Paid CSA for two years yet they are taking me to court anyway

April 20, 2011

The CSA are worse than useless! I have been paying maintenance for two years (with copies of all BACs payments) yet they have now sent me notification that they are taking me to court for non payment! Really?? Maybe this is because the CSA do not have a clue what is going on, each and every time I call them I have to speak to 3 or 4 different departments (all in different areas of the country) only to be passed back to the first department.

I would love to know how they have been allowed to continue as a profitable organisation for so long?!?

Couple forced to pay maintenance to surrogate mother

April 20, 2011

broken hearted coupleA couple who opted for using a surrogate mother to have a child after they discovered they couldn’t have one on their own have been ordered by the Child Support Agency to pay her just under £600 a month after she refused to give up the child.

The couple found the woman on a website, where women offered their services as surrogate mothers, and paid her £10,000 in expenses to carry the child. Mid-way through the pregnancy however, the single mother of two decided she wanted to keep the baby, rather than give it up. A judge ordered that the woman could keep the child after a very prolonged, bitter and highly difficult court battle (which lasted for 6 months Read more

Ex and daughter still lives with me, yet CSA wants money!

April 20, 2011

I was called by csa requesting money 39pounds a week.

I’ve just been through a messy divorce with finances to be settled ie, house!. My daughter still lives at home with me and her mother, which i pointed out. Forms were filled out stating my out goings with bank statements, and that i provided equally for my child, i see this as a act of the ex to get back at me.

I told them how can you calulate any thing properly bearing in mind the current situation? csa responded by saying this is correct and that it must paid, including arrears, demanding credit card payment. I refused as wasnt going to Read more

Working abroad is causing problems between me and my ex

April 19, 2011

I currently work in a foreign country on a 2 year contract with an American MNC, and am more than happy to pay child care towards my 2 children (which i have been doing at present).

However, there seems to be a delay from sending the money from my Malaysian bank account and the receiving account from my ex in the UK. This is causing issues between us, and therfore bad relations are starting to appear.

Therefore i would like an intermediary to be involved to keep the payments fair Read more

Ex refuses to let me see my daughter

April 19, 2011

in 2003 after 8 years of marriage we were at home on a sunday evening and my wife out of the blue says i dont love you anymore and want you to go. i asked why several times but got no answer. so in following week i left things were ok to start with i was allowed by my ex to see my daughter once a week.

Then in Jan for some reason my wife said that my daughter did not want to see me anymore this was because my ex had made up some story to poison my daughters mind into thinking i was someone evil when really it was because my ex wife was seeing someone else and did not want my daughter telling me about this. at this time my daughter was 6 years old.

My daughter is now 12 years old and i have not seen her for 6 years. i went through all the court procedures until in the end i had to give up because of the expense of solicitors and court costs not to mention all the backpay i Read more

Ex’s abusive new girlfriend scares my son

April 18, 2011

I have a two year old son and split up with dad when i was 3 months pregnant. I have on a few accassions called police on him when i was pregnant for threatening behaviour including i was going to have a termanation but he threatened to kill my other daughter. And after he pleaded for me to keep child and promised he would pay and be a good dad i kept the child.

As this was his first baby.Time went on and he was contacted at the birth and i allowed him to come and visit the baby at mine. He gladly meet another girl and had a baby with her a few months later. I had no problem with this i started to allow the dad and girlfreind to take my son out of my care for a day once a week. Well i can not begin to tell you how they both critized me every single time they bought him home to a point i ended up putting my son in nappies that were to big to keep the peace.

Then one morning they had sent police to my house to search my son for bruises, i got four letters written up doctors, health visiter, and baby clinic to fight for me in defence of there alligations, the police were very angry with them to have waisted police time four months of abuse went by and alot of this was the new girlfriend. I took it to solisitors and before a court case was Read more

CSA takes every bit of overtime I earn

April 18, 2011

Hi all just found this website and finally it feels like i am not alone.

I pay the csa 37% of my wages every month for my three children and recently have been suffering with a long term knee injury where i cant work a whole month. I have a disabled girlfriend and dont get paid sick pay, and it appears when i dont earn enough to make the payments no money goes to the children from the csa but they put it on my back pay.

Also i have noticed that everytime i do overtime or get a bonus the csa takes it all. This seems really unfair as my ex earns more than i do has the big house and has a partner that lives with her and they take none of this into account.

Just thought i would share it with you all i know i need to pay for my kids just seems unfair that the ones that want to pay get taken for a ride

Payments stopped but CSA came back for more

April 17, 2011

I have paid the CSA for a number of Years for my two children.

My son is now 22 and my daughter nearly 21 and in Uni. I finished paying CSA when My daughter was 19 and in Uni.

I received a letter from the CSA to say my payments were at an end and to pay £16 for the final balance. I sent a cheque for that amout then month later I get a letter to say I owe £680. with a statement from 2006. I sent in a letter to complain about this and not heared anything untill today requesting the payment again.

Can anyone help please?

CSA taking money when I have a private arrangement

April 17, 2011

I recieved a letter 3wks ago saying £6:50 a wk was gettin took out of my money when me & my mother have a private agreement as they live next door.

I bought horses for my daughter, which is a ongoing expense. She gets games wily nily, christmas, birthdays. I could go on.

Anyway I rang the csa who told me my mother had to ring & cancell the case witch she tried, & i say tried to. They gave us another phone no, they didnt have us on file so we rang first no again, then they started talking about my brother who is 24. Then they said it was somebody else who was paying that was the childs grandfather, not the father.

Do the csa no what the hell they are doing? They should scrap the old way as ive been paying for a year but nobody told me &i never relised till now $ cant claim back.

THE CHARLETANS anybody agree?

Ex wife changing her mind and asking CSA

April 16, 2011

A year ago, my partner’s ex-wife contacted the CSA as he wasn’t paying for his daughters (as we had financial difficulties at the time)- he promised to start paying money as soon as the situation improved.

Then the next thing we got a letter from the CSA. After many arguments, the ex-wife agreed to private payments from my partner (as she would get more money from him privately than through the CSA!!) Then she recently changed her mind and decided she wants to go through the CSA again.

Can she do this?

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