They agree they’re not entitled to the money, but won’t give it back to me

February 22, 2014

Took the CSA through I.C.E, after 14 years of persecution and failure to produce accounts they were found guilty of mal administration. I was awarded just £200 compensation.

My Children had left their Mother 12 years prior to this and I raised them even though the courts had gifted our home to their mother and lover.

In 2008 the CSA Suddenly hit my wages with a DEO without warning and it took a year to get them to stop. So the CSA owe me £2400 .

Wrote to my MP for 4 years and he failed to do anything. Finally I got to speak to a member of the CSA who told me that she did not know why the CSA took the Money as they had a letter from my ex wife telling them not to take any money .

The Woman from the CSA said “Your MP won’t do anything and you will never get your Money back”.
Basically they agreed they had taken Money they were not entitled to and they then said they would not give it back to me.

When I wrote to my MP (GF)every week for a year Hefinally said he couldn’t do anything about it and he has refused a meeting with me !!

They’ve conjured up an £11,000 debt with no explanation

February 21, 2014

Hi, I have just received a letter from the csa stating that despite notifying me that my case was closed on 29/08/13 and no longer be required to pay maintenance for my daughter.

At that time I had to write to them to explain she had left college and that was it.

They are now saying they have looked carefully at my case and found that I had over paid £156.52 and this is being deducted from my balance, they also say that they have reinstated an amount that we previously had decided not to collect? which now means I still have to pay £10726.73 What the fuck is this? (sorry) My total debt is now not £325.28 but £11052.01!!!!!!!!!

How can they do this? If they close the case how can they suddenly open it and then cunjour up this figure without an explanation or a date from which they say it is owing from.

In 2009/10 I demanded a meeting and had some tosser come to the house, she had to ring in every 30 mins just in case I’d murdered her, We spent two days going through every cheque stub, statement and so no until it was agreed that there was only a discrepancy of about £2700 which I slowly paid off, they are a law unto them selves. I am ready to send bombs through the post, I would so desperately like to maim one of these dicks.

How do I challenge this and surely they must be obliged to prove this debt, who has, as they say the authority to decide they will not charge me, highly unlikely, CSA let me off? not a chance in hell!!!! so who was that, and if as they say they let me off with it, how can they just ask for it again when it suites them. Well this country has had all it’s going to get from me, looks like porridge, at least that will cost the country to keep me and not me a penny, a shallow sweet justice but all I think I can do.

Would an overseas allowance be taken into account by the CSA?

February 21, 2014

My current job is potentially offering me a job overseas in Belgium which comes with extra money in the form of a local overseas allowance which helps cover the increased cost of moving and living over there. Is this extra money taken into account for payments or is it just my basic wage?

I currently pay csa for my son and have done for quite a while now since my ex decided she wanted to take me through csa rather than get the standing orders she was getting every month! Depending on the outcome to this question will depend on whether i can afford to move my family overseas!

How can it be legal to do this?

February 21, 2014

My partners mother passed away last year and left money in trust for him to be the primary beneficiary of the trust, it is not an asset as he cannot access the trust himself he can only benefit from it. its not a huge amount of money but it is more than £65,000 and the CSA have called him to inform him that the may take that into consideration when calculating how much he has to pay for his child from a previous relationship. this doesn’t seem right to me, they said she may be entitled to 10% of the money, which he was hoping to invest in his childs future and not give to his ex partner. I am really hoping someone can give me some advice as he is very worried. his mother set this trust up so that his ex partner could not gain from it so how can it be legal to do this.

The other problem we have with them is that it has come to light that his ex had an affair around the time of conception. my partner is not denying parentage but he does want a DNA test as his name is not on the birth certificate and he wants some form of legal document showing the child is his so that he can use it court as part of an access case. Unfortunately because my partner has been paying maintenance in the past it means the CSA wont help in getting the DNA test done. so, it means he will have to go through the courts which will be lengthy and costly. How can this be fair, this must mean there are many other fathers in a similar situation, paying for a child or children they are not allowed to see and have no proof they are biologically theirs. I would really like anyones advice or own experiences as it would be really helpful. all he wants is to see his daughter and to provide for her future.

Shouldn’t his partner’s money be taken into account?

February 20, 2014

Hi, ive been getting csa of my ex since 2013, from my understanding hes partners money isnt taking into account. But I brought it up in court as they dont have children, But because my oldest isnt hes and the court granted him contact dose that mean he can pay for her?

My ex partner and he wife to be had to provide all income to court as what my ex was paying wasnt enough through csa as I was struggling to look after my 3 disabled children so my ex pays csa and my children’s clubs and half money so I can take them away

Where is the justice?

February 20, 2014

My x payed peanuts for my 2children he caused the family to break up .now he has turned my son against me I haven’t seen him for over 18 months I rang the csa and they told me to stop paying csa as they hadn’t heard anything to say the child in question was in further education so my x got his pay off through the courts so I am now paying a loan in place of child maintenance there is just my wages going in my house they have two very good wages 2 lots of child benefit what they shouldn’t be getting maintanence from her x husband and income on the side .

Then out of the blue gets a phone call4 months later to say I owe back pay and have to pay again there fault not mine where im getting the money from god nose .I have tried ringing the collage because my son goes twice a week not full time and they wont tell me any details im his mother for gods sake.they between them go on holidays .I carnt even afford to buy food I have my daughter living with me.who earns next to nothing .weres the justice,ive been to the C A B ,I am now writing to my MP .I don’t begrudge paying for my son but he doesn’t get it the spend it on drink and going out this is making me ill,i have just come off anti depressons because of the way he as treat me and my kids he tried to kill us and hes got away with everything theres no justice in this word .

