CSA’s actions are just plain unfair

February 24, 2019

Csa is a joke, i have been married to my partnerfor 8 yrs and have helped to raise his children financially as his ex has paid nothing for the 14 yrs she s been gone,we know she has had money but she claims it is all her husbands as they have thier own business, i also know she had a lump sum of 50 000 and guessing other amounts when her father died, nothing has been done to get a penny from her,on the other hand my daughters partner who has never objected to paying maintenance and has always had the children and would have them more if his ex allowed has been asked tp pay 1200 a month as he worked a lot of overtime last yr has been told he owes another 6000 pound, the csa are not taking into account they have a mortgage and a baby between them, on top of what he pays in maintenance he takes them on holidays buys clothes and pays for school trips etc,the consequences of csa actions are that tjey could lose thier home because of debts,how is this fair.