The CSA do not provide support

September 27, 2014

I am wrighting to you with the utmost hope that you can help myself and two children in what has become an extremely desperate situation.

I applied to the Child Suport Agency for help and assistance in early April this year.

Myself and two boys, have come out of a very abusive, physical and mentally torturess relationship.

There is a non molistation order against him, which is in place to protect myself and boys. However he has breached this order and is to appear at Crown Court.

Though in the mean time we have suffered verbal abuse from his family. The police are acting on this.

From March the 31st this year to today 31st August. I have only received £1792 of child maintenance. With only £672 of which was for maintenance and the rest was towards the rent for the property where boys and I live.

Over the last 5 months I have provided more than enough evidence of which he has promised to pay rent for the property, along with extra monies for the children’s keep and also a car.

He has since declared that we are not having the car and all money has stopped since July the 1st this year.

I also have evidence of communications between my ex and myself proving everything I am stating is factual.

I am struggling to now pay rent and bills. I can not afford food and I have been given two food vouchers for the food banks.

I have continued to contact the CSA requesting from the very start that I would like them to place a deduction of earnings to his wage, which would guarantee payments and also remove the control that he has over me regarding the money.

This has still not happened. Only last week did the CSA send a warning letter which has taken them 4 months to action. The CSA confirmed that he had to respond to this letter no later than a set date. Due to the CSA stating this and informing me of this information, I then contacted the department on the said Friday.

I was very shocked to be told that when they tried to contact him they heard a different dial tone and believe that my ex was in fact not in the country. Once the CSA contacted him they said that they would deal with the warning letter once he is back in the UK.

I am extremely upset by this,as this is the fourth holiday this year that he has had. An the fact, it is yet,just another stalling technique he is using. Also he is been allocated extra time to deal with this matter. That he has told the courts and myself that he is leaving the country to work away and that I will not get money off him.

As I hope you can imagine this is very disturbing and unfair for my children. My ex has more than enough monies available as he is in an excellent job with a very good salary. The hole process has been dragged on for over 5 months and still no child maintenance.

The CSA have had all evidence and more is available to them if they require it. The CSA also stated that it can take up to 8 weeks to arrange a deduction of earnings. So at the moment I could well be looking at around November before I receive any money, if at all. I would imagine that my ex would have left the country before anything is sorted out.

The CSA know all of this yet still nothing, They are not child orientated they are not providing support. Due to all if this I can now barely pay my rent for our home and there is now a very strong possibility that we will lose our home.

Though, through all of this my ex is able to continue to live the high life and continue with his abuse with no consequence.

Please we desperately require your help, I do not know who to turn to our what else I could possibly do. I am registered disabled and have depression all of which is deteriorating because of all of the stress worry and constant fear that not only can he keep monies from us but also because he could physically attack me or my sons, which he has done in the past.

I request, beg and desperately ask for your assistance with this matter.

We need this money urgently before we lose our home. It is a very sad situation to be in and my boys have suffered enough yet they are still having to suffer and go without yet again because of their father and because of the lack of commitment from the CSA.

Ex’s lies to CSA have broken my heart

September 27, 2014

I have been going to court for 5 yrs now my last 3 days ago i can say its put an emotional strain on my life and is a unpleasant experience and no father should have to go through.

From day one my ex didn’t even tell me she was pregnant then at court for the first time she wouldn’t let me see my daughter only in a contact centre which i was sickened by as i had to pay £75 to see my own daughter that was money i didnt really have.

Then dna wasn’t disputed at court only she disputed it 6 mths later when i passed criminal record check and then drug test i passed every test there is she had nothing on me and never will either for that matter she was putting a wedge between me and my daughter making things as difficult as possible, even attended mediation the ex tried to be nice but after leaving and she gone home back to old ways!

The ex was always anxious when handing over my daughter knowing my daughter pick up the bad vibe from mum and so didn’t want to go, i was always accused for various things even had the police calling me claiming i hit my daughter i was mortified and sick to the stomach apparently there was a bruise on her bum she however did not have a bruise in my care and i took her to the park that day so she must on plomped down on the equipment to get the bruise my ex said my daughter said daddy smack bum.

