CSA say I owe them arrears – but children lived with me!

April 26, 2010

I was a lone parent father raising my two teenage sons;  my daughter came also to live with me. The CSA tried to claim from my ex as although I was working I had some other reason that the csa became involved. May have been child tax credit or child benefit, not quite sure.

Anyway although my ex ran a large pub which was very busy, she apparently was not earning enough to pay any money toward her children’s upkeep, to me via the csa. As all my children all lived with me, the csa sent me a letter in 2004 to say that my case is closed and that I need not make any further payments to my ex for my daughter. I think I was paying about £80 a week until my daughter moved in with me.

About 6 months later my daughter went back to live with her mother.

Many years later in 2008 I received a letter from the new version of the csa who presented me with Read more

CSA pay my money to wrong person

April 25, 2010

I have one daughter aged 9. Since she was 5 I have been attempting to get child support from my ex husband. Approximately 15 months ago they managed (after 3.5 years) to place a DEO on his salary (he gets paid in the region of 40,000 PA)for £389 per month. As you can imagine I was elated-this was short lived as since thyen they have only paid me on a couple of occasions, however, they have taken the money from my ex’s wages every month!!

I have spoken tom at least 15 different people regrding this and on one occasion was told that my money had been paid to someone else in error… when I asked would I get this money back I was told NO.

I asked to speak to a supervisor (which I have on many occasions) but was refused access to one. By my calculations the CSAhave now taken approximately £4000 from my ex – noone seems to know where this money has gone and they Read more

CSA want my wage slips for my partner’s Ex!

April 25, 2010

My hubby has paid csa for 10years through a deo, now they have asked for my wages. What a joke – they’re not even my kids!!!

i have my own daughter to see to and no 1 ever helped me when i was a single mother with child support. What i want to know is can they take my wages in to account the form they sent out i have refused to give them my details? If they want my details they can ask me, not my husband, what a cheek they have. They are a bunch of idiots, they have harrased us for years and now i am off work sick as a result of the stress they are causing – not to mention the pressure they are putting on my marriage but as other people on here say, they dont casre.

They are extreemly ignorant when they phone and ver arrogant and dont care what outgoings you have, im just sick of all of them, i will wait and see if they write and ask me for my information. If they do i will still refuse to give it out, after all we are paying £150 per week as it is. while the parent with care sits on her arse and has another 4 children with somone else what a joke !!!!

PWC restricting my access to get more CSA money

April 24, 2010

I received a csa form this was totally out of the blue, as my ex and i had a private agreement that i would pay for the kids i would buy them whatever they needed. bearing in mind one of the children wasnt even biologically mine but i adore him. my ex still put on the csa form that i am the biological parent and they want to take 20% of my earnings

this is just another long list of things my ex keeps coming uop with, we have been broken up nearly 4 years but each year she does something, ie, stopping access for no reason just been a bitch as usual. i am still paying the £2500 solicitors bill from last year thanks to my ex stopping contact once again. its a never ending battle with her.

i have been told by my ex that if i do not tell the csa i am both children’s bioligical parent i will not see them ever again.

i have had to obtain legal advice once again costing me more money, i have been reassured by my solicitor that this coiuld not happen.

however , i tried to get a private agreement using child Read more

CSA is just supporting workshy free loaders

April 24, 2010

My partner has just recieved a bill from the csa with arrears attached, for a child that was produced from a 2 night stand. he had no say in wether he wanted a child or not.

The woman in question has now got 3 kids to 3 different fathers. she is on the dole and gets her rent, council tax, free school meals, prescriptions etc., payed for her by the taxpayers of this country. Yet she has the audacity to say she is struggling to look after 3 kids on a low income. It makes my blood boil. women like this should be made to pay for their kids themselves. Now my partner is Read more

Lost my employer’s trust because of CSA mistake

April 23, 2010

Recently my CSA payment went from £40 per week to £189 per week. Without my earnings going up by this much. Unfortunately I am on the old system so the 15% rule doesn’t apply to me.

I queries many of the calculations on this with the CSA. Travel to work allowances for over 150 miles per week have been declined – I travel 120 miles per DAY. So reluctantly I gave in and changed my standing order to the new value. Yes it does mean my house it at risk as I may miss mortgage payments etc but the CSA are not bothered by that.

After about a month of paying the new amounts I received a call from my employer. They had received a Read more

Ex lied to CSA about my payments to her

April 23, 2010

I have always supported my children financially. 6 years ago csa contacted me stating that I needed to maintence for my 2 children. When I contacted them they advised me that my ex-partner stated that I was not paying maintence. When I confronted her she stated that she could not tell them that she was, because she would be done for fraud, due to her receiving child benefits.

When I contacted the csa again they stated due to me not having reciepts I was liable, because I could not prove that I was giving my ex money. At that stage the csa allowed me to make direct payments to my ex, due to them making mistake with the payments they were taking from me and putting into my ex bank account. 4 years on now my daughter is now 19, immediately the csa contacted me and Read more

Do I have to pay CSA if I live abroad?

April 22, 2010

This is a first time post from me and I am looking for some advice. I have no intention of completely avoiding payments to the CSA although I would rather see the money go to a trust for my child.

Anyway, I am not employed at the moment and have decided to take a year out travelling, I have little job prospects in the UK, the ex has the house and the car. The question is can the CSA still demand payments from me while travelling abroad or if i settle in another part of the world.

I look forward to someone helping me.

Many thanks


CSA reassess me again after their mistakes

April 22, 2010

My ex has returned to CSA again for and appeal against a decission made in Aug 09, i have always had trouble with the ex, getting me reassessed. In 2007 i was contacted 4 times by CSA about changes in my circumstances when there wasn’t any.

With the amount of changes that csa made on my last assessment they got all the calculations wrong and me and my wife went through hell trying to correct the csa’s mistakes, finally getting the correct calculation that Read more

Lost all contact with my son

April 21, 2010

When i was 19 the man i was married to was abusive! I have a son from that relationships when things got really bad I moved back to my families in ky, My ex was doing nothing to help us at all we had nothing and I was very young we could not get help from the state for the fact I was still married to this man he was a E5 in the army ,well my family told me they would help my son and myself just after a few months it must have been to much on them….They told me I could not have my son there or we would have to go…

They talked me into giving my son to him, my ex told me he would not keep from our son he also had it put in the divorce papers that I did not have to pay support and he would fly him to see me one time a year but as soon as he got him in his care I was pushed out!

I would call just to be told not to call back. A two years latter i went to work overseas I was trying to get my life together. When I got back home I was told that my ex got married and this lady was calling telling my mother and grandmother that my son was Read more

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