CSA have my money but will not pay me

January 26, 2012

After 4 years of evading the CSA (due to their sheer incompetance), my ex-husband was finally issued with an attachment-of-earnings order. I had received 4 payments and then in November, my usual payment date came and went, with no money.

I have had to telephone the CSA, regarding this matter, so many times over the last 2 and a half months – they never ring back and they fob me off and even lie…the short version is that because my ex’s employer recruited an external payroll agency to handle the wages, at the end of October; when the payments come in, they “do not recognise” who the money is from/for…bearing in Read more

PWC comfortable rich lifestyle compaired to NRP

January 26, 2012

Myself and my ex partner cohabited for 11 years we had 2 children and a house in both our names,mortgage was £40.000 which we both paid at the time.After 11 years my ex left the family home and started a new life with his now wife.

I was working part time and had to give up my job to look after my children at home and had to claim income support. My ex made child maintenance payments for the 11 years but as I was claiming income support the money was paid to the state and not to me. He legally didnt have to pay the mortgage and didnt give me one penny to bring up our children.

The house at the time was dropping to bits around us while he was very Read more

The CSA makes absent fathers

January 25, 2012

When my ex and I divorced, the financial settlement worked 70/30 in her favour, and the judge decreed that no further financial obligations on either part. For the last 3 years i have been mostly unemployed and have had my children with me for at least 100 nights of each year, more probably.

I moved back to Dundee last June and have continued to have my Read more

Security check failure and wrong maintenance assessment

January 25, 2012

Firstly an address that iv never lived at appeared on the CSA,s system, my case file to be exact. The CSA have sent letters to this address containing my personal information. I’ve complained to them about this and they told me that the address probably appeared on their system through another government agency. This is absolute rubbish as no other agency would have this information unless i gave it to them. I’ve never lived at this address, also its in another part of the UK. I asked the CSA ta send me all my personal data records dating Read more

3 years of constant messing around

January 24, 2012

Initial payments took 8 months to start, it took them 2 months to contact me ex then another six months sorting out the payments.

When i finally got the payments they were always irregular and when I called them about this they said they had not received the payments, I then contacted my ex whom spoke to his payroll and thay had been sending in the payments weekly yet the CSA claimed there were no payments coming in and they had checked all the systems, when I called them and informed them that my ex’s payroll have been sending in the money thay then miraculously found it yet they would not tell me where this was, I have always suspected that they hold the payments to earn interest in the bank.

I then got info about a year later that my ex was working extra hours so they did a reassessment in February 2011, I was ringing them from the June to ask where the extra Read more

Child Support Agency doesn’t pay money it collects

January 24, 2012

After months of waiting for CSA to get in touch with my ex-partner, they finally managed to have his wages garnished from end of July 2011. I got my first payment in September paid into a bank account that I had already told them I no longer used. The payments stopped coming and I contacted them in October and they told me that they had not recieved anything from my ex. Since there was a garnish order in place, noone thought about contacting my ex’s employers. In October my ex told my son that maintanance paymente were being deducted weekly from his wages. My ex-showed ny son his wage slips.

I called CSA and that’s when they started getting in touch with my ex-‘s employers. After a couple of calls to them, a cheque was finally send to them by my ex’s employers a week before xmas. When I contacted them about the payment around the 10th of January they told Read more

My complaint letter to the Child Support Agency

January 24, 2012

Dear Mr Jackson
Re letter ref: SNE BIS DE EMP WG1 TM4

I am writing to you regarding the above referenced letter that I received on 17 January 2012. I was extremely disappointed to receive this letter as it stated that I have not been in touch with you. This is simply not true.

I phoned you in May 2011 regarding the birth of my son with my wife Mrs McCauley. I was instructed in this phone call to contact you when I received the Child Benefit number. I phoned again in June 2011 to provide you with the Child Benefit number. I have yet to Read more

Lost my job due to CSA harassment at work

January 24, 2012

Today is a sad day! I have lost my job because of the CSA. Having worked hard in this country for 20 years always paying my way, getting a mortgage and no trouble with the law.

Then financial crisis 2008/9 hits. I was made redundant twice up to 2010 due to the industry I work (IT) companies started outsourcing.

I had built up debts of £££ trying to survive doing odd contract work. Then in Oct 2011, I had to register officially unemployed and degrading myself to try Read more

Disappointed the system is failing

January 24, 2012

I have had many dealings with the CSA which span’s from the early 90’s to the present day and none of which are anything more than disappointing for want of a better word. (Beat’s swearing) For a Government run agency that we the tax payers are paying, is a pretty poor service that’s certainly not benefiting the child (that’s putting it mildly).

When I first contacted the agency, it was slow to start, as was explained to me, being a NEW and fantastic scheme that would benefit the PWC and make the NRP Read more

Can you avoid the CSA if you become your own boss?

January 23, 2012

A lot of people ask on CSAhell.com about how they can avoid getting trapped by the Child Support Agency and their use of the DEO (deduction of earnings order) to take money from non-resident parents before they’re paid by their employers. The CSA likes to get money this way because it is quicker for them, requires less (or no) interaction with the NRP and the employers have to pay it under threat of bailiffs.

But what if you’re your own boss, can you avoid paying that way?

If you’re paid through PAYE under a limited company that you own then, even if you are your own boss, you’ll come under the rules of the DEO as well. A percentage of your money, complete with anything the CSA has added on for arrears, will need to be deducted from your PAYE before you receive any money.

You’re probably thinking about dividends now, aren’t you? This is one of the most popular ways that company directors take money out of their company because of the tax advantages they hold. You will pay less tax by paying yourself in dividends than you would by paying yourself through PAYE. However, as a company director this will still classified as earnings and the CSA can, and will, demand a share of this money also.

So what advantages are there for you to be your own boss? Well, one thing you can do is to reduce your personal outgoings by using them as business expenses. For example, any mileage consumed travelling to meet clients or customers can be offset against your self-assessment. Your mobile phone, which could cost upwards of £50 per month for a Smartphone, can be owned by the business – so you personally don’t need to pay for it. The CSA can’t touch any of that money. There are many other advantages to becoming your own boss and reducing what you have to pay the CSA by reducing what you need to live on, and reducing your visible income.

It just needs a little thought and investigation.

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