CSA are giving him the last laugh

February 25, 2014

My ex partner requested a court order to see our 2 sons as he said he would have no contact unless a c/o was in place … We got to final hearing stage … A week before this he cancelled his participation… He then said that he would see the boys on his terms without being dictated to by the court…. My 11 year old said fair enough and asked him twice if he would take him out for tea… He declined again saying he was then being dictated to by me… No win situation. Csa were taking a detachment of earnings at this point … He then got made redundant in June 13

I was contacted by csa to say payments would stop he was in arrears as he had lied to them saying he had finished work earlier than he had… I was assured that this would stay an open case and that he had been strongly advised to inform them when he started work. He set up his own company … Changed his mobile number and me moved house not informing them of any of these changes. I contacted the csa at the end of October of which they said they would write to him … I provided his new address… The name of company that he had set up…. They wrote and got no response…. At no point did they communicate this to me so I rang again at the end of November to be told that they would wrote again and as they had details that he was a co director they stated that they would write again stating that as he had not responded they I would be awarded 35 a week for my 2 children. I again heard nothing so contacted them in January to say that that had not happened as they could not prove an income. They then said that they would put a trace on him and contact the inland revenue to find out if he had an income… I further phone at the end of jan 14 to be told that they had not done this but they then wrote to his alleged employer who provided details of a small income… They awarded 22 p week and I received a letter stating this mid feb

I have since phoned them today As the last letter stated that they had written to him requesting his preferred method of payment . He is still ignoring all correspondence. I have during my conversation today been informed that thru will issue him with a warning letter…. Frustration doesn’t even cover it as I was told that they do not have the time to follow up on the non compliant as their main priority is to answer the phone. That have done nothing other than state that they will issue another letter…… 4 months later we are still at letter writing stage…. Where are the powers that it seems they can excersise. They it seems answer the phone. Make a promise that time constraints seem to dictate their lack of conclusion and each time I have to follow up with another phone call to no avail.

Where do I go …. What can I do. Other than be 2 parents to my kids manage a 50 hour week to fully support them with no recourse or responsibility placed on my ex… His final text being I am spending summer playing golf and you have received your last ever penny child maintenence from me…ha ha…… Csa seem to be giving him the last laugh!!!!

I don’t know the mother’s circumstances

February 25, 2014

After a one night stand I am now looking at being a potential father! I am a self employed 27 year old construction worker living at home! I earned a net value of £20000 last year before expensive but it is not a constraint amount and depends on business year too year!

I pay board at home totalling £230. The girl who is having the baby has another child but I don’t no now if she get any money from the father or is calming benefits! I no she works in a hair salon and does hair at home! Regards

The CSA are making our lives a misery

February 24, 2014

My partner has had no contact with his son since he was 3 years old he is now 12 and lives with his mother and her new husband, I have a 12 year old daughter from a previous relationship and a 3 month old baby with my partner.

The csa are making our life a misery we can just about keep our heads above water, my partner is the only earner in the house and brings home £900 per month our rent alone is £500 the csa are now demanding £389 per month as we now receive more tax credits since the birth of our daughter its a joke the boys mother and step father both work full time and they also publish their own books online and i believe this is very lucrative for them they have 3 holidays per year abroad and own their home and run 2 cars we live in a rented property have 1 old banger and havent had a holiday for 4 years we cant afford too why dont the CSA take into consideration what the residental parent brings into the household and why should my children live in poverty because of my partners previous child with whom he has no contact whatsoever

Its not that we mind helping financialy after all my partner did have this child but the amount of £389 per month is ridiculous, is there anything we can do please help i am on the verge of walking out of my relationship with our children because this is causing us soooo much stress we argue constantly and to make matters worse my partners son attends the same high school as my daughter and they are friends so she find out everything like he has the latest designer clothing and games consoles we can just about afford to put beans on toast on the table for a family dinner …………..

Where will my partner stand if he takes a new job?

February 24, 2014

Hi There,

My partner has voluntarily paid his ex wife on time every month for the past 7 years but, when she heard that we had become engaged she set the CSA on him for no reason as he was paying as usual. I’m afraid that she is one of those PWCs who seem to want to destroy their ex-husband for no obvious reason and resent him creating a new life for himself. I know not all PWCs are like this as I also have female friends who are suffering from ex-husbands who seem to want to do the same thing. What is wrong with these people!

However, we went through a very stressful time dealing with this about a year ago but managed to keep her at bay by my partner being self-employed as he has only had temp work since leaving the army anyway. With the help of our local MP, we managed to get a fair settlement which has been operating for awhile now but now, luckily, my partner has been offered a permanent job and will need to pay her a higher amount, which we are not disputing, but we are wary of what the CSA will do when we inform them of the change in circumstances as we know from previous dealngs that they are totally unscrupulous. My partner had a DEO slapped on him automatically even though he has no record of non-payment and the money is currently being extracted from his army pension.

