The CSA is about money, not child welfare

November 27, 2014

I’ve been paying CSA for 20 years now at one point having three daughters in two separate claims at the same time.

I’d like to highlight a loophole and just how far the victimisation of paying fathers goes. The CSA are aware that mothers coming near the end of a CSA claim can sign their children up to any college course that counts as education. In my case my ex was advised to do this by the CSA. This extends the claim until the end of the academic year(Sept next year). However, no checks are done on whether the child is actually attending classes.

So, say they attended 3 weeks and then go off to work etc. Well you can’t get any details from the college, As in my case the college did not report that the child was not attending (they receive payment for the pupil)(FRAUD) The Mother did not report it (FRAUD) And the CSA wouldn’t even check it out even though I informed them.

Apparently I would have to report it as fraud to the DHSS as the ex is still claiming child support! (FRAUD) I contacted the DHSS and reported the matter and they said they’d contacted my ex who had informed them that she forgot and had not cancelled her claim. So, what was done about the year of extra CSA, the college funding, the Child support? NOTHING.

When I think about the years my Ex withheld access to my daughters, the times I was in debt over the CSA taking double payments, depression etc now that the CSA claim has finished my ex allows me free access???

So its about money not child welfare! I feel the CSA can be detrimental to a childs welfare where a father is representitive and its staff are lazy one cell organisms who’ve been shooting fish in a barrel for years rather than spotting fraud on both sides of parenthood. Even turning a blind eye to fraud in other branches of social welfare rather than being made accountable.

For their part, in the numerous suicides and driving fathers to the point where they give up on there own children because they can’t afford it, or have reached the end of their tether. How many people does it take to complain that its like talking to a brick wall, when legitimate reports are made of the injustice and snobbery shown against fathers, of misuse of powers pulling money from accounts and leaving people with no means to pay rent or to live without any consideration of circumstance.

But of course I’ve explained my stories to the CSA and had the promise that it will be investigated and refunds made, but the next person I get to talk to knows nothing about it and nothing was recorded of my conversation.

Taking CSA to Court

November 27, 2014

CSA have been making their deductions since (and before) the child’s age of 16. Mysteriously, they intend to continue with their deductions after the child’s age of 20 (no arrears involved).

I know that the child has not spent the preponderance of his time in ‘approved’ type education since the age of 16.

WOULD it be advisable to take the CSA to Court for wrongful and therefore illegal deductions?

Considering the fact that the CSA are carrying out these financial extractions, surely the onus would be on them to supply proof of the child’s educational status (since the age of 16), furnishing actual attendance records.

Plainly, the CSA deductions could be considered to be unlawful if they are unable to provide such evidence.

Or is the CSA just another legal racket?

I received SIX different letters from CSA in one day!

November 26, 2014

Hi all, I’m at my wits end with these thieving bastards from CSA. I’m a father of a 9 year old son that lives with his mom (she’s the one that decided to leave and take my son with her) and a 3 month old baby with my current partner.

Before meeting my current partner 3 years ago, I was living on my own in a one bedroom rented flat and my son was staying with me every weekend. They decided to take everything I earned from my wages and left me with £700 which from that I had to pay rent £650, bills and have food for the month.

Later on, I met my current partner and we moved to the Isle of Wight and my older son is staying with me only once a month because his mom says “it’s too much travelling for him”!!! Anyway, since my other son was born this year in August I have phoned CSA to tell them about him and to redo the calculations and also they said they will calculate the travel into it as I spent £150 just to pick him up and take him back home.

The first phone call was in August, it’s now end of November and they still haven’t sorted it out. I was phoning 4-5 times a month to find out what’s happening, to know what I need to pay a month and still nothing.

Today I have received 6 letters!!! (Exactly, 6) and each one gives me different amounts of what I had to pay since last year!!!! What is wrong with these people???? I haven’t asked for anything from last year, all I wanted to know is how much I have to pay a month since my other son was born!!!! And the payment they calculated for them it’s wrong….again!!!!!!!

I’m getting fed up with them, with their attitude, they seem to take all the money from me but somehow it never reaches my ex. Someone needs to do something about them!!!! We fathers have always been labelled bad for not paying, for leaving, for this and that…but what happends when SHE decides to leave and break the family apart??

