When will they let me get on with my life?

January 28, 2014

Where to start,I had originally been paying my x partner for our kids until I lost my job,she then called the csa who got involved and that is where it all went wrong

I am not disputing the fact I owe money and I am quite willing to pay, but they Have got all my income wrong because they used the national average for a job I wasn’t even doing, I asked them on numerous occasions to send through the workings out but as of yet I have received nothing,I have now started working again and straight away I get a phone call telling me I am getting an attachment to earnings even though the figure they think I owe is still wrong as my all edged case worker has never rung me in 3 years,I started making phone calls back at the start of December with a promise of somebody will get back to you in 5 days and yet here we sit now and still nothing

I am going to try and ring again tomorrow and see if I get anywhere this time but I am still waiting for my statement of my accounts even though I asked for them 5 weeks ago,has anybody got any advice on this or can I even make a offer of a 1 off payment so I can finally move on with my life

Unique cases not taken into consideration

January 28, 2014

I am a working man and I payed £74 a month that was in 2013.my other ex put a clain agains me on 2014 so I have 2 boys to two different women now my csa is £271 a month iam not hiding away from this I love my kids and now I cant pay for train faires to get them to see me.

I am also married my wife has 3 kids and I pay for them not in csa but in cash her ex has the kids but the csa wont take them on boad the council wont take them on board their should be more help or uniqu cases

Contacted out of the blue to say I’ve been paying the wrong amount

January 28, 2014

Agreement with the CSA for my husband to pay £25 per week which started in jan 09. Paying that money directly to CSA since then every week without fail. Not heard from CSA until today. Letter states we should have been paying £22 per week.

The letter does not state that we owe this money but I find it strange that they contact me out the blue after 5yrs. Also I hope that they do not think we owe this money when we have been paying it directly to CSA. P.s. My child is now 17 and have not saw him in 5yrs.

Why are the CSA hounding me for £12,000?

January 27, 2014

I have payed my ex girlfriend 35£aweek for 17and a half years my son is working and has been for two years she has had from me 33thousand pounds and by my account should have had 28 thousand pounds i am now being persued by the csa saying i owe them 12,000 in money that has not been paid she should have been paid 28,000 so why am i still being hounded for money i do not owe yet she has had this letter saying i owe this 12,000

how can this be when she has had 33,000 and my son has been working for over two years i am out of my wits end i thought all this was over when he reaced 16 he is now nearley 18 and i am still being hounded by her for money she thinks she is going to get where do i stand please i am at my wits end and wonder if its all worth it.

Very one-sided in favour of the female

January 27, 2014

I have a 13 year old daughter me and my x partner split up when she was 4 we was never married and my name is on the birth certificate she has my surname but last year my x changed it to a double barrel name with out my consent

I do not pay through the CSA because I will always pay for my child not matter what but I feel that the system doesn’t work for people like me my x partner has always threatened me with this but she also knew I was very proud and would always pay for mine and my families way in life she had in the past tried but I have always paid over the odds and will always continue too when I went to the citizen advise for advise but they couldn’t help because they hadn’t any experience of my side of the CSA I once called the CSA to ask for advise but was informed they couldn’t advise me because there wasn’t a case opened I asked for a case to be opened I never heard a think since from the CSA ?

The CSA in my case seems to be very one sided against in favour of the female which in todays world of equal rights to me seems very unfair I can understand that it must be very hard to account for everybody but I would look forward to seeing if the system could be improved to help people in the future not just one side regard Rob

I was told payments would be backdated

January 27, 2014

Hi I split with my abusive partner when I was 4 months pregnant. My baby was born in September and I contacted the CSA in October to claim child support. (I have no contact at all with my ex.) I phoned the CSA every 2 weeks to keep updated on progress. My ex claimed not to be the father and requested a DNA test. In January he then agreed that he was the father!

Every time I spoke to the CSA they assured me that child support would be backdated to October, when I first made contact with them. This week (January 20th) the CSA contacted me to say that, because my ex has been paying for another child through the CSA, I can only expect payments to start as of January 15th as they cannot retrieve money he has been paying to the other child’s mother. The man I spoke with at the CSA said there is absoloutely nothing I can do to change this as this is how legislation stands.

I was repeatedly told my child support would be backdated. Can anyone help???

CSA have made me homeless

January 26, 2014

Back in 2004 my ex tried to claim csa off me but when we whent to court it was agreed by csa that as i have my son every weekend from friday to monday and i have him every school holidays they said that i dont have to pay anything cos i have him majority of the time ..

But now csa take money out of my wages and tell me that i owe over £3000 . and also that now they take money out of my wages thay say i can live on £400 a month. one wonders how they work that out as my rent is £500 +food and others bills so they have made me homeless but i now they do not care about men as long as they are getting there money.

But i have asked them how do they work it out as it was csa that told me i owe nothing, although my situation hasnt changed from 2004 so i think i better take them to court to sort it out.

Can I change my son’s surname without his father’s consent?

January 26, 2014

Let me start by saying that have been divorced and re married my son’s father doesn’t pay maintenance as we have no way to contact him or know where to look. My current husband and I have been together for the past u could say 6 years and he has been dad to my son for all of it .

My son knows about his real dad but frequently asks to change his surname to that of his stepdad how do I change his surname if I can’t find my ex husband to give consent

Is my ex-husband right to stop paying?

January 26, 2014

My husband and I separated in June 2013 and I moved out because of his behaviour in July 2013. I moved in with my sister but because of over crowding have been forced to moved back during the month of October. My husband was paying £188 per month in child support for our 2 girls (aged 11 and 9).

When we moved back he stopped paying. Can you confirm if this correct? The girls are my responsibility I am their main carer taking them to and from school, doing homework, getting them ready for bed etc.

My husband has them on his own about once or twice a month. He works shifts either leaving at 7.30 till 2pm or starting at 2pm and returning at 10.30pm. He very rarely has to look after the girls on his own. I buy their clothes, school clothes, etc. I don’t want to challenge him on this if I’m not entitled to ask while we’re living together and selling our house.

My children are grown up – why am I paying the same money?

January 25, 2014

My wife kicked me out about 14 yrs ago and wen i knew it was definately over i asked her how she wanted me to pay for my 2 children she replied not a f….n penn

I moved to skegness nnear my parents and got in touch with csa they told me to keep money to one side till they got in touch and they never did.I eventually moved back home to sheffield with my then girlfriend now wife to find that my ex wife had gone to scotland with my kids, then csa got in touch and told me i had to pay £515pr month which includes hundred and odd pounds arrears

My son was then 16 and daughter 13. now my son is 20 and daughter 17 and im paying same money towards csa how can that be

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