So the question is – What happens when you inform the CSA of a change of job that will require an increased payment to the PWC? Do they go to the new employer for information even though the amount is taken from his pension? Do we have to fill out another enquiry form/wage slips or do they just accept our figures? Obviously he would like to take the new job but we are really wary of stirring up the CSA so they start their games again. Thank you, Summer

£104 taken out of my wages out of the blue

February 24, 2014

I’m so mad and not happy as csa took £104 out my wage today which was out of blue ???? i use pay child maintenace £60 a week by hand to ex for years there no problem between me and ex we just like brother sister share help each other then somehow i start meet new partner . ex start bitter and bitch about !!! now she stop me see my son and son don’t want see me no more which really hurt me alot i av’not see him 4 months now that why she start use csa try gettin make my life hell . i don’t know what shall i do ????

Different information every time

February 23, 2014

I have been attempting to get regular maintenance from my ex partner for almost a year now. He has done everything in his power to evade paying regularly and every single time we get a new schedule of payments sent I’m lucky if I see one correct payment from the schedule before I receive word that the maintenance has been recalculated again.

I’m sick of it. My daughter deserves better and is missing out whilst my ex’s other 2 children are regularly benefitting because he sees them regularly but refuses to have contact with my daughter. The CSA, whilst supposedly meant to be facilitating to ensure simplicity and ease of payments have done absolutely nothing and instead consistently give different information every time i call them. Also it’s always me that has to phone them to chase things. Am at the stage now where I’m pursuing a formal complaint and considering court action against my ex. Fed up of him shirking responsibility

Why can CSA not be taken from parents outside of the UK?

February 23, 2014

Why on earth cant csa be taken off other parent if moved out of the uk? i am so sick of sons father letting him down he tells him he will send my son money for christmas and birthdays and yet not a penny off him my son has just turned teenager and keeps getting let down and then im left 2 pick up the pieces i think its all wrong if parent lived in uk and moved out of it they should still have to pay my sons dad has married over there and supported hes wife and her kids when they have own father why on earth shouldnt he have to support hes own?

This has been going on yrs now him letting him down was ok when he was little not understanding but now understands and getting promised this that and then getting let down and then when comes to uk has son for day well wont be doing that no more ill be stopping it then father expects me to pay for sons passport so son can go over to him

Surely the father can’t claim if his son doesn’t live with him?

February 23, 2014

After a family break down between me and my son he is now living with friends. He is nearly 17, I have just received a letter frm csa to say my son’s dad is taking me for csa even tho he never paid a penny for him for the 16 yrs I look after my son and he never saw him either!

My son does not live with his dad surely although it is morally wrong on my ex’s part it’s also wrong for him to claim without my son living there?? I am willing to pay my son direct, I have still supported him even tho he no longer lives with me. I took him to the social n they said he can claim his own money but he won’t, he’s in college 3 days a wk please help!x

They make you feel totally worthless

February 22, 2014

Been paying for my son through the CSA for 15 years then last year received a letter stating I owe 4500 in backdate from 2005.the CSA sent a deduction of earnings to my employer which left me feeling crap as its non of my works buisness.why send anything to my work when I’ve paid all these years…..how can a lad earning 1000 a month be made to pay 333.92.this leaves me with not enough to live on nevermind paying for my other child

So maybe will have to give up my work and sit on dole,I feel totally worthless as that’s the way they make you feel.to tell you the truth I may as well not be here,the CSA is guna push me over the edge.course I want to pay for my son he my flesh n blood n would Neva stop paying for him but fares fare and don’t feel like the CSA is been fare

I may have missed out on 10 years of my child’s life, all they care about is the money

February 22, 2014

Ok, June last year (2013) a letter lands on my mat from the CSA saying a claim has been made for a daughter I had absolutely no idea about, obviously I was shocked by the news so I rang them, instead of any advice or help I was more or less threatened with prison, losing my driving license and/or my house.

I know the girl that has made the claim and yes we had a brief fling so now I start to panic. The CSA had already ‘presumed’ parenthood and once again I received threatening phone calls and letters, now here’s the twist, this poor child is TEN years old and this is the first I have heard about it. I hid all this from my fiancé as I was scared that it would put an end to our relationship but in the end I decided I had to come clean, no secrets right???? She was understanding and supportive and helped me to get things in perspective. I have asked for a DNA test to actually prove beyond doubt that this poor kid is mine, if it is then I will pay my way, rightly so but , who compensates the fathers of these kids???

Ten years is a very long time to have missed out on, it will impact on my family, not only financially but emotionally aswell, I have asked this question to the CSA who don’t seem to give two fucks, all they are interested in is the money. Surely there must be some law that gives potential fathers some sort of rights???? Imagine not knowing you had a child out there and finding out from some faceless heartless system TEN years down the line. This is all too much and I can see why certain fathers crack. Somebody help.

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