My son suffers from all this because ex is a b**** and she doesn’t want to compromise on anything with regards to traveling, etc…..but all she does she moans and lies to CSA that I’m the bad one!!!! Grrrrrr…

CSA is crippling us

November 26, 2014

I have been paying my ex since my daughter was born, 16 and a half years ago, and have been in contact with my daughter for 4 years now, and she is still in full time education.

Recently, my ex moved into her new partners house. However, my daughter really cannot stand him, and has since moved in with her grandparents. I do not know if this is a temporary arrangement, or long term.

How does this stand with the CSA? Can anything change with my payments? Im not holding out much hope, but the payments are financially cripling us.

How can the ‘mother’ just pick a name out of the phonebook?

November 26, 2014

My husband received a call a couple of months ago from a woman looking for a man with the same name in our town who was in a similar line of work (she must have got his number from the yellow pages),She said this guy had previously worked at a certain store in a another town listed mutual friends,my husband explained it wasn’t him he’d never worked there didn’t know these mutual friends etc.

He then received texts saying this guy was the father of her child and she was adamant it was my husband,sent pics of kid etc,she also said she had spoke to my husbands uncle who had confirmed it was him (she hadn’t spoke to my husbands uncle) we just ignored her and hoped it would go away.

2 days ago he received an application for maintenance from this woman,at this point I found her on facebook and a post listing the details she knew about this guy and asking anyone with info to contact her (none of the details matched my husband),I sent her a message stating she had got it wrong and to check both mine and my husbands profiles so she could see it wasn’t him (btw my husband is v v distinctive long hair,heavily tattooed,piercings etc).

We spoke with csa and they said they would call back which they haven’t.

I have a few questions

1) How can someone pick a name out of a phone book and say to the csa that they are the father (i assume the csa used the number to get our address)

2)Don’t the csa check the details she has given them, they already know how much my husband owns can’t they see through his tax and NI that he’s never worked at the store mentioned (its a large chain) or indeed lived in that town.

3) If it goes to DNA and she asks to see the photos how can she authenticate pictures of someone she has never even met.

I am absolutely shocked and devastated this has happened to our family,and am terrified they will start taking money from us, especially this close to christmas.

If anyone has ANY experience or advice for us i would be very very grateful.

CSA tried to take my children’s money

November 25, 2014

Ok, i wanna share my rant with you guys and a little words of wisdom about how we are trapped at the moment all because of the csa’s major screw up!!

I wrote a post a few days ago ‘ would i have to pay for his child’ which basically gives a brief about our sitution. in regards to this ive seen mixed anwsers with people asking if working tax credits and child tax credits get taken into consideration when doing a maintenance calculation and whether it be 1993/2003 to present cases (cm1/cms basically) or any case with the CSA ONLY .

YES THEY DO GET TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION AND WILL GET USED. the only way they do not get taken into consideration is when you make A NEW CLAIM WITH THE CHILD MAINTENANCE SERVICE. (or when your case gets moved over to the child maintenance service.

Reason why i know so much as i have worked with my mp and have asked questions because i have three different case scenarios going on here! (2 of mine and one with my hubby). People need to know that the reason why the child maintenance service has been put in place is because mp’s are well aware and agree that the system is nothing but a complete shambles and using tc/wtc etc is the reason why they had opened up a new CHILD MAINTENACE SERVICE.

There as you all know, have been so many problems with the csa that has arisen as well because when the csa was opened in 1993 most work was done ‘clerical’ then moved to computers. then over the years there were so many fuck ups basically that they couldnt change they way they worked out maintenace and apparently because they were relying so much on the computers to do they work it all screwed up i think it was around 11 years ago and most cases were just ‘lost’, then over the years so much has happened with the csa that the goverment decided the system is a sham, people arent getting treated fairly so basically we’l create a new system that will only be taking the fathers (or non resident parents) income into consideration and that ONLY.

Most of you dont know that the csa has basically gone anyway now. already as from the beginning of this year they have started moving old cases (starting with the newest first) over to the new cms system. which is expected to happen from now until 2017. leaving the most complicated cases until last.

