Cannot pay what the CSA demands from us

December 28, 2012

So in need of advice.

My partner was paying CSA from his benifits up until a year ago when his benifts were stopped, CSA sent him a letter to state that they couldnt take payment & he notifed CSA that his benifts had stopped, theysaid he had to send in proof which he did.

He has now started working and they have said that he owes over £2000 in arrears I don’t understand how they have come to that amount for a year & I don’t understand how they have come to that amount if he was only paying £20 due to him being unemployed sure they should calculate the arreas at what he would of owed during that year.

He has no problem paying arreas but he can not pay £800 a month as that would live us homeless as that is more than half of his salary what can be do

I know at least two people who have tried to commit suicide caused by the CSA

December 28, 2012

I have been dealing with my son’s case – he’s an ex-Iraq War veteran. For over 11 years I have tried to sort it out – complete files have been lost several times, various promises have been made that the matter is being sorted out – nothing, each new officer knows nothing about what is going on, today, several times over the past two days I have been trying to contact an officer who has left me her name and extension number – it would be easier to get into the Kremlin that get through to the officer and give her the information she has requested.

Officers have been rude and unwilling to help, those that Read more

CSA took money from me then went on their Christmas Holidays

December 27, 2012

I have an ex who claims I am the father of her child. Last relations were in Nov 08 but child born in Oct 09 (Clever trick) I have now just had £355 Taken as an attachment of earnings without any contact or acknowledge from the CSA. Also I am not on the birth certificate (If I am then I wasn’t present so this is a fraudulent document) nor have I ever agreed of being the father.

I have an agreement with my daughters mother and pay that each month by bank transfer and keep record of this. The CSA have not taken this into account so effectively I have paid out this month £435 for 2 children. Can they do this??? I tried calling them today 20/12/2012 on a number which asked for my NI details and D.O.B and via an automated service and the voice confirmed it was CSA however when the man answered He said this was the wrong number and to call another to which I repeated the same process and was advised they were now closed until Jan 2nd 2013.

Gov Offices get a good xmas break then. So they take £355 off me then cant be bothered to deal with my enquiry. I am no looking to seek legal advice to wether thay can take money without my consent and with out proving I am the father. WHY WHY WHY is it a mother can claim CSA from guys and not have to prove a thing Yet the guy has to fight, spend loads of hard earned cash and wait a decade to get answers and prove they aren’t the father.

Surely its the mother that should prove that they are the father!!!!! Hope that I gave enough detail. Anyway Merry Xmas

My horror story with the CSA

December 27, 2012

I split from my wife in September 2008 and from then until 2011 maintenance was the least of my concerns. When everything seemed to be resolved my ex-wife decided that paying her directly by standing order at the beginning of the month wasn’t working (?) and contacted the CSA to begin proceedings.

That was in August 2011 and the CSA advised that I would be paying them. No problems – if that was what it was going to take to sort this out then fine although I saw no reason to go through them and neither did the case workers I was talking to at the CSA.

So it began and after asking for some initial details, checking pay amounts etc etc it seemed like everything would be resolved quickly. They said I should stop Read more

Who can help me with the variation order my ex wants?

December 27, 2012

After a foolish 1 night stand the woman involved got pregnant but i did not find out until the child was 2 yrs old, after a dna test it was proven that i am the father. i have always paid for my son, initially on a mutual agreement through the bank but after i started a new relationship the childs mother went to the csa. I pay my assessment monthly by standing order but she wants more.

I am a self employed business man, who owns alot of property but all proceeds are paid back into the business & i have a monthly salary.

She has now applied for a variation order saying that i live a lavish lifestyle, holidaying several times a year etc (my family have not had a holiday in 4 years now).

How can she be entitled to everything ive worked for?

I have a disabled partner, several mortgages & 2 of my own children that live with me, she refuses to let me have access to my child & it just seems wrong that she sees me as a cash cow!

Where can i get some genuine advice with the variation order, solicitors dont seem to want to get involved!

