Daughter at university – when can I stop paying her mother?

March 29, 2013

I have paid voluntary maintenance of over £100 per week for 12 years without missing a single week.

My daughter is now 18 and has been accepted to university on a course whe will start in September 2013, just before her 19th birthday in October 2013. Her mother works as does her new partner, my daughter also works part time and has a car.

I would still help my daughter with some course costs (she will be living with her mother while at university) but I would pay this as and when needed but cant do this while paying the maintenance.

When can i stop without fear of the much threatened CSA becoming involved? (which the did a few years ago when more money was requested – even though my daughters mother was working). Thanks.

How can I pay back overpayments when I don’t work?

March 28, 2013

13 years of hell trying to track down ex and helping the csa to find him .After endless balifs and two Liability Orders and eventually after 13 years of trying to get him to pay something even anything the csa go for a committal order and sudenly after that he pays what the courts and csa have said he must pay even though he Refused to give the csa any financial information.

A month later the csa said he had sudenly found ten years of self employed accounts and when they have worked on these accounts it could work out that i might have to pay some money back.

What the hell can i do i cant pay i dont work as i am a house wife looking after my 18 mounth old and we are on benafits its not my fault he might have payed to much the cas and court who did the Committal Order should have been more carfull to get the payment right.

All the time and money it must have cost to get this man to pay for his sons is a wast of time. I feel realy stressed, upset, very worried, and stupid. I wish i had never botherd.


CSA took money from me when I am terminally ill with cancer

March 28, 2013

I am terminally ill with prostate cancer. I don’t see well because I have glaucoma in both eyes. Forced to retire because of this. I live in a council flat.. I have supported my two daughters throughout the education.

The eldest is an Accountant and the other is a barrister. I was paying or giving my ex has remarried with two children lives in a 6-bedroom house. Yet CSA went and took my pension mosey £12750 from account without warning me.

I am now a destitute. I cannot even heat my flat. Is that justice. My two children pleaded with CSA to refund my money that their mother was only being vindictive. Is that fair?

Where are the fathers on here?

March 28, 2013

All these posts are about how resident parents can get money from the fathers of their children. I could say I pay & always have but that is just what parents do?

I hoped this forum might help me with my son & issues around his further education, but it is a place for mother’s to vent their spleen’s. My son’s mother has married in the last year, or so, is not using her married name with HMRC or CSA is a claimint of tax credits she own’s her home & her husband has a housing association three bedroom house.

They intend to move into that and rent the other property privatley and the maddest thing is, my son lives with me the majority of the week ( more than a few hours). I am not one for dropping someone in it for the sake of ‘spite’, but really.

Where are the post’s from fathers, we really need to start balancing the info in ths forum, thanks for taking the time to read.

When does my liability end for my youngest?

March 28, 2013

I have been paying my ex wife for my children via the CSA since 1999 and have gone from paying for three to paying for just one and have been notified of this by the CSA, also my payments have remained exactly the same paying for three, two and now one child.

But that’s not my main concern, this relates to my youngest child who was 18 in June 2012 and has been on a full time university degree course since August 2012, I thought my liablity would end either when he turned 18 or began uniy but I’ve heard nothing at all from the CSA to this effect and I am still paying the same amount.

My youngest was even working full time for about 2 months prior to starting uni, has a flat share and a car and is now working part time, when does my legal obigation end to paying monies via the CSA.

Some days we cannot even afford food

March 28, 2013

I have practically bought up my daughter single handedly for the past seven years. A year ago I made a claim to the CSA and her father was ordered to pay a monthly amount, a year later this stopped and the CSA say he is no longer eligible to pay as he has no income; he packed in a good job and went into full time education. My daughter is 15.

I have both my children; my son is 19, living with me and I am trying to manage on my income, the stress is causing me health problems. I long to find a job that does not pay me as much therefore less responsibilities but how can I do this? His wrecklessness has meant me struggling financially and I see no way out.

He still lives in his house, drives his car, spends money on clothes for him, expensive aftershave, can go out with his mates etc. Some weeks I can barely feed me and the kids. How can this be right?

I ignored the CSA’s letter and hoped it would go away

March 27, 2013

I stopped paying the c.s.a. on the 19 02 2011 for mydaughter thinking that was the last of them I had gone through a lot with them but in the end I had caught up with all my payments and every thing that goes with it I had been paying them for years .

Just into the new year 2013 I had a phone call from the c.s.a explaining to me that I owe them £48.00 for some missed payment , I did ask them to write me a letter explaining to me where and when this happend .

I received a letter 2 weekes later not really explaining much to me ,so I just ignored it hopeing it would go away . Then last month 16 01 2013 a nasty letter came through the post a£1000,00 fine will be heading my way if I don’t pay up

My problem is 2years on and they still want money out of me when is it going to stop

My complaint letter to David Cameron

March 27, 2013

CSA Persecution – My Children lose
as a NRPP & a PWC – complaint to Mr Cameron exerpt

Dear Mr Cameron

I am a wife and a mum and I also have Cystic Fibrosis.

It therefore comes as a great shock to find that right now, in this country, under your government, there is unmistakable evidence of ‘Nazism’ within one of your Government Departments. Evoking and mirroring many of the same ruthless and destructive elements that is not only wilfully destroying families across the country but predominantly wasting taxpayers’ money to do so.

The 1935 Nuremberg Laws introduced by the Nazi’s were discriminatory, unjust and paved the way for the persecution of the Read more

Why am I paying for my 18 year old son when my little girl suffers?

March 27, 2013

My situation is I have an 18 year old daughter from a previous relationship and a 10 year old son with my ex wife. The case regarding my daughter was closed in 2011. I continued paying my ex wife for my son (through deductions of earnings), however I recently received a better job opportunity and discussed with my ex wife what she would want if I accepted it (as it would involve me having to pay for separate accommodation for four nights a week on top of my current lodgings).

She was happy to receive the same amount of money off me (she realised my increase in salary would be took up by my temporary accommodation, the CSA would not) as it also meant I could spend Read more

I overpaid the CSA – how can I get back my money?

March 27, 2013

Short and sweet… July 2011 I left the job from which my CSA payments had been calculated. I ran and funded an ethical investment project through to November 2012, at which time my funds were exhausted and I had to start a small business to get an income. During that time between July 2011 and November 2012, I kept up my CSA payments, even though my income was ZERO for that entire time.

I had not informed CSA and continued paying, as I expected to have been earning from my project before then. I am now really struggling until my project starts to return an income and have asked the CSA to pay back the money I have effectively overpaid (over £4,500).

Despite my error in not informing them, the money remains overpaid and the blame for the error is irrelevant. Had I under-paid at all, I know for sure they would have been after me like a pack of wolves! What’s the chances of getting this money back?

Many thanks

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