Not entitled to money from CSA as ex doesn’t work

November 29, 2011

I was married for 16yrs and had 3 children in the marriage. I divorced my husband in 2004 and have never recieved a penny in maintenance. He has refused to work (although I know he works cash in hand).He does not claim any benefits, lives with his parents rent free and meals provided.

He does not know how or if his children are being fed or clothed.

I contacted the CSA after the divorce and was told my children were not entitled to anything as he does not work. The CSA is a disgace he should be given a time limit in which Read more

CSA change in circumstances

November 29, 2011

I have been split from my ex husband for nearly 5 years now and we have 1 daughter together. He always seems to avoid paying anything for her and in the 4 years that i have had the csa onto him i have maybe received 8 months of money. The rest of the months he hasn’t paid a single penny. He is in total around £3500 in arrears, and the problem i am having at the moment is he has been in work since about the 20th June 2011 and always seems to change his circumstances just before the 12 week time scale is up. This has been ongoing now for 24 weeks and i have just been informed of him changing Read more

Phantom CSA debt that is ressurected every 12 to 18 months

November 29, 2011

I have 4 children, two from a previous relationship and I have an issue that keeps repeating every 12 to 18 months.. Basically the CSA contact me saying I owe them arrears… They cant tell me where the arrears have come from, they cant explain why they were not there in March when I had a reassessment and I have not missed a payment since.

They dont know who where why they where applied in August without contacting me… I know where the issue arises and I explain this every year, which they ask me to provide proof of… Basically when the case was started around 10- 11 years ago my ex partner lied about contact & voluntary payments I made to her… Also the CSA messed up my claim, first opening two identical cases then closing both instead of just one and couldnt for some reason sort it out… It took months for them to correct my case & restart it correctly…

They then claimed I owed them the money my ex claimed I hadnt paid her plus assessed my case on incorrect contact details… I appealed following the correct proceedure and provided evidence of my ex partners lies… Contact diaries Id kept plus bank statements detailing voluntary payments made… The CSA found in my favour at the appeal and i recieved a letter stating such…

I have never missed a payment since… complied with all thier requests some of which have been in my opinion excessive since… However in either 2007/ 2008 I had a call from the complaints/ debt department saying I owed them thousands of pounds…. where from they didnt know, why they didnt know, just that their computer system said i owed it so I , threatened me with court orders and that they would deduct it straight from my wages if I didnt comply with a payment schedule… I challenged this and went through months of stress, inconvenience, threats etc… to finally have a case worker say they were asking for my paper files and that they would be in contact…. No more contact from CSA…. i contact them, debt gone from account everything OK, dont know what has happened blah blah blah… no furthger contact & i dont miss a payment…. 12 months later…. same phone call, same threats, same conversations, same stress, same outcome…. somebody there must come accross paperwork showing I dont owe money & it disappears from system & no more contact…. I continue to make payments….. 12 months later same call from same number same outcome….. was reassessed end of 2010/ start 2011…. again problems with competence & it took 6 months of sending in payslips, resending them, we need another, we need another….

Then my assessment was complete and my payments reduced due to increased contact …. I didnt ever get any paperwork/ letter confirming new schedule, as has happened before, I changed the payment myself to what was verbally confirmed by case worker and have not missed a payment since… contacted them to ask for schedule on many occasions and nothing ever turned up… Then yesterday the same old phonecall from the same old number… I missed it but called regular number… They confirmed that the call was due to underpayment of contribution since August when new payment schedule was put in place due to thousands of pounds I owe them…..

Same old conversation followed by me making official complint to supervisor who couldnt tell me anything or see where the debt was from just that it appeared in August, wasnt there in March wen reassessment occured and that i will now have to write to them to dispute the debt which I have done before and will have to provide documentay proof again that I dont owe the debt….. Im at my whits end with these people.. any advice would be much appreciated…

I would like some legal advice but please not from ambulance chasers who just want to empty my wallet.. Thanks Also they have sent me absolutely no paperwork detailing any previous resolutions but they do have details of me contacting them before relating to this matter

No money to pay the CSA and look after my child

November 29, 2011

I’ve been made to feel like a criminal in the respect that my estranged wife and I do not live in the same house anymore. This was just affecting my health and she was actually being pyshically abusive to me. So that there would be no more drama, I moved out and constantly see my two children.

