CSA will only be happy once I’ve lost everything

May 16, 2015

I start my story at a loss & almost lost everything I have. I have been paying CSA money for almost a year but the last few months have been utter hell.

I had to go into hospital earlier this year for an operation,spent 6 weeks out of work on statuary sick pay so of course my payments fell behind due to the fact I did not inform them of the changes in circumstances, I spent a further month once I returned back to work as only part time due to stress and demands of the job.

Now they take my wages each week leaving me barely enough to survive on, haven’t been able to pay my rent in the last month due not having enough money, lost days at work where I simply could not afford the fare to travel, borrowed off everyone I know just to keep myself in employment.

I lost my job on the 24th of last month, now it looks like I will lose my home to and possibly my current relationship. I contacted the CSA explained my situation way before all this happened, pleaded with them to stop taking so much in back pay but it all fell on deaf ears, I sent them another e-mail a week before I lost my job telling them how when they first contacted me I was living in a shelter for the homeless, how they would not be happy until I lost everything! Well now they have almost got there wish.

They never contact you, they don’t write to you or even tell you how much back pay you owe! They just take take take, leave you with £104 left of your income that you work so hard for and expect you to survive. I have read some of the comments here, I am no rich guy living the high life, just an average Joe trying to survive on minimum wage which was hard before the CSA started taking the back pay.

Its ironic because my ex is working too, she gets help from the government even gets a nice bonus each year and yet myself and current partner has to live in poverty, I call my child each week but sometimes can barely afford the top up for my phone.

I have no problem with paying the money,don’t begrudge my child it, but now they will get nothing out of me just because they were the straw that ended up breaking the camels back.


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