CSA was not interested in my plight

December 26, 2012

I have just lost my house to the CSA, areas of 13k. Dont feel sad for me since this was on the cards as I absorbed so much debt from the divorce, and I also had my fantastic son with me, he has ADHD so a bit of a handfull at times, but now at 21 he is one of two best friends. Nevertheless in these forums I constantly read how people talk to the CSA on the phone, words of warnign ‘dont’ write to them on all ocasions never fall for thier ploy of ‘give us a call’ since they record nothing and remember nothing.

As is evident in the majority of case the CSA are a law to themselve, run by incompetance and contempt, with some very creative lawyers backing them up. In my case; I live in Dubai and have done for five years. I played the game I gave them my whereabouts from the outset since I want to resolve matters.

I gave them my adress and two e-mails for contact. This information was also given to then on eight seperate ocasions, and twice by my solicitor, even so they still kept sending (alledgedly) correspondance and court demands to my old adress!and on a number of ocasions securing orders without my knowledge. One would think that upon proving that such a practice is contrary to Civil Procedure Rules, DJ’s would Read more

CSA says my bank statements are wrong – how can they be?

December 26, 2012

I am having problems with the child support agency, they reduced my maintance in June with out prior warning they said I had been over paid by £1178, they sent me a breakdown of payments from their system from Dec 2006 to May 2012.

After getting copies of my bank statements I found that I had not received all of the payments, I sent a letter of complaint after approx a month a complaints advisor called to confirm that there had been a mistake and that i did not owe money, that I had not had an over payment at all and that infact it appeard the non resident parent now owed both myself and the secretary of state money.

She assured me I would now start to receive the corect payments again but could not tell me what would happen to the £940 they had taken since June.

Another advisor called me 2 wks ago to say I now owe £1782 plus the non resident £443 she says their system is correct and my bank statements are wrong, she said there is no way I can prove that I didnt recv the payments they say I’ve had and the complaint has now been closed. They are taking money for the next 5 months to pay the £443 back then will start taking the £1782 after that to the sec of state.

I dont know where to go to for help.

Will the CSA look at how much I pay out?

December 26, 2012

I need some advice for up coming csa payments. As i am on a low salary i have been asked to pay 6months rent in advance when i move into my next place.

Will the csa take this into consideration when deciding how much i need to pay or will they completely overlook my 6month payment in advance and leave me paying more than i earn after bills ?

A lot of parents with care are claiming child benefit when their kids don’t live with them

December 25, 2012

judge agreed benefit fraud had taken place and that the PWC was not the PWC but was powerless to do anything other than make the liability order even thought they were living with me in the qualifying period ,statements of fact from three witnesses were not disputed by the CSA ,they were only interested in getting their order and picking my pocket.

Even the kids went and made statements about where they were living and when and we provided school attendance records.

The state is using this section 33 to railroad orders through regardless of whether anyone actually owed the money .I was allowed to cross examine a certain Kelly Griffiths from the stockport office ,who admitted they never checked any data and relied solely on DWP info ,they only rang the PWC to check if the liability existed . The PWC had a long history of benefit fraud ,but this was Read more

Ex wants to go direct and cut out the CSA – easier said than done

December 25, 2012

Is anyone surprised by the CSA. I have had dealings with them since 2001, it took around a year t actually get the payments correct. They rang me 3 months ago as they said it was time for a review, I sent all the paperwork in as the wanted, then they threatened to charge me more as I did not want to disclose my wifes salary, as It was my problem and have always dealt with it. Anyway after these threats I finally gave the details over.

Then then did the same to my daughters mother, who in the end rang me and said could we forget out the CSA as she was stressed, and fo our own arrangement. I received a phone call 2 weeks ago from the CSA confirming they had received a phonecall from my ex, and would i be happy to do the arrangement, I said yes, and they would forward me paperwork. I have still not received any, and when I rung they said it could take up to a month to sort out….that means another payment to them…and more interest in their account!!!

They are so un professional, bitter and un-helpful..

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