CSA went to my employer behind my back

November 6, 2011

I separated from my partner (amicably) 20 years ago in 1992, we had one son William, we were not married.

In the first 5 years I paid the CSA direct all monies they requested from me, I then went onto a paying my ex partner through the direct route scheme, this ran smoothly until my son was 18 back in 2009. At that time I had a letter from the CSA saying my case was closed, something I was proud of … a full record of support for my son and ex partner.

Last week (Oct 2011) the CSA called my company direct asking 20 questions about how I was paid, as a deductions of earnings order for £591 was likely soon to be requested to them !!! I then obviously called them to find out that yes indeed they claim I owe them this amount from 15 years ago, but they are only flagging it up now (without any evidence incidentally) in this incredulous way. Is it not illegal to contact my employers direct (causing me massive embarrassment) without even had the courtesy to talk to or write to me about it first ?

20 years ago it is well documented that the CSA bled fathers who identified themselves like me dry, upping the money we paid in order to get to the targets they had, rather than the hassle to chase after absent fathers.

This smacks of something similar now all these years later.

At this point I have requested proof / evidence that I do indeed owe this amount – and do not intend to pay unless I believe they are not shafting me again !!!

Peter Gammon


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  1. Lionel gittens on March 21st, 2019 9:56 am

    I am still under there diverse decisions, I believe they have taken money from my pension without me knowing, if we could defend ourselves against these people, what sinister reason would they have for doing this, no qualifying children and the case I believe is closed, so why can they just take a person’s savings, all I ask is to be allowed to get on with my life without there influence in the mist, enough is enough, I have paid my debt to society and made sure of paying my maintenance, so what else could I possibly owe this organisation. They seem hell bent on creating as much possible damage even though there’s no qualifying children, really, what are they about, to me there a bunch of loan sharks who has authority to harass people by our own government, tell me who should we look out for.

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