I don’t blame the CSA, I just want it sorted

January 28, 2013

To whom it may concern, i am writeing to complain about my case, i had to tell the csa that ,y ex partner was working, and since then i have been messed about on phone calls and been told 4 different story’s the first one was that use spoke to him on the 22/9/12 and that he has told you his earnings, and that you would then check with the employer, within the same week, then i phoned again and got told a case officer would speed payment up as still not recieved anything.

The third phone call was they are waiting on a calculation of earnings and should of heared someting and payment within 3 weeks and still nothing i telephoned again on 19th of november and got told that it takes 12 weeks to process this and i have to know wait because its only been 8 weeks, i as you know am on jsa and a single mother, michael stafford has no contact with olivia who is 5 and hasnt done since she was 2 so i am very angry that i thought i could rely on csa to help with the upbringing of my child.

I have recieved a very good service until now, and you have always helped me, and although i dont blame any individual for this but i would like a final answer about my situation, and to find out when i will recieve payment, because csa payments would be a big help to me if i got a final decision of payment dates or a time scale of this decision and wouldnt of had to complain, i do hope this will be resolved.

CSAhell.com is on Facebook again

January 28, 2013

After a lengthy hiatus CSAhell.com is now back on Facebook with its own Facebook Page, Facebook.com/CSAhellcom.

We were on Facebook a couple of years ago, where our page grew to over 1,000 ‘fans’ before the Child Support Agency complained to Facebook about the content of the page. It seems it’s fine for their staff, such as Jamie Smith from Belfast, to say the most abhorrent things to fathers but it’s not OK for fathers to say them back – at least not in the eyes of Facebook or the CSA.

Anyhow, we’re back on Facebook with a new page and, this time, we’ll be behaving ourselves – even if the CSA staff get on there and start abusing us again. Incidentally, as a warning to the CSA staff – we do know who you are and can identify you quite easily, so don’t think you can come on here, or on the Facebook page, and starting insulting people in a clandestine manner. We can tell who you are in a variety of different ways, just as we did with Anna Lewis on Twitter – the CSA employee from Birkenhead who immediately deleted all of her Tweets when we pointed out we knew who she was. So don’t waste your time, you’re not allowed to misrepresent yourselves online and we know who you are.

For those of you who do want to find help, advice and hear from others in the same position – you’re welcome on the CSAhell.com Facebook page, so come along and join in.

CSA sent us six letters which arrived on the same day

January 28, 2013

A year after mine and my husbands first child was born we found out he could have another child with his ex (there was 5 possible fathers). we went through csa for a dna test it came back positive. so my husband took responsibilty for his daughter and saw her brought her nappys etc.

Then it turned into us having her every weekend and pretty much all the time it all got a bit too much like being babysitters. in the end my husbands ex did a moonlight flit up north to live with her new partner and did not tell us. my husband continued to try to pay csa and agreed for them to take payments out of his wages which they failed to do. yesturday we got Read more

My Facebook group about the CSA

January 28, 2013

I’ve had many dealings with this organisation that cant get anyhting right but tell you they tell you the truth.

They sent me a payment schedule saying i was to pay £227 p/m but following month £494 was taken leaving me no option but take on a 2nd job just to clear the bills.

I done some research on the web and found there was going to be many thousands in the same boat with similar circumstances so i set a group on facebook.

I’ve notified csa and government and the media about my plans for the group when i have enough members, its still only a few months old and has grown to over 200 members.

I would just like people to add the group and to find what the plan is and if they agree then stay on there.

Many people on there have good advice to offer also.

Please go to the following link and join the group, my group is the only group that has threatened to take a protest to the roof of csa offices, i also have members around the nation that are just waiting on numbers to hit their local offices.

I am determined to be listened to and determined to get a fair csa for all.

Please join my group.


CSA worker Mrs Corbett was so rude to me

January 27, 2013

When I first received contact by the Cash Sucking A**holes it was by a woman calling herself “Mrs Corbett”. I asked for a first name but was told I did not need one. Having been left in severe debt by my ex-partner who was abusive, insulting and without any resolve, the C***s as I call them on my phone demanded to see every last detail of my work payslip and threatened to take me to court.