Lack of time and money is killing us

February 20, 2014

I hope you can help us. My husband was married for fifteen years and had three beautiful children. His ex wife cheated on him and kicked him out. Five years down the line, the debts from their marriage is going to kill us for the rest of our lives. She makes it hard for us to see them every month and we still have to pay 390 each month.

It’s killing us completely and our seven month old daughter is suffering and she only gets to see her brothers and sister once a month, which is hurting them too. Please can you at least advise if we can speak that amount? I wouldn’t mind if we could see them more often, but she constantly obstructs our time with them.

Why doesn’t my stepson’s mother have to pay anything?

February 19, 2014

This is a tad complicated but ill try not to confuse anyone.

My stepson is 5years old he lives with me and his dad full time, he sees his biological mother once a month for two hours at a supervised contact centre. His biological mother has two other children to two other fathers, she is also pregnant again. Due to my stepsons mothers decisions in life social workers are involved. My partner and I both work full time. Both my stepsons mother and her boyfriend are on benefits. Recently I asked the social worker why it was that my stepsons mother is not paying any child maintenance considering she is happy to moan and complain about ridiculous things like she doesn’t like the jeans he’s wearing or something silly like that.

I was told this…

“Well she doesn’t get to make any decisons in her childs life thats why”

That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I presume if we tried to get csa we would fail due to the life she has chose and lack of income. But I also don’t see why financially I should be presumably responsible as in the social workers eyes im just my stepsons – Dad’s girlfriend and legally I haven’t adopted him in any form. I offered to my boyfriend from day one of us becoming a family and living together that I would take half the responsibility for this child which I still accept now as its always been very clear this childs biological mother would never be a constant, stable person. What I dont accept is receiving phone calls from social workers saying that my stepsons mother isn’t happy with A B C she wants to change her contacts days when it suits her, turns up with one Christmas present, sends one of her children to my stepsons party kicking and punching me and refusing to eat party food as it was ‘poisonous’… but yet she is not paying a penny to raise this child at all and I’ve been told by people whos job is it is to make sure parents raise their kids properly and are held responsible for their own actions that this parent doesnt have to. Why?

Nothing but trouble

February 19, 2014

I have had nothing but trouble with the CSA.

In 2006 I split with my partner on the grounds of her unreasonable and abusive behaviour. I agreed to provide essentials for our daughter. She then began engaging in behaviour which was borderline stalking (abusive letters, text messages and threatening phone calls) she then also got the CSA involved.

The CSA then assessed my maintenance based in my gross pay by ‘mistake’ and took so much off me the first time I didn’t have enough left to eat. I telephoned them and advised them of this to be told ‘that’s not my problem’ I ended up borrowing money from my boss and taking a week off work sick. I then contacted them and told them I would be a week short as they were due to take even more the following month and was assured this would be taken into account. They then took the second bigger (and incorrect amount) from me the following month and this now left me with even less. I telephoned again, to again be told ‘that’s not my problem’. I complained and asked to be reimbursed (eight years later and still waiting) and my complaint didn’t even net an apology or an admission of wrongdoing.
In 2012 they contacted me at work demanding salary info. I told them in all honesty it was pointless as I was in the process of redundancy and in 2 weeks time would be unemployed. The advisor attempted to talk me into saying I was wilfully refusing to provide info. It didn’t work. They sent out an assessment form after I was laid off.

I got another job a few months later in which I was earning a lot less and they then started taking the assessment based on my previous salary (nearly £400pcm more!) I contacted them and pointed out this error and asked if my assessment could be reassessed and was ignored. It took the intervention of my MP before they actually contacted me back. I sent in pay slips and eventually they reassessed the maintenance at half of what was being deducted but then told me they would still be taking the higher amount because of arrears. They’ve been taking this higher amount for over a year now and then phoned me last week and said they were now increasing the deduction by over a hundred pounds. This is despite the fact I have a five year old son, service related mental health problems and I have been assessed as a high risk of suicide by my GP. I also have a partner who is seriously ill and this is having a detrimental effect on her health. I don’t mind paying for the upkeep of my child however my mother frequently has to buy her new clothes because my ex sends her to my mothers in dirty and damaged clothing while her and her new husband have a new car and an ipad each. I also don’t see why my son has to go without. Even with the higher amount deduction I was struggling and just about made it every month and now if they do start deducting this higher amount I don’t even know if we will make it. I am worried about the effect it will have on my partner as she is also a suicide risk due to previous abusive partners.

I contacted the CSA and advised them of this and I am due to hear back from them on Tuesday. I am also going to my doctor to have this entered onto my records and I will be speaking to my MP as well, if anybody has any advice on this id be glad to hear it

Nobody at CSA seems to know what they’re doing

February 19, 2014

Hi I’ve been accused by an ex that I was baby’s dad for five years now and we’ve completed the DNA and its been proven I’m not and the csa are telling me lie after lie as I think they have messed up and don’t want to pay back what’s rightly mine, best part of 2000 pounds.

They told me a face to face was to be done before they can repay me in one breath then in another that it didn’t but the procedure is nothing to do with me anymore and they are breaking confidential information act as I don’t need to know how they are dealing with my lieing ex. Nobody at csa seems to know what they are doing so I’ve written to mr Cameron directly for advice and help. The csa told me it should take no longer than 4 to 6 weeks to complete my refund and I’m already into fourth week and other phone calls to csa to see how case is progressing has it being much longer. They are also still taking money out of my carers allowance knowing I’m not the father.

Can anybody help me please? Many thanks in advance.

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