I want to live with my dad but my mum won’t let me

January 23, 2012

Im 17 years old and have lived with my mother since she split from my dad when I was just turning four. I haven’t had the best relationship with my mum although she sometimes thinks different! Begining of this year, I stayed with my dad for two weeks and didnt see my mum as we’d had a row, I have wanted to live with my dad for a few years now but im scared to tell my mum, also apparently she has a recidency order over me til I am 18 this november so I cant change where I live.

Personally I hate the whole csa because I feel thats the only reason my mum wants me living with her, as she does like money? I could do with a few answers? Email please?

Paying CSA with four children on file 3

January 23, 2012

Me and my husband have been together 10 years and he had a daughter with his previous partner. They split when she was 1 half years and she went to the CSA they was takeing £280 per month then she asked him to pay her £20 per week cash in hand he said no so she stopped him seeing his daughter.

We then got together and got married and went on to have four children. Firstly in 2007 we was told by the CSA we didnt have to pay nothing because my husbands wages Read more

CSA told me ‘be happy with what you get’

January 23, 2012

My ex ran off with another woman getting on for 3 years ago now, we have two children together. He is a company director earning £3000 per month net (probably more now but that was the amount 3 years ago), his pay slips only state £480 per month because he receives the rest in share dividends. When I applied to the CSA he sent in his payslips (stating only £480 per month) and they sent me a decision of £5 per week for both of my children.

My ex said that he would still give me £200 per month as he wanted to support his children (not much support if you ask me but anyway) – I got back in touch with the CSA telling them again of his director status, which I can proved with documents from Companies House and also some bank Read more

Does CSA take our overseas earnings into account?

January 23, 2012

We are currently paying for 2 children through the CSA as the non resident parent with no access to the children. We also have two children of our own. We will be moving abroad to Australia this year and will be renting out our house. We will be receiving no other income in the UK apart from the profit from this rental and will complete self assessment tax returns to prove this. Will the CSA take into account our earnings in Australia or just the earnings in the UK?

Many thanks

No money from my ex despite CSA being involved

January 23, 2012

My ex has been non compliant on 3 different occasions.  He didnt answer phone or respond to CSA correspondence.  He stopped making payments and i had to phone CSA and they are STILL chasing him and his alleged employer.  He changed his status to self employed then he was declared banrupt and his circumstances have allegedly changed but I am STILL waiting for the money.

What i am getting is an insult to our son. He has now had a child with the female he lives with and she has 4 to her ex husband. I am continually hitting my head of a brick wall and chasing CSA continually. Nothing is getting done fast and he continues to lead the lifestyle he does – run 2 nice cars – holiday to France – yeah very good!!!

Why can an investigation not be done on his lifestyle and i believe that this can be done.  I also believe that although he made himself bankrupt in July it takes him several months to decide that he is not going to make the pittance of a payment.  CSA are not getting the finger out to chase him and his past history of compliance does not give him any credit. I am at my wits end

CSA doubled my payments with no warning

January 22, 2012

I’ve been paying £120 for my child since 2006 s told by the CSA and last year the mother wanted a review as she had got herself into loads of debt. I was then informed by her that I had to pay £247, but not by the CSA, I had to call them! So I asked for a review myself and after sending them wage slips from Aug, Sept and Oct, where I was earning considerably less then the beginning of the year. I was then told again by the mother that it gone up again to £267 a month.

After speaking to the CSA I feel they have not answered any of my questions, like “Why has it increased so much in such a short space of time when my wages haven’t increased proportionally?” I’m a serving soldier based in Germany and happily married, and the extra £147 I’m supposed to be paying is generally spent on travelling back to the UK to see my child aswell as birthdays, Read more

Financial ruin because of CSA and money pinching EX

January 22, 2012

I have been happily paying £198 per month to the CSA to support my child and have been looking forward to her reaching 16 as this has put a lot of financial pressure on my new life, supporting a new family of 2 children.

I had changed my job which increased my wage by approx £1500 per year, my ex partner found out about this and notified the CSA, they assessed me again and requested £600 per month for 1 child. After a long battle with them we agreed to disagree on a figure of £315 p/month although all my housing cost have also gone up.

Anyway my point my daughter had turned 16 and left school, wow I thought time to get my life back on track, I called the CSA to see about Read more

My CSA Nightmare

January 21, 2012

I have a son who i have met once in 6 years. I was never seeing his mother but we had a one night stand and she became pregnant. I was informed she was pregnant a few months later by her mother. I will hold up my hands and say i panicked and i avoided the situation. I was only 22 and hadn’t a clue! I didnt hear anything from the CSA until after she had had him but by this time i was settled with someone who had two children and i was almost 25 by this time.

My partner at the time new abou the situation. I recieved a letter from the CSA but ignored it as again i panicked. I then split from my partner and met another wonderful woman who i now have a child with. At this time i was encountering some seriously bad problems and i was struggling as Read more

CSA case worker didn’t even call me back, and I’m the PWC!

January 21, 2012

I first opened a case against my daughters father in January 2010. when everything was set up I was told I’d get £157.09 a month. Everything was fine up until March 2011, my ex started making excuses to why he couldn’t pay.

I called up CSA numerous times and just got “We’ll put a note on it and get your case worker to call you back.” But no one ever did. When i called again on June 27th 2011 they said as my ex had failed to make payments and reply to warning letters they would set up a deduction of earnings order and not to call again until they contact me on some progress.

Come august I had not heard anything so I called again to check up on the progress and turns out that since that day in June they hadn’t even looked anymore into my case. In Septemper 2011 I managed to get my ex to Read more

CSA Robbers

January 20, 2012

My husband has an 11 year old son from a previous relationship.

He received a letter today saying he is £3000 in arrears!

They say his ex contacted them in 2010 to ask for a review of their case. They said they tried to contact my husband to advise his payments had gone up.

My husband has been in touch with the csa twice since 2010, once to advise of a chnage of address and the other to set up a direct debit for the payment but at no time did they mention there was arrears or that Read more

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