I have heard nothing from your complaints team

March 26, 2013

My complaint was recieved by ur complains resolution team in october 2012…i still have not heard any thing regaurding tge money owed to my self my mr stephen turey who was paying his maintnece by deductions of order….when he stopped paying i constantley phoned u guys to say can u chase this up as he was leaving the county …a year later he went without paying the 2,194.92 that he owes…u guys then wrote to me last july to say there was nothing you could do …well im not happy with that u were told a year in advance he was laeving and this was the third time…u had let him stop paying when it was a dedution of earnings….u wrote to me regaurding my complaint on the 15th of october2012 and ive heard nothing scince..

Please stop sending me court letters

March 26, 2013

After my son’s father left to go to knew zealand he went to stay on and off with his sister..who claimed my family allounce ..and has tryed to claim csa.

I have received a court enforcement for 733.00pound out standing from june to october last year …first of all i have no work with my agency ..what work i did have i have the two wage slips for and secondly havent even asked to see wage slips or even ask if i was working ,how can u come up with an amount of money by guessing…

I made payments each month of 20.pound to mitchells acount my son as sophie was a cocain addict ..which i phoed to tell u so therefoure could not give her the money ..she is currently on the misuse of drugs programe…my wages for the perriod in quetion were ….17.6.2012=244.99…15.9.2012..…210..totall wages as mitchell was back with me in october …and the reason i wasnt pushing to work was i was looking after my dad with cancer who has just died….

So i would apprecieate u callcalating prorerly and not sending me court letters 15 percent of your earnigs so why have u guessed and said i owe 733.00 please can this but sorted asap and also the email i sent along side this regaurding maintenced owed ..

When will the Csa start readdressing blatant discrimination against the NRP?

March 26, 2013

I have been a valuable client of the Csa for a number of years going back to 2007 ,they did my assessment and rite from the start got it wrong . It has came to light the Csa closed my Csa in error in 2009 and never stared it up correctly. And I am due 4126.83 pound and been waiting 6 months on it and to be honest there is No way they will pay a NRP that amount of money.

Wait for this one it has transpired my ex has been committing benefit fraud claiming child benefit while my son was working , my ex is paying the money back to housing benefit ,council tax benefit, income support for benefit fraud the Csa know this but as child benefit was payed to her all the time I still have to pay £3000 for the whole year ,sorry this is the rules i was told child benefit was still payed even if fraudulently I still have to pay.

She will get to pay her fraud back at £ 5 a week and she will get 40 % of my wages to help her do this £645 per month.

This is encouraging benefit fraud and theft under false pretences against the NRP When will the Csa start readdressing blatant discrimination against the NRP.

CSA refused to hand over the money they owed

March 26, 2013

I recieved a phone call off the CSA requesting my bank details, the lady on the phone said they had 5years woth of payments to send me but they couldn’t figure why they could not send it and I would hear back in a few days, I thought this was a scam at first so I called them back and yes they do have payments in excess of £12,000 and refuse to hand the money over.

From the 1st call I received I was told the matter would be resolved in 1-2 days, the system was overloaded and senior management would issue a cheque asap…I have chased this up over the weeks and today I was told a new story by a 19yo with no manners and severe anger issues.

The whole experience with the CSA has caused undue stress and it is daylight robbery on a grandiose scale.

The CSA ruining precious relationships and robbing singles mums for almost 20 years!

CSA doesn’t care if I can afford to live, so long as they get their money

March 25, 2013

I had an agreement with my ex-wife to pay Child Maintenance Allowance to my 2 children who were 18 & 17, £350 per calendar month. But then on the 22nd May 2012, she then decided to contact the CSA who then took some time to calculate my payments and only informed me to start paying £411.66 per calendar month which I did on the 14th June 2012.

My payments continued with some variations upto the 3rd December 2012 when both my children started working full time as from September 2012. One child stopped education before September and the other didn’t go to college but the ex-wife informed the Read more

Better off with a private agreement

March 25, 2013

Hi all, it seems to be the same ole story regarding the dreaded CSA. I worked at ford motor company for 17 years up until i was made redundant in march 2009. I paid CSA for my two children out of my wages from around 2003 when me and the ex separated and i paid her well as I was on very good money then.

Yes I agree absent parents should pay and support their kids and at the time I was pissed off with the amount I had to pay and the CSA dont take your living costs into account like the courts did many years ago, my dad paid my mum 10p a year for two kids cos he had debts and bills etc yes that was right 10p a year for two kids. When I lost my job in 2009 i found further employment with a wage less than half it was at ford and me and ex decided to do Read more

I am sick to the back teeth of the CSA they are a complete joke!

March 25, 2013

I have been trying to get the to pull there finger out for the past three years now and still havent had a single payment!

Every time i call i have to apologise to the person who takes my call because i know im going to get irrate having to explain the situation time and time again.

Every time i call and explain, they apologise profusley and then tell me that “someone has taken there eye off the ball” – i think this is something they are trained to say as ive heard the same line countless times now. They then reassure me that they will look into this as a matter of urgency and promise i will hear from them in the next 7 days. I am yet to ever receive said phone call!

I have now wrote 2 letters of complaint and heard nothing back from them.

I was warned by my own parents before i applied 3 years ago that i would have a job on my hands.


Husband’s ex wife expected us to foot the bill for her lifestyle

March 25, 2013

My story starts back in 1998 when the CSA were first contacted after my daughters father ran back to his mums because he couldt cope with being a father.

I was single mum n had to sign on so it was compulsory to let them know fathers details, Its taken the CSA till 2010 to catch up with him after he has worked all that time, had another child with somebody else and paid for that child, then nastily when they caught up with him told them my daughter wasn’t his, DNA test done and paternity proved he started to pay and has done every week, me even helping him with the CSA closing the case and getting rid of arrears so he could afford to live after they were also taking more than 50% of his wage that me and his ex didt actually get, yet in all this time the CSA have hounded Read more

I am in favour of the CSA – I think they’re great

March 24, 2013

I think the CSA is a good thing. My husband left me and my two daughters to fend for ourselves for 18 years with no help while he was always out drinking and having a good time wearing the best of clothes.

I worked hard at my job and paid everything for the girls. He promised to pay money but payed nothing and even complained about the petrol he had to spend to visit them.

I even bailed him out on one occasion with no thanks. He would have had to pay 20% approximately of his take home pay leaving him with 80% which doesn’t seem so bad. A lot of NRP just won’t help if they are not made to. I just wish I hadn’t been so gullable.

I just don’t know how a NRP can sit back and allow the other person to take all the financial burden.

CSA seem to be against men in general

March 24, 2013

Since i have been contacted by CSA on August 2009 until the prsesnt time my life is very bad. My daugter born on 14 Feb.2009 and i have been paying CSA monthly 240-400 pound every four weeks regardless my income. What ever you complain or try to contact them they are against man in generla and treat us as theifes regardles our circumstances. My x earn more money than me and despite the fact i have two childrens i pay almost 30% of my salary to CSA , even i dont know how my daughter looks like i never been in touch since she have been born. I drpoed my permanent job and worked for two years as bank nurse because one Read more

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