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After a lengthy hiatus is now back on Facebook with its own Facebook Page,

We were on Facebook a couple of years ago, where our page grew to over 1,000 ‘fans’ before the Child Support Agency complained to Facebook about the content of the page. It seems it’s fine for their staff, such as Jamie Smith from Belfast, to say the most abhorrent things to fathers but it’s not OK for fathers to say them back – at least not in the eyes of Facebook or the CSA.

Anyhow, we’re back on Facebook with a new page and, this time, we’ll be behaving ourselves – even if the CSA staff get on there and start abusing us again. Incidentally, as a warning to the CSA staff – we do know who you are and can identify you quite easily, so don’t think you can come on here, or on the Facebook page, and starting insulting people in a clandestine manner. We can tell who you are in a variety of different ways, just as we did with Anna Lewis on Twitter – the CSA employee from Birkenhead who immediately deleted all of her Tweets when we pointed out we knew who she was. So don’t waste your time, you’re not allowed to misrepresent yourselves online and we know who you are.

For those of you who do want to find help, advice and hear from others in the same position – you’re welcome on the Facebook page, so come along and join in.

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