at her normal residence?

Would greatly appreciate any information.

What happens if my child stays with a relative?

November 23, 2014

Can staying over at grandparents contribute to the time/nights a child stays over?

Any help would be great.

What does the CSA base payments on?

November 23, 2014

Can you advise what the CSA use as a basis for my ex partners earnings?

His contracted earnings is around 8K less per annum to what he actually pulls in i.e. on his P60 and this obviously makes a huge difference to what he has to pay for our child.

How am I supposed to afford these payments?

November 23, 2014

Separated june 2013, being paying mortgage at £760, and hh bills at £400 a month til last month along with £600 on debt. I have the children on 7 days a fortnight (only 2-3 nights a week though) through family court.

I couldn’t afford to continue paying the he bills As nowup to overdraft limit as I don’t have enough to live on (living at mums and bring subserdised). Had to stop hh bils to meet morgage and wife now applief for CMS maintenance at 550 a month.

I can’t afford to pay this and the morgage whilst going through courts to resolve and get house sold.

What happens to CSA when things change?

November 22, 2014

My son is now 19, lives with his mum still and does a A BTEC LEVEL 3 Qualification at college 4 days a week. Should I still be paying is my first question?

Second question is my job changed this time last yr and I am earning more than I did but my payments to CSA stayed the same. Should I have told them about job change and can they then ask for back dated payments to pay off the difference. I have not missed a payment for years.

I’m sure the CSA is paid to fob people off

November 22, 2014

My ex is self employed as a painter and decorator, I know he earns anything between £75-£100 a day.

He has been paying me maintenance to the tune of £38 a week for two children for many years.

He lives with his girl friend who ISNT a high flier and they both regulary go abroad and we arnt talking Spain we are talking Cuba and Jamaica.

Made numerous buys for the home, new suite for the lounge and has a drug habit too.

I’ve contacted the CDA numerous times last time today where I was told if they call him and he says he hasn’t had a change in finances then there isn’t anything they can do yet he gets paid half cash in his hand and the other half into his girlfriends bank account. I’m giving them the information they need but fob me off telling ME to call the inland revenue which I have also done in the past with no avail.

It’s my girls who are suffering and dipping out on the things they should require. Without “mum” having to keep saying “I haven’t got the money”.

The government needs to step up and investigate these so called employed at the CSA because I’m sure they get paid to fob people off, I guess it would be a different story if the ex was on a contract and paid monthly as it’s easier for the CSA to deal with.

Who can I complain to?

November 22, 2014

Been manipulated by the CSA – they say I cant complain to any other organisation other than them.

My case as been ongoing for 25 years now.

CSA is taking much more than it is owed

November 21, 2014

This started in july last year my son went to live with his mum as he missed her but in the 5 years since she left she paid around £200 for my 2 children so the pack I sent back to the csa I gave my reasons for not paying I did not include my earnings or incomings or outgoings.

I recieved a letter saying they would investigate then I heard nothing until jan 19/2013 when csa took a big lump of my wages this has continued for 5 months I have in total paid £1111 in 5 months but I had arrears of £758 which covered from july to december but if I had paid from july to now I would of only paid £1014.

So I really struggle with the fact they say I still owe money im told the case worker could reduce my payments but they wont im also told to get a debt management plan from the cab but my only debt is to csa and it is putting me in hardship.

They said if I paid them something they could stop my attachment but ive paid them over a thousand pounds in 5 months and I only owe around 2 hundred but this is really too much im srltruggling to put food on the table Can you help please?

How often can wages be reassessed?

November 21, 2014

How often can the non-custodial parents wage be assessed?

If you know there wage has increased but can not get proof of this.

Is this true?

November 21, 2014

My ex just told me that the csa said it better if he puts money in his bank until our son is 18.

However can i still get money from csa to help me paid for our son?

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