My Solicitor wrote a letter to the agency to “Mrs Corbett” advising that no further telephone calls were to be made and all correspondence to be in writing. I’ve had all the threats, and i’ve buried them in paperwork each time. My advice is to get your calculation, set up online banking and pay them through that. They don’t like it but by law have to accept it. It will put the ball in your court, you have the power and as an added bonus they will try to make you set up DD or DER but you can tell them where to go.

I appreciate and completely sympathise with the many fathers (and Mothers) who have suffered at the hands of the CSA, you cannot beat them, but you can make their paperwork and admin so intense and handle things your own way.

I’ve always paid my support, and then some, I see my children and yes I consider myself one of the lucky ones. merry Christmas to all non resident parents and their children.


The CSA are a debt collection agency, nothing more

January 27, 2013

On 26th November 2012 i received an enforcement letter from csa belfast.They stated they were applying for a liability order for £7913.38.

This is the first letter i have ever received from them. My daughter is 27 years old with a family of her own! on 4th december 2012 i then received a letter informing me that they were making a deduction of earnings order of £430.95 per month. I then received a telephone call from their office and the man i spoke to admitted that they did not know how much i owed,or indeed if i owed anything and that they would take £150 per month from my salary until it was sorted.A payment was deducted on Friday last.

Today (8th Jan 2013 i have received a summons to court for the full amount! This is the conservatives at their best (or worst!) It’s got nothing to do with child welfare in my case. The csa are operating as a debt collecting agency for which they probably get commission.

I can’t afford to pay this amount simply because i have no money. so no doubt the puppets at court will grant the order and then when i fail to pay i will have broken the law.at this point i imaging they will try to send bailiffs and re-posses my home. This is the state of our country people.

Full of sponging migrants and asylum seekers on benefits and who picks up the tab? the working class taxpayer. Why did we bother to fight against Hitler. We are living in a fascist regime near as damn it!


Does my husband having parental responsibility affect my ex paying CSA?

January 27, 2013

If the non resident parent never had parental responsability because he never obtained it. His child was born in 2000 when it wasn’t granted to both parents just the mother.

Then I get married he says he doesn’t want to see his child. The courts grant residency to my husband which automatically gives my husband parental responsibility.

My case through the csa was also on old rules how does this affect my ex paying child support or does it???

Short changed by the CSA since they got involved

January 26, 2013

Nothing but trouble!

My ex husband has lied continuously about shared care, and been believed; for OVER A YEAR! I have always disputed his claims over shared care and after keeping a record for the first 6 months I contacted the CSA to update them. Because he is employed within an a Government Authority, apparently his version of the truth is more believable than fact so I continued contesting it for another 6-8 months. Eventually after reviews and stringing it out for as long as possible, the case went to Tribunal earlier this month. The evil swine was stating that he had the two children for 3 nights per week when in fact it was only 1!

I had a court order, photographic copies of text messages he had sent confirming dates and times as well as photos of the children in my care on dates he claimed to have had them. All he had as ‘proof’ was Read more

I will see the CSA in court if I do not get money

January 26, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I’m writing on behalf of myself and my two children. I put a claim into you from the jobcentre in 2001.

I tried claiming child maintanence but i got no where. i applied for it again in 2006 and the women dealing with my case was Miss. Bozwell, it looks like my claim has been ignored. You never asked for any details that support my claim. My ex wife and I, split in 2000. ive made many attempts to apply for my childrens maintanence but didnt have any replies.

I’m entitled to money from you or my ex wife, its been 12 years without anything, so its time to take a stand against you and my ex wife (Melanie Gale) and she has a job at Tescos and she has worked since we split.

So if nothing comes off this, we will see you in court, yours sincerely.

Don. Mcphee

CSA claims they can’t force ex to pay up

January 26, 2013

I left my ex for his philandering ways. We have 2 kids 8 & 4 years old. He refused to give support to the children.

I was struggling at that time and can’t afford child care whilst working full time with meager income so I decided to take my kids to my parents in my home country whilst continuing my work here. What can I do to demand my ex to pay up.

CSA was useless. CSA said they can’t force my ex to pay up cos the children are not in this country. It’s been almost 6 years now and kids needs are increasing but he still refused to help out.

Please I’m desperate what to do. Anybody out there who can help me out? Greatly appreciated any input. Thank you very much.

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