CSA arrears advice

March 27, 2012

In 1998 the csa began taking by atachment of earnings from my wages 397 pounds per month. I appealed this decision, as i had, by order of court my son 3 nights per week,they ignored my claim, so i then appealed to an independant tribunal.

The case was herd in july 98 the undependant judge dcieded that the amount i should pay because of both parents circumstances would 23 pounds per week.

The very next week the csa infomed me that i had arrears going back to 1994 at which they set 56 pounds per week,at which point they began taking the amount from my wages until i had paid back 11 thousand pound.It has took me this long to repay i am now trying to persue this case as the court order to have my son 3 nights per week was issued in 1993. They havent given me shared care or taken account the independant tribunals decision of 1998.

Can anyone give advice as to were next i can go?

CSA has just found some money ‘owed’ from 2001

March 26, 2012

I have just had a deduction of earnings attached to my wages and they have just found an amount ‘owed’ from 2000-2001 for 200.00. This has just been added to my deductions for this month with less that 10 days noticeand they will not budge about owing the amount or taking it out thismonth.

I could find letters dated 2003 where it clearly says i owe 0.00 and have received cheques for overpayment and amount I pay reduced for over payment. They have told me that the amount was suuspendedbut now they have unsusspended it. Can they do this?? It is 12 years ago and i never received a letter saying it was susspended.

They can even say if it was posted as it was so long ago!!

What can I doits driving mecrazy.

Poor service, lack of communication

March 26, 2012

Still trying to get earning from ex husband but your office has a serious lack of communication and knowledhe of correct information. My ex husband has been in employment since September 2011 and yet still havent received a payment in March 2012…

I have been given incorrect information numerous times, called to check progress and your employees are too incompetent to even check notes on the screen and follow up information given by my ex husbands employers which in turn had delayed payments…. When will this deduction of earning be set up and running correctly…

Does my child have to starve & go without shoes…. I get told a time when i will receive payments, relay on this to pay bills to be let down

Does anyone know when CSA liability ends?

March 25, 2012

I’ll make it quick.


My Story:-

With an ex-wife who has offered NO encouragement for the Kids to visit over the years (hopefully not actively discouraged)I’ve sadly drifted away form my kids, but now that my youngest has reached 19 I’ve requested a “Closure Order” be instigated Read more

Ex has more money but I don’t get more

March 25, 2012

I have 2 children with my ex husband and have received £310 per month for the last 10 years, my ex has received a pay rise every year during this time but my maintenace hasnt increased.

In may 2011 my son left school, my ex asked for his maintenance to be reassessed, fair enough you might think, he claimed for increased housing costs (he lied) decreased earnings (he lied), it took csa 5 months to reassess his maintenance payment and they say he now has to pay £203 per month, between june and november, 6 months he paid me £1860, their assessment for 6 months is £1218, an overpayment of £642 (my figures) they say £1218 ??, my ex has been paying £160 per month since Nov. Ive contacted csa to appeal, they dont want to know, Ive written to them today (they dont listen on the phone). He works for HMRC!!!

Help with CSA & multi millionaire who avoids payment

March 24, 2012

I have a daughter who has just turned 18 yrs old she is a real credit to me and I have raised her alone as a single parent which has been really hard I have suffered severe hardship over the years and chronic periods of depression, having no real family support this has been extremely tough and when I look back I dont know how I have got through it but I have and I have a beautiful daughter who I am so proud of

Her so called father has never paid child support. He is a very rich property developer and estimated to be worth 10 million he owns lots of property in uk and rents them out. I have fought this case with the csa for years and they have been absolutely useless. I have been to my mp I have written to the csa and complained I have informed Read more

Ex husband threw me and our daughter out of his home

March 24, 2012

Well were do i start? firstly my ex husband not only threw our daughter out but me also leaving us homeless but he took over my business which meant i was jobless too .After eventually getting a house and job i have now been diagnosed with a health issue which could mean i lose my job. I have taken the decision to use CSA as he has left me in debt and has not made ant contact with our daughter in the last 19 months.

CSA have ruled he has to make no payments as “He is paid in foreign currency”, however he works for a uk company and gets paid in English currency , has a bank account and pays uk taxes so what route can i use.If i go on benefits my daughter will loose out and he will have a whooping £75K per year to live on.This cant be right or fair.

Shared care yet ex gets money and wants more again

March 23, 2012

My husband has a son from a previous relationship and we share care with his mother. (182.5 nights a year to be precise!) 2 years ago my husbands ex partner decided to put a claim into the CSA! She gets the child benefit and tax credits and he son half the week yet she still wants more.

On Friday we received a liability order for arrears accrued by an assessment obtained through the national average for someone in my husbands profession in the area where we live despite having sent 7 copies of his tax returns, the first few they said they hadn’t received even though they cashed the cheques that were in the same envelopes! Then we eventually got letters acknowledging that they had received them and they still went ahead with the liability order. How can they do this, surely that is fraudulent and verging on a form of perjury?

CSA should be fair

March 23, 2012

The CSA is a joke, I appreciate that a parent should support his children, but at a fair rate. When my x wife divorced me for no good reason. I was told that custody would be given to the mother of my son, reluctantly I had to let my son go.I paid child maintainance from day one of him not living with me. CSA still got involved. After filling in all the paperwork telling them that I had my son every other weekend & one day in the week. nearly one year passed & a letter came from the CSA stating that I owed nearly £2000 in child maintainance. I phoned the Read more

Inappropriate Acceptance

March 22, 2012

My ex swore there was NO POSSIBILITY of her becoming pregnant. She offered to show documentation from doctors and specialists, but foolishly, I did not demand to see these. When she advised me she was pregnant, I made it abundantly clear I was not supportive of her continuing the pregnancy. SHE MADE THE DECISION TO GO AHEAD WITH THE PREGNANCY AGAINST MY WISHES. She has applied for child support.

The Blood Sucking Parasites have accepted her application. As a result, I have a Commonwealth Government department deducting child support payments every fortnight. I have challenged the decision, but my objection was unsuccessful. This is not acceptable! Surely it cannot be appropriate to continue to pay for a situation I had no say over. Doesn’t a man have any rights?

To my mind, when she made the decision to go ahead against my wishes, she assumed full responsibility for the child.

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