Agreement with ex but CSA wants more money again

May 27, 2011

I have had a private arrangment with my ex for years. As and when each of my children has reached 18 or left full time education under mutual agreement with my ex, I HAVE STOPPED PAYING FOR THAT CHILD. I have just recieved a letter from the CSA saying I owe them “18,000” The reason for this is that i should have been paying the monthly money to them and not dirctly to my ex. All the time we have had this agreement with the CSA aware of the situation, not once have they told me that i need to pay them.

They are now saying they will tkae me to court for the money. I dont have it and as my circumstances have changed for the worst i cant afford to pay the 350.00 per month they want to clear this money owed. What can i do please help.

Paying privately but the CSA wants the money all over again

May 26, 2011

My ex and I split up 17 years ago when my daughter was 3. Up until she came to live with me when she was 16, I paid my ex £50 per week as agreed privately between us. The ex was working at the time. A couple of years later she got married and started claiming Social Security with her new husband and it’s since been found out she didn’t declare the £50. After a bit of an arguement one day the ex decided to report me to the CSA! Since then they have been chasing me and despite numerous phone calls telling them my side of the story they still are demanding £25000. I was able to send them bank statements proving I was making weekly payments to the ex but foolishly when my daughter was 13 Read more

Man hit with £34,000 bill by the Child Support Agency

May 26, 2011

A man, who only found out that he fathered a son thirteen years later, is being ordered to pay £34,000 to the Canadian Child Support Agency by the courts.

Adrian Haddon, 37, of Bowness Avenue in Thornton, said he was completely stunned when Lancashire police arrested him on the orders of Canadian officials where his son lives. They are claiming that he owes a total of £34,402 in Read more

A call for change for the Child Support Agency

May 26, 2011

I am writing this as a father that is at a loss with the way that families are viewed in this country. I am 28 years old and have a 5 year old daughter that I have contact with 3 weekends out of every 4 weekends. My Daughter has been on the at risk register due to neglect from her mother and lived with me on a full time basis for 3 months before social workers decided that everything was fine back with her mum and that my Daughter could be returned. Since that time, I sit and listen to my Daughter, every single weekend that I have her, asking to stay with me or at the very least get extra days with me. I have brought up this issue with my Daughter’s Mother but she is unwilling to accept that my Daughter even wants this to happen and as such is not allowing this to happen so far.

Since March 2010 I have been making monthly payments to the CSA after previously paying privately on a monthly basis. I am on a low income working as a telesales advisor and the maintenance payments are financially crippling me and my household. I walk away with £700 a month and am expected to pay nearly £200 in maintenance. I also travel 240 miles twice a week, on the weeks when I see my daughter, which costs an extra £40 a week. I then buy all of my Daughter’s clothes, food and toys for when she is with me. Where as the standard amount deducted from the NRP is between 15% and 25%, I actually end up paying over 65% of my total disposible income on my Read more

CSA has miscalculated my payments, what can I do?

May 25, 2011

From a period of unemployent where the csa was taking a minimum deduction of £5 per week from my benefits, I decided to return to self employment. As an incentive and assistance to developing my own business I received a start up increase of weekly payments for a period of something like 13 weeks.

During this period of starting up self employment, I was in communication with my ex wife who consistently complained that she needed money and had not received any money via the CSA even when ~I was on unemployment benefit. Obviously I listened and thought that I should help and give what I can to assist with my 2 children.

Any payments made direct to her only confused the CSA. I was wrongly under the impression that ‘we’ were going to arrange maintenance between ourselves. After much confusion, delay, and correspondence I came round Read more

Nothing from CSA in two years, then the bailiffs came

May 25, 2011

I am being asked to pay arrears to the CSA for my son who is almost 26, working as a solicitor and earning more money than I do.
I repeatedly asked the CSA for a breakdown of the money i allegedly owed. My request is written in the case papers by a CSA officer back in October 2008.

I never heard anything and two years ago I stopped making the payments – I informed the CSA I was doing so. I heard nothing and foolishly believed it was all over. Closure at last.

Then in February 2011, I received a letter from a firm of bailiffs saying unless i paid £5,000 immediately Read more

CSA has been into my bank account

May 24, 2011

I have been paying now for 3 years and my ex will not let me see my children I left her a 180,000 house and a car and even took them to Florida on holiday as a final for my children then when my new partner came along she stopped me seeing my children. I arranged for the CSA to take my payments out of my wages so when it was gone it was gone and over the christmas and new year I was on shift as I work 4 on 4 off and they paid treble time, now I have been hit with 1010 arrears because of my shift pattern which was not my fault, I then was told yesterday Read more

Taking 20% of my partner’s children’s child tax credits

May 24, 2011

I worked with a take home salary of £200 a week. I paid £45.00 to the CSA by way of child main. for my previous two children whose mother broke every court order and lied to the court to keep me away from them. I paid this regularly through my salary each week. I then received a reassessment from the CSA which said I had to pay an extra £30.00 – 20% of my partner’s own children’s child tax credits!!!

This meant my ex partner received 100% of our children’s child tax credits and 20% of another woman’s children’s tax credits for four children!!! I was only given an allowance in the assessment for 3 children which made the assessment ludicrous. The CSA also could Read more

Fled from domestic abuse now being hounded by the CSA

May 23, 2011

Help. I’m currently seeing someone who fled her abusive husband, but she didn’t take her kids as he threatened to kill them (and her) if she tried to take them. After a messy divorce and residency hearing he has been given residency of them.

Children Services haven’t helped her get to see the kids at all and now she’s being chased by the CSA. He’s a drug addict and we both doubt the kids are living with him (we think they live at his Nan’s), but he’s still demanding CSA payments.

Is there a way around this by paying into a trust fund, or similar, that would be documented so the CSA can see that money is being paid for the children’s welfare but not going to the workshy drug addict of an ex husband?

CSA never returns my calls

May 23, 2011

You wont be surprised….

In November 2008 a representative from the CSA and I attended court in Brighton. On this date an application was made for me to repay arrears to the sum of £5002.04. The money immediately started to be repaid by way of deduction from earnings as of December 2008 at roughly £300 per month. Approximately six weeks ago end of March 2011 I called the CSA thinking it was strange that the arrears had not been repaid in full and asked what the remaining arrears total was. To my alarm and the surprise of the call taker the sum remained at £5002.04. I have been promised on three occasions a manager would return my call but this hasn’t happened.

The CSA seem to be more than happy that £5000 has gone into the system and lost without a trace. They are giving me the old rules new rules speech but I am now and have been for a long time new rules hence the arrears being calculated.

This is still on going and I am waiting for them to call me in the morning (again). Wish me luck!

Kind regards


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