Does the CSA account for families below the poverty threshold?

April 25, 2011

Not so much of a story but a question – I am married with two kids, I am unemployed and have a small pension. The poverty threshold for a family of mine is a little over £300 per week. If I am in the poverty brackets then how can the CSA take anything from me or is it just a classic case of them making it up as they go along? Just add another whinge. . . . I notice how there are more people getting done over than ever before and it doesn’t even get any where near the daily news wether it be papers or TV.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to a reply, Paul.

Do my pension costs affect my CSA payment?

April 25, 2011

I have set up additional payments into my company pension fund, as it would not achieve its full potential. I got confirmation from the pension company as to the new amounts being paid in. Sent this info to CSA, as I am on Cs1 rules and asked for a new assessment.

I have been told by the Csa that any change in outgoings over £10 per week have to be taken into account. I had a phone call from them today saying assessment to stay the same, as it does not change anything. I explained that i had been told other Read more

Not even sure if the child is mine – what should I do?

April 24, 2011

I met the mother of what seems to be my son at in June 2010 after a painful devorce from my wife in 2009.

She is a Lithuanian, from birth but was married to an English man, so has permanent UK residency. All seemed well at first, until I found out that she was still married to her husband, and had been trying for a child for the last ten years, with multiple failed IVF treatments, this and other concerns made me end the relationship in the end of July 2010.

By mid June 2011 I received a txt photo of a baby, I called her to find out that she gave birth to a baby boy Read more

How can I prove the income of my ex husband?

April 24, 2011

My ex is self employed. CSA gave him a calculation as he wouldnt provide evidence of income.

He is now apealing against it and says he has financial hardship. CSA have advised no accounts with inland revnue so it will be up to me to provide evidence.

Still on joint mortgage with him for marital home so thought ok will ask for mortgage statement proving he is paying a mortgage of over 1500 per mnth so must therefore have income.

Northern Rock will not send me a mortgage statement unless he authorises me to have one. Left the marital home after he tried to kill me and he has made my life hell ever since. Life sucks and there is no help out there. How the hell can i prove his icome?

CSA needs to be shut down

April 23, 2011

I have paid my ex £200 per month for over 10 years.

On Feb 11th the CSA wrote and said i’m finished because my child is 19. I think woo hoo some spare cash.

In April I get a letter saying CSA are stealing £640 per month to clear arrears, and its direct from my wages even though I dont have any arrears and no one ever tells you how this is happening.

Now I stand to lose my house and job, but thats fine by them. Even my 16 year old who lives with me will have to starve.


Complaining to the CSA does work eventually

April 23, 2011

I have been with the csa for over three years and it is the biggest farce ever.

You get the odd worker who actually does do the job asked of them but as for 48 hour call backs they may as well say 48 weeks! I now resort to sending Iian Duncan smith an e-mail at the department of work and pensions {address on website}. I’m then referred into the complaints team and they are fantastic, they take no shit from either parties and its usually resolved in a matter of weeks.

My best was the normal case worker I had was trying to resolve a problem fro me for 8months, no Read more

How do I complain to the CSA

April 22, 2011

My daughter is now 18 and has a child of her own. The CSA kept taking money from me even after she left education, even though she never went to college as her mother claimed. I have complained that I am entitled to the 2 years money refunded but they pass me from department to department.

How and who do I complain to?


Can I appeal against the CSA’s decision?

April 22, 2011

I have been turned down for an advance payment of arrears because they say there is no payment pattern.

Payments are via D.O.E. It has been an arrears only case since september 2010, if the employer doesnt use the correct reference number then the payment drops onto another screen and has to be manualy moved, wich causes delays in me getting the payment.

Also i thought it was a percentage of NRP wages that was taken, not a set amount?

Although i have been getting payments for a year now the reasons above are why it isnt a payment pattern. Can i appeal against the decision or is there anything i can do. Arrears are aprox £16k

My partner’s ex lies and reduces nights to get more money

April 21, 2011

My parnter willinly pays maintenance for his 9 year old daughter, we have a one year old and my 10 ten year old that live with us.
his ex knows how to play the system and is reducing the no of nights we have her now, so she gets more money from us, even though we are struggling as im out of work and we live on my parnters £17k a year, thats it.

She and her new husband both work full time and earn good money in the police force and are constantly on Read more

Getting hold of my CSA case worker

April 21, 2011

Like all the rest i read and watch here, i have been informed i owe £25k then £7k then its all been stopped but i owe the sectary of state £6k???

I then got a phone call 18 months ago telling me a case from 18 years ago in where i was none compliant (how can i be compliant in a case i know nothing about) and they now take 270 a month from me!! This was 18 months ago and i have phoned them 46 times since then asking how, why and where they got this info from. They told me they sent me 34 letters in 1994 and i never replied…. when i asked where they was sent the replied we dont know…….. but u never answered…..

I have now had 5 letters each time telling me that (it takes upto 12 weeks) that they looking into the case. When i phone and get the tits (sorry wankers) on the phone and ask to speak to my case worker i am told they are unavailable and what do i want!!

When u explain you are told there is nothing else they can do so why r u phoning… i have Read more

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