Ex stopped paying and now I am owed thousands

July 28, 2012

My Exhusband and I split in 1989 I was awarded Custody of our 3 children and at the time He was ordered to pay £45 per week maintenance which he did for a while then payment stopped. As a result an attachment of earnings was ordered by the courts payment started again but shortly after he gave up work left it a few months and then started work again everytime the courts caught up with him he would give up work again this pattern carried on throughout.

The CSA came into effect back in the 1990’s and things went from bad to worse He was ordered to pay £52 per week £47 maintenance + £5 arrears. I have had Read more

Robbed of 6 months money from the CSA

July 28, 2012

Hi there, can anyone offer some advice on how to handle the CSA and their appalling service.

Last year i opened a case with them and then closed it after my abusive ex pressured me into closing it. He agreed to pay me cash which never happened. On Feb 7th 2012 i then applied again.

Despite regular phone calls i seemed to be told different things each time. My ex confirmed the case on 18th March.

I was then told that his case was being handled by criminal investigators and nothing could be done to hurry it along. He has an open case with his other ex and two other children so i dont know if it was for my case or the other one. He told me months ago he was Read more

Daughter now lives with me but CSA insist she does not and take my money for ex

July 27, 2012

I have been paying CSA for my 2 daughters that live with me ex for a few years now, and I have no complaints about this. I am now married with 1 daughter of our own, and just recently my eldest daughter requested that she wanted to come and live with me.

My eldest daughter is 12 years old, and I havent had any contact for about 9 years untill recently when she had been asking about me. We picked her up and she is now living with me and my partner, but even though I have Read more

Do I get money for my daughter? Please help!

July 27, 2012

I have had two different stories as to whether i will get CSA for my Daughter, who is 18 now, 19 in January next year.

She has just finished her A levels and off to university in september.

I was told by one person at the agency that my maintenance payments will stop when I dont qualify for child benefit, but another one of your staff said i would get it until she reaches 19 as she is still in full time education.

Could you please let me know which story is correct. thank you.

Won a tribunal against the CSA but they still refuse to pay up

July 27, 2012

I was under the old system with the CSA and worked out that I had paid too much after discovering that carers allowance changed at different age of child ( age 13 & 16).

I was not informed of this when I was paying child support for my son. I questioned this and eventually took it to tribunal which which found in my favour but to my anger i received no refund because i did not inform them that my son had had a birthday.

All correspondence from them stated my son’s date of birth but the onus was on me to inform them. I overpaid by £3000+. Has anyone else had this experience?

CSA refuses to recalculate money I owe even though it is far too much

July 26, 2012

The CSA have been chasing me for years, i have been writing to advise them information such as my partners children who live with us. My ex-wife has been saying she hasn’t been in touch with the CSA (but they have confirmed she has).

The figure is now £19,000 my partner took the responsibility of writing letters on my behalf, as I struggle with this and she looked on the CSA website and Read more

I’m the mother and CSA is taking too much from me

July 26, 2012

This is all such a nightmare…I am the Mum of a boy who has been coerced into living with his dad after an acrimonious split 2 and a half years ago. Both kids lived with me and I never went to CSA as he was abusive and I knew he would make my life hell if I claimed money from him after I had the audacity to leave him.

My son now lives with his dad.

CSA contected me and said I have to pay £200 a month but this leaves Read more

CSA ignored my phone call, now I owe them money!

July 26, 2012

My youngest daughter left college in July 2011 so I phoned the Child Support Agency and all the other benefit agencies that I was getting money from to tell them of this change. I did not hear anything more from them until May this year. They phoned me up and said that my case was still open and that I may owe them money. I then explained to them that the case was closed and that I was no longer claiming maintenance for my daughter as she had left college and I had phoned them to advise them of this.

Anyway they never contacted me again until a few weeks ago. They said that I had been ignoring their phone calls and all their letters. I have not received any letters or Read more

Ex refused DNA test but CSA still deducting money from me

July 25, 2012

I divorced my ex wife back in 2006. we had a little boy together. on december 25th 2006 my ex kindly informed me that she was having a sexual relationship with her boss at the time our son was conceived and that he might not be mine. Although she was perfectly happy for me to put my name on the birth certificate as the father knowing this.

Having heard nothing from her for 3 years i received a letter from the csa saying they need my details. I contacted them and informed them of the paternity dispute to Read more

Living in a caravan because of the CSA

July 25, 2012

Been with the csa from day one, firstly they took over a CCJ for my eldest daughter who is now 26 years old, i started to have problems with the system straight away which caused them to do a reduction from earnings, when my daughter reached 18 they failed to cancel payments for a further 6 months, i was told to retreve the money from her mother, that didnt happen, i then started payments for my second daughter 16 years ago, both payments were at the time were from 2 different offices which caused even more problems.

Then i re-married and have 3 daughters from that relationship, once my youngest was born she had me removed from my home (mortgage almost payed) divorce Read more

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