I was shocked but her false allegations and and im no scientist but to get a bruise something hard would have to be used a smack however be a red mark i pointed that out to the police and there was insuffiently evidence to say i hit my daughter and case was dismissed with the police, on another occasion my ex accused me of sedating my daughter claiming i gave her too much calpol i was even more mortified and there was no evidence and she was not in my presence i gave exactly what it said on the bottle by the time sahe was due more she was back at home with mum.

I have even been accused of giving my daughter upset stomach i was like are you mad!! i gave her healthy food and not the junk mummy gives her and to get an upset stomach may occur from nite before dinner or morning breakfast but not in my care for a mere few hours, the court intructed us to attend PIP parent information programme i attended both sessions she went to just one.

I was shocked and asked why her solicitor replied she couldn’t get child care what utter rubbish she has a huge family to ask, but then its eveidence that the ex is a compulsive liar we had a child phycologist to assess everything she came to my home first i asked tio ask my ex why she didn’t go to 2nd PIP session she stated she didn’t need parenting skills oh my god see what a liar.

I feel my rights and as a father role been taken away from me at court the judge took her side and no contact is now taking place fathers should have the same rights as mothers the justice system has gone right out the window and my daughter has been poisoned by her mother wheres the justice of not seeing your child for lengths on end.

I have already gone a year without seeing her which ripped my heart out which is what she recommended at court as to let her grow up abit and mature and hopefully not be mummyfied all the time and now my daughter has been erased out of my life because of a vile ex.

I strongly beleive as well as other fathers out there that if your ex doesn’t let you see your child they should be scrapped of csa money because its wrong that we pay and we dont see our children while the ex laughs at getting our money i like to point out the ex gets child benefit thats whats pays for them why do they need in alot of men whos story i read on here have a huge chunk of there wages taken away when they dont see there children its wrong because the ex gets all the luxury with that money not for the child at all because thats utter bolloxs.

If anyone says it goes on the child i know people who get csa and its massive sums and there on hols with that money do you think thats right its time us fathers stand up and be counted for our children why should we be deprived of seeing our children and taken to the cleaners for our money why do we have to be the victim and our child brainwashed why do we have to wait for a knock on the door from our children thats wrong.

Ive kept all my paper work and txs to show my child when older and she can see what crap i went through all the fighting i did to see her. i hope the law thats in USA comes out here in UK where as if your ex doesn’t let you see your child you get sent to prison that teach the b*tches a lesson, children need there dads too.

Will the CSA just take the kid’s home from them?

September 26, 2014

My close family member has had a long running dispute with csa. Bit of a cliche I know but he met a girl in a bar, exchanged numbers etc and had a one night stand. He was a flash lad at the time in designer clothes, he had a brand new car etc.

He didn’t see her again, but some time elapsed and was called by the woman to say she was pregnant etc. my family member made it clear that he was ready for fatherhood and definately not as result of a one night stand. She expressed she wa catholic and would be keeping child.

My family member settled an has since had 3 of his own children with his partner.The csa has made his life hell, chasing for payments he had had a few charging orders that have been satisfied. His property is owned outright and last yr due to the pressure on relationship he split from his partner.

To protect the property and his children’s home he changed the deed of house into the name of his partner. The csa have issued a high court hearing now for both him and his partner, saying that his partner has committed an offence. He owes some 30k currently.

It is sad he is being persecuted, it wasn’t just him yet he is being made to pay for it yet he never ever had any sort of relationship she has 2 kids both different fathers, and boasts she’s taking this child to Florida when money comes thru. Something he can’t afford to do for the children he has parental responsabilities for.

He feels backed into a corner I’m worried he will think his escape is a rope round his neck, but he is now thinking to sell home before they can take it off him. I’m assuming they can an will do this and not have a second thought for the 3 children he supports?

I think terribly sad this situation and don’t understand why his own children seem unimportant to that of a child conceived through a one night stand . No DNA has been done.

