Paying CSA while child is in care and ex keeps money

December 26, 2010

I found out in august 2009 i was a father to a 13 yr old girl.

I had no contact with the mother in all those years and was suprised after a dna test i was the father. I started to pay the csa in septenber 2009 then in december 2009 if found out the child was in care and hadnt lived with the mother for sometime.

I informed the csa of this but they wernt intrested. It took me a year of gathering evidence and information until they finaly closed my case in september this year, even though im still paying arrears until december i5 2010!

I asked if id get any money back as ive paid the mother this money for over a year and she never had care of the child so the child has never benefited from the money ive paid, but the csa are refusing to refund me any money even though they know now the child was in care all the time i was paying.

I feel this is very unfair. Why i have paid the mother who has put her child into care? Please could you advise, thank yo?

CSA says I owe money due to overpayment

December 26, 2010

Having read several of the stories on the website, I just wanted to add my experience to the debate.

I have had dealings with the csa for 10 years now. I have 4 children (just 2 left on the case) and I am the pwc, all 4 children have the same dad.

When I left after 15 yrs I was forced to claim income support as I had no home, no money and the 4 kids with me.

That automatically kicked off the whole csa ball rolling. I was awarded maintenance of their reckoning and went with the flow, after all he had the house and everything in it as well as a service pension and a high powered job in London, so I was grateful for whatever they regarded as my entitlement for the childrens sake.

It took them 3 years and the loss of all case notes in an office move to fully implement the payments. These only began after my local Mp became involved, on advise from the cab. from then until 2007 I was paid fairly regularly the same amount each month. Then I received a letter from the csa 18mths ago stating that I had been overpaid and my payments were to reduce, when after a further 6 mths the payments werent reduced I rang the csa to enquire as to what was happening, they assured me they would be issuing me with the reduced Read more

CSA case closed, now ex partner has lodged a new case

December 25, 2010

I have been paying the csa for the past 18 years. in September 2010 i was relieved that the final payment was paid. I recieved a letter to say that the case was now closed and no further payments were required. On the 8th december 2010 i have recieved a pack from the CSA asking for information regarding pay slips etc. As my daughter will be 19 in March it would work out to 4 payments.

However this is on the new rules of 15%, I told the csa about the case being closed and they said ” my ex partner has applied for a new case”and that they have to ask my to comply to the information they require. What i don’t understand is that if the case was closed surely they cannot open a new case.

Please help i’m at the end of my tether.

CSA wants more money from me for one child than I get for two!

December 25, 2010

My eldest daughter went to live with my ex in April. For the past eight or so months he was regularly paying maintenance but reduced the amount to account for my eldest. The CSA have contacted me to tell me that he is applying for me to pay him maitenance for my eldest, despite having his other two daughters living at home with me. The CSA also told me that he had 14,000 arrears with them and when I became upset they told me to apply for an offset when I have been assessed.

They have since told him that he does not have a debt. I am looking at paying 210 per month for one child and he is looking at paying 140 for two. Prior to the eight month period mentioned earlier he didn’t pay maintenance and the CSA never pursued him. I get Child Tax credits for my other two daughters. So my questions are, is an offset application worthwhile? And do they class my CTC as income?

Kind regards

Do we have to apply a deductions of earnings order?

December 24, 2010

I have a small company of 4 employees.
We have been sent a deductions order and threatened with legal action if we do not comply with the order.

The employee in question (Father) is in/out of court fighting for full custody as his ex has a several social problems meaning the child does not get proper care in her home. Somethng I have seen first hand.

He cannot afford the drop in wages we cannot afford the legal threat.
What’s left open to us. if he leaves we are looking at a very difficult time as he is a key worker in our small team.

The boy would be better off with his father but no one is listening!!!!

CSA arrears are too high for me

December 24, 2010

I recently contacted the csa about the amount of child support they were asking for my two girls which was £80.00 a week plus arrears to be added on top.

After a long drawn out process i got it down to £33.00 a week,£132.00 a month which i find managable considering i only bring home £850.00 a month. But they are taking £250.00 off me and leaving me with £600.00 to live on.

I really can’t afford this and have asked them to review this but they dont want to know. As a result of this i’m unable to make ends meet as have since been on medication for depression and has driven me to a suicide attempt but yet the csa didnt seem to care when i explained this.

CSA caused my partner to take an overdose

December 23, 2010

The CSA have put an attachment of earnings order on my partner…it does not leave us enough to live on and we cannot pay our bills ..we wont be celebrating Xmas …we both work FT. He has tried talking to them and has written to them outlining all his outgoings,utilities, council tax.

We havent eaten for 2 days as we have no money to buy any food. I got home early from work today to find he had taken an overdose of animal tranquilizers he is so desperate he feels if he was dead they will leave him alone and I wont be suffering as he sees it with the burden of not being able to afford to live..

They have been very rude and told him to get an extra job but that they will take more money then ..I rang them tonight and spoke to a manager called Phillip who was a decent person and is calling us me back on Weds . My partner sent them a letter last week with more information on his outgoings but while they have told him it is on the system as having been received they cannot now find it …he doesnt object to paying but we cannot afford to live now and to find him having taken an overdose as a result of all this was awful and I just dont know what to do.

CSA ask me to pay 10 grand over the phone

December 23, 2010

Basically this has been gonig on for about 4 years and i still have’nt managed to sort out a regular payment, it started back in about dec 06 when i sent them my payslips and received a letter in jan 07 telling me i have to pay £20 a omnth so i rang them up gave them my bank details and then thought nothing of it.

I then receive a letter in oct 07 asking me why i have not paid anything so i ring thme again and give thme my bank details again and think nothing of it then in june 08 they take £500 fron my account and i contact them askin what is goin on and they say that is what i have to pay each month so i tell them that i’am unaware of this and i have received no letters and then ask for a re-assessment.

Then in mar 09 i receive a letter telling me i dont have to pay anything so i think nothing of it and again in nov 09 i receive another letter telling me i dont have to pay anything so again i think nothing of it. then in mar/april 10 i receive letter askin why i have’nt payed Read more

CSA debt collector demanded money be paid instantly

December 22, 2010

Please would someone be so kind to give us some advice?

My case started in 1999 for a child that i told wasn’t mine. So refused to pay and tried to avoid all contact with the csa. After a few years i was convinced the child was mine and had regular contact. Gave the mother of my child large sums of money, paid for my exs family holidays, household goods, clothes etc. She was on benefits and told me she wouldnt receive any benefit if i paid the csa. I didnt know too much about the csa at that point.

Anyway, i now have a new partner, another child of my own and 3 step children. I have a mortgage of £150k. House worth £203k. Earn £30k a yr. I’ve been landed with a £27k arrears to the csa?! It was passed on to eversheds/fairfax and i was paying £100 a month until my Read more

Why won’t the CSA hand over my money?

December 22, 2010

I cannot begin to explain how absolutely sick and tired I am of the CSA.

I have now been dealing with them for 10 years and they are the bane of my life. Initially they were unable to get themselves organised enough to obtain any moeny from my ex-husband.

Finally, after about 7 years they managed to pin him down. By this point he owed me in the region of £18K. He agreed to a voluntary deduction of earnings of £420 per month – £390 for maintenance, £30 for arrears. Simple, you’d think. CSA take the money from him, CSA pay the money Read more

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