I’ve always made sure each child has around £200-250 per month from me in cash, so that they do not struggle since I’ve left home. My ex wife persists to want more money from me. Since then she has managed to open the mail that slipped through my redirection, opened up my payslip and sent it to the CSA, who have not responded to any of my letters, they’ve just bombarded me with forceful letters demanding that I pay back payment for my son who is 16 yrs old.

I know that my son will NEVER benefit from any of the captured money, as his Mum will just spend it on herself or travelling back and forth from Nigeria. My son even has begged Read more

CSA demands and no contact with kids for 12 years

November 29, 2011

17 years ago my wife at the time and I had our first child, a boy. 18 months later we had another boy. The marriage broke down around 1997. We went to court to sort out maintenaince and contact arrangements. I was granted at the time what was called “reasonable access” I had the boys every weekend for the day. A time I cherished. Then one day, I went to call to pick up the boys and they and the ex had moved. Not just from the flat they were in but from the town. No forwarding address was given, her family would not give me any details. I remarried in 1999.

I had a phone call from the CSA 2 years into the marriage(I don’t know how they got my number!) They told me that I had to start paying for the kids, a fact from day one I had never denied. However at this point I had not seen my boys for almost four years. SO I told the CSA to tell my ex that I would NOT pay unless I could see my kids as per the original arrangement. I was told that I Read more

CSA hounded my husband for money he can’t afford

November 29, 2011

My husband has a child as a result of a one night stand, the mother is fraudently claiming every benefit going when she has a partner living with her who isn’t meant to and doesnt even have the child living with her and hasnt done for approx 4 years.

Yet the csa have hounded my husband for years, they are now taking £390 per month out of his wages leaving us with not enough money to cover our bills. They dont mind taking all of that for one child but they are quite happy to leave our two children living with nothing.

When the csa were questioned about the further education the child is supposed to be in and whether or not they looked in to the actual attendance of the child because really any one can put their name to a course and not bother going, they dont care about that they just look to see if there is a child benefit claim being made!!! Unbeleivable they are quick to take your money but they wont listen to your side or the cirumstances the whole set up is a joke.

And to add insult to injury my husband received a letter wanting maintenance for another of her children that isnt even his and not so much as an apology no doubt it was a system error.

CSA System does not work

November 29, 2011

I have seen many cases whereby the lone and the absent parent seem to battle between each other whom is the better off financially. For myself, who is a absent parent pays over £500 pcm on a single child and unfortunately due to that fact cannot no longer afford travel costs to keep contact with the child. I do believe however the system should be fair to both parents – but the real issue is that contact and maintenance are never linked together in a Read more

Hounded by CSA for large sum of money

November 29, 2011

My husband is being hounded by the csa for a very large sum, Which they claim he owes yet they have no proof what-so-ever of any earnings. They have worked out their figures based upon the say so of his ex wife. When my husband was initially contacted by the csa he did everything correctly all forms was completed and evidence of income submitted. At this time he was registered unemployed and forwarded the relevant paperwork as proof.

The reason he was unemployed is that his ex caused many problems with his boss at the time of their separation and as a result he was asked to leave Read more

Forced to pay £1200 in arrears even though I was out of work

November 28, 2011

I have had a claim through the CSA running since October 2010. When the claim began I had just lost my job and so was not earning any money. I explained this to them over and over again. I was paying cash Direct to my Ex partner from this date until April. I was on Job seekers allowance from Jan until April. So along with the £600 I paid direct (with receipts) to her she was also getting £5 a week through that.

I have now been told that I have still pay £50 per week back dated until when the claim began. This is a debt of over £1200. This is money that I find nearly impossible to pay. They are asking for another £250 a month on Read more

Why should I pay for someone else’s lifestyle?

November 28, 2011

I’m a single dad with a 6 year old son. His mother left us a few years back and I’ve been doing this on my own. She pays me NOTHING in child support. It’s all on my income and very little help from Centrelink.

So, a year or so ago, I got onto an Internet dating site. I met a female who made it clear she was on the pill. I used a condom.

After two dates, it was immediately apparent to me that this woman was only quizzing me about my income and my net wealth. She wasn’t interested in me and had no interest in my son. She just wanted to know if I was a ‘good candidate’. I stopped seeing her or contacting her at once.

Six weeks later, she called me and said she was pregnant. I offered to pay Read more

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