CHILD MAINTENANCE SERVICE IS NOT THE CSA!! and you would be surprised how many people i have spoken to at the cms that have told me that they dont agree with the csa!! and the way they worked out calculations in the past.

As soon as your case is moved over the dads income is ONLY TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION, NO CHILD TAX CREDIT. im not 100% about working tax though guys you would have to double check there. dont take my word for it, ring the cms and ask the questions yourself. this is what ive been told by my mp and a few times by people at the cms.

Heres the thing, once the csa (not cms) find out you have kids they will obviously take their credits into consideration so, in my case i have four little ones last two with my husband so therefore i have £212.00 a week credits …. befroe my husband has started working he will have the £24 of MY childrens tax credits taken out ready to use for calculation, so therefore £24 is waiting in the wings. for us its around £12 per £100 he would earn so therefore either way, we will be worse off!! because my sons dads already dont pay anything because they are genuine deadbeat dads (no contact, no upkeep for them) door has always been open to them id never stop my kids from seeing their dads EVER. so, heres the thing right now were both on jsa which is £217 a fortnight (£10 maintenace already taken out), if my husband was to work a job that was the EXACT SAME INCOME AS ON JSA HE WOULD HAVE TO PAY WEEKLY £39 out of £103.00. only differnce being is he is on jsa!! this is what pisses me off and makes me so angry!!.

So to the dads who think that they can just give up their jobs annd avoid the csa who have second families, if you arent working or supporting yourself on a benefit and already have a claim with the csa they you will STILL HAVE TO PAY OUR OF YOUR CHILD TAX!! because the csa will ask you how you are supporting yourself! my husband was MADE TO GO ON JSA after he was bullied horribly by his ex boss he was made to quit then after the 4 week tax run on ended after he had no job he searched for another job he was told pay up the £39 csa money because of your child tax credits even if you have no job or are on benefits either way we will have that £39!!

So resorted to going back to mp who told us that he had no choice to go on jsa. we didnt want to because he was adamant he would find something and wanted to keep working but had to in the end because they would have taken MY childrens money!! no matter what we do, we will always have the £24 as a starting rate to the calculation he will get in the future when he does find employment. right now, were on jsa. where we are there is nothing, but the csa cant touch us!! it shouldnt have to be like this! men should have to be able to have a job and support themselves as well as their families (if they have one) without working for fuck all to go to the evil ex thats child already has their own child tax credit.

Its all about being fair! if the csa calculated a fair amount then dads wouldnt be so bitter and wouldnt dodge the csa!! my money bet is, most dads wont give in income details to the csa because they know they wont be treated fairly at all. theres no escape for them. not all dads are bad dads!! only hope we cling into now with a £2,oo0 arrears bill csa fault only hanging over our head is when his case gets moved over to the cms. when they calculate a ‘fair amount’. so my tips are:


I want to get my word out to help the good fathers out there and the good mums out there, there rest off the money grabbing bastards this doesnt apply!. your not alone guys, it doesnt help either slating each other through these posts or comments either. this place is a good place to get support form genuine mums and dads who need to feel they are not alone with the way they have been treated.

I’m not going back to work until the CSA gets sorted

November 25, 2014

Ok well i guess my story starts off with me and my ex, we was together for about 8months on and off, i was on drugs and she cheated on me a few times but didnt find out till we compleatly finished.

She fell preg in the summer of 2009 and when she found out she finished with me so then she could get her own place, get free money and not work.. she didnt care about me aftter we finshed i was just left in a mess on drugs, few months later i met this girl and we started off as friends then after time we started dating.

I know this girl was the one for me, then in march 2010 my ex had her baby, i was there for her it was a bit weird for me and my girlfriend but it was more about being there for the new baby, things was going ok for a few weeks, i wasnt working at the time but i did give her what i had when i had it, she got with someone new and things started changing.

She found out that me and my girlfriend was going to have a baby, so then in February 2011 our son was born, last time i saw my ex was on 24th december 2010, went down with xmas gifts and all, it was ok, but then after she just turned nasty cause of our little boy, i told her if we could set up a arrangement but she said no!!… so then we had a fall out then out of spite she contacted the csa and i found out some nasty storys she told my friends and even my family.

