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CSA wants to take my house

I have recently been told by ex partner that she can have my ex wifes house sold from under her as I still have my name on the mortgage papers after moving out over 10 years ago. I have a son to my ex girlfriend who I gave money 2 every week. It just wasnt enough. Every week then turned into the same amounts every 4-5 days then the same again every 3-4 days giving her more money than I could afford. What mum tells you you cant see your son if you dont give her and her boyfriend 500 quid so they can buy a dog? just as I handed over 160 quid.

Csa claim they have new laws in affect and that my ex has told them I dont give her any money even though I make her sign for it. Cant give it to her direct debit as she calls me on the phone and drives straight down to get it! I no longer see him now as ex told me he wasnt even mine.

And I actualy fought in court for 5 years for parental responsability. Not worth the money its printed on. Can the csa take a house I havent lived in for 10 years? They cant even keep my records straight.

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  1. hi is your name on the actual deeds of the house still or just the mortgage? they do have new powers and they are taking peoples homes away if your name is on the deeds than i suggest you quickly sign it over to your ex wife unless she has to buy you out then if she wants to keep house she will have to pay you your share or fight the csa herself when they go for the charging order

  2. What threats are the CSA making? Are they involved yet? Have you kept a record of how much you paid her, dates and amounts?

    You said you applied for PR, more importantly what contact did you apply for and what contact were you getting? And what are you doing about re-establishing contact?

    She’s also now said that your son is not yours, is she now saying that he is yours? If she is saying that he is not yours then nothing the CSA can do. If she is now saying that he is yours, then you can ask for a DNA test.

    As regards the house it is unlikely that the CSA would try to make you sell it, they can try, but it would be your ex-wife that would be objecting in Court and a Court is unlikely to evict her.

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  3. Hi. The csa dont care and told me that ive left it a bit late to dispute parentage. “left that a bit late didnt you” I was told on the phone.

    What the csa said during last conversation.

    Even if i’m not the dad I have assumed responsability therefore I will pay till child is 18? I told them that I wasnt the one who disputed parentage but it doesnt matter.

    I cant request a dna test to see if what she is saying is true as I have already assumed responsability.

    The csa then asked me if I had my name on any deeds for recovery and couldnt tell me anything of proceedure or law in relation to that question.

    Even if I can prove payments to ex over many years as I didnt use the csa for those payments It is up to them to recover the money again as ex has now denied having payments of any kind from day one!

    My so called court order for contact and parental responsability order means nothing. My ex will not co operate in any way and made it so hard for the past 5 years that contact what was is now over.

    The contact I had I fought for tooth and nail. I had done nothing wrong and have no criminal record but it still took me years to get contact.
    2 years to get supervised 1 hour playtime at hall of her choice, then more court visits to get 2 hours playtime at a time suited to her.
    Eventualy another 2 years later when it was convenient as she could go out the weekends I had one stayover a couple of times a month only if she could be arsed.
    Everytime I saw my child I would get your not my dad my mum told me that her new boyfriend is my dad. For every wonderful day and night we had his mother would ruin and counteract it all week with the negative. It was like starting over again every visit.

    My phone call to the csa has just made it all worse. Its starting to make me ill.
    Even though they admit that my ex must have been getting money from me as she hadnt contacted them untill recently they still have to obtain money as per her wishes from day one.

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