I just tried to do the right thing

September 26, 2014

Hi, thank god I found this site. Hope someone can help. So a woman I was seeing told me she was pregnant but wasn’t sure who the dad was, the other man was at the birth but when he was born she eventually said he was mine.

She agreed to a Dna as long as she could sort it and she never showed me the results even though I paid for it. I started seeing the child and csa called me and “demanded” I paid so I thought I’d do the right thing.

I’m not on the birth certificate also. Every time I tried to move on to new relationships she would tell me I’m not the dad so closed the csa a few times. Then when the child was 2 she decided I was the dad again and the csa called again to say I have to pay again, the csa told us she may not be able to open the case again because she was messing them about too many times, so we complained to them and to say they can’t keep doing this.

A solicitors said it would cost me 5 to 10k to fight to see him in court because I’m not on the birth certificate and because my partner worked but we have other children and just couldn’t do it. The complaint went on for 2 yrs and I chased and chased it but the last woman (apparently high up in the csa) who said she was looking into the case said pls leave it with me and if you don’t hear back it’s a closed case and I am not the dad!

5 yrs later I get a letter saying I need to start paying. I called them and they said the case is there but it’s not open so they need to look into it. Then last week the big guys in the csa called me and said they have found an application from 2009 and it has to be open from then and I am the father! The boy is not 8! So we have to start paying 10k back and weekly amounts staring this week.

CSA staff should know what it’s like to be treated this way

September 26, 2014

CSa is 1 big scam I pay my mantinance and now they taking it from my wage for a child that could be the milk mans for all I now.

I just hope them that work for them all end up geting scammed them self then they no what its like CSa stink.

CSA is making it harder

September 25, 2014

Hi I have phone Csa a lot lately & getting no were fast my maintence payments I have counted 11 that I have not had.

My maintence for my child it’s getting harder & harder now when I do phone it’s been the same for weeks waiting on his work getting forms back to CSA how long does this take?

Worried about this now & need my maintence for my daughter as she needs clothes n food thing she likes that I haven’t had.

What happens if the PWC gets a new partner?

September 25, 2014

Hi, I wanted to get some advise on what my partner should pay each month to his other three children from a previous marriage?

He already pays £224 a month as it is but she now has a new partner who works so wonderd if the amount goes down because shes being supported by her new partner.

Would I have to pay CSA arrears if I didn’t know I had a child?

September 25, 2014

Hi I have been contacted off a girl who is now 21 and claiming to be my daughter.

I am willing to do a DNA test and I am curious if I would have to pay back dated CSA?

I was contacted about 13 years ago by the CSA and I told them that the mother had been sleeping around at the time of the pregnancy, I never heard back from the CSA.

Anyone got any ideas?

Can rulings be overturned if CSA admit mistake?

September 24, 2014

In April last year I requested a breakdown of how much I had left in arrears. There was some light at the end of the tunnel. The arrears were to be cleared by December 2013.

I was contacted by a worker at the Bolton Office and she sent me a breakdown of the monthly amount I needed to now pay The worker assured me that this was correct and that the account had been double checked by her manager. In fact she sent me a revised letter altering one months payment which I duly action’d.

On 27th August 2013 , I received a call from a rude worker at CSA Bolton informing me that there was arrears on my account and that I was required to pay £300 straight away. I explained that there were no arrears on my account at all and that I had requested a review in April 2013 and went on to explain the above.

Worker said to me ” that assessment was wrong” I informed him I was assured that it was right. Worker went on to say “Disregard that assessment the previous worker doesn’t work for us anymore. You now owe us arrears. I asked him to confirm that the CSA had made an error. He replied “Yes”.

I received a breakdown of the revised amount which has left me dumbstruck. I am struggling to pay my basic living costs as it is.

They want £250 a month extra for the next 4 months

Can I get this ruling overturned as they have admitted this mistake?

Ex refuses to look after her child with the money I send

September 24, 2014

What can i do if my Ex does not use csa payments on 1 of my children?

I have 2 sons who live with their mother but she refuses to buy or pay anything for the eldest who is 16.

Dont know how anyone cantreat a child this way and would appreciate some advice.

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