I got told that i wasnt the farther and she cheated on me a few time with the same person, i was even told that she had a one night stand with my brother… i know!!! so as time went on, i went to solicitors, fighting for a DNA, and accesses but the court my application to the court got lost which caused more frustration cause of what i was told about me not being the farther, and when i did start a new job the csa never contacted me about payments but my job was only a temp, after my job finshed i went back onto JSA and they they contacted me saying wat i was doing and i told them i was on jsa so i stuck to the normal payment of £5 a week, been in and out of jobs since june 2013.

I got my first proper job, doing what i always wanted to do, which was my NVQ in catering, When i started i contacted the csa, willing lee gave them all my details that they wanted, i was on £8 a hour and working 30 hours a week. they told me ok it can take up to 2 -7 week to get sorted.. ok thats fine, now i contacted them in october, still nothing, contacted them in december, still nothing, begining of February still nothing, so then i started thinking something’s not right.

Middle of february i had a chat with my boss asking if they have been in contacted and i said they they would of sent a form and me and my boss would have to go over it, she told me that she already had the form and sent it back, i was not happy as its ageist the law to do that, she went behind my back, never had one letter or phone call of csa and then one day in work they slapped a deo on me??

Well from then things went from bad to worse, they told me that i was in £2,000 debt??? it was there fuck up and i got the blame, then i started having problems with my head chef as all i could do is stick to the 30 hours a week and in the end i got bullied and was forced to quit, only 2 day away from starting my NVQ.. i was more upset about my NVQ then my job tbh.

So i was jobless and had a debt hanging over my head, so now me and my wife, we have got 2 kids together plus she has another 2 so theres 4 kids, so all i had to my name was £300 which the csa was quite happy enought to take all of that didnt care that i lost my job and had 4 kids to support till i got back on to jsa.

Now the women who took over my case said they was sorry it took 8months to sort out a simple case and i argued with them that i wasnt paying for there fuck up, so all they said to me was heres £50 which went back to them, i gave my £300 all i had to the csa which then went to my ex and then i found out that with that money she got a new tattoo and pissed my hard working money on a night out…. even got the proof on facebook of her out in town drinking.. but there was nothing i could do.

CSA ALWAYS WIN DONT THEY!!! I dnt care about paying child maintenance i really dont but it should be a fair payment, yes take money from my wages but not from my wifes child tax.. its not fair how they work they payment out, im not even sure if i am 100% her dad but iv tryed going to go for a dna but i cant afford it.. the csa should burn for what they are doing to good hard working fathers, i have always payed for my child, and i will do but not by the csa rules, they are not the law they are the child support laws which means fuck all.

Worse thing i ever did was put my name on the birth certificate but its done now so i just wish they sort it out as fair so ppl dont have to strugle to just get by, if there is anyway we can stop them then im in as they have fucked me over and my wife is worried now that if i go back to work then we are going to get hit hard by them.

One more thing, i forgot to say, my ex.. after we broke up, she turned into a lesbian.. nice init.. not, she never has that kid, she cant work cause she goes to collage, her mum and dad are bringing her up, she goes out every weekend, so till something gets sorted i am not going back to work to pay for her lifestyle so while she goes out on the piss every weekend, me and my family had to suffer.. not on my watch, my family comes first.. anyone tell me if we can fight the CSA??

CSA may force me to give up my children

November 25, 2014

I have been made by the court to pay half the mortgage and half the endownment and pay the csa.

How am i expected to live?

I might have give up my children because i cannot afford to rent to put a roof over there heads.

Is it too late to claim CSA?

November 24, 2014

I split up with my x in 1993 he never paid me a penny.

Is it to late after 20 years to claim from the father as I know where he lives and he works to always has worked.

Would I still pay if my child is an apprentice?

November 24, 2014

My son is starting an apprenticeship where he is on site 4 days a week and at college 1 day a week.

His weekly wage will be approx.£110.00.

Do I still pay child support to his mother?

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