CSA want to send me to prison

March 4, 2010

Hi all, Im just waiting for my court date to arrive where I expect i will be sent to prison for 42 days for breaching my payment order. I dont want to bore anyone with all the exact ins and outs but I will try and keep it short!

I met a woman and was seeing her for about 2 months, then she told me she was pregnant! we moved in together and she was always going out on the beer leaving me to babysit, after a while I gave her an ultimatum, stop taking the p*** or im leaving. Things improved for a while then it was back to normal, I wasnt being a doormat any longer so I left.

She went to the CSA the next day and told me never to see her and the kids again, she moved house, never knew where she went nobody would tell me. Csa found me through my work and I had an attatchment of earnings order for £110 a week because I didnt respond to any letters, I was only earning £160 a week so I panicked and quit my job!

I decided then that why should I pay if I cant see my kids. I moved from house to house and job to job, I know it was the wrong thing to do but I was acting on principal. I was caught a couple of times and ended up in court , arrears still mounting. I then was told by her ex best mate that she had been sleeping with her brother every week for around 9 months before she fell pregnant but the court said that I will have to go for a DNA test. But to do this it would cost thousands which I didnt have.

I agreed to pay regular payments which were made. I got married and money was tight so I stopped paying, Then I got a warrant for my arrest so I moved house again, with the thought of me having to pay for kids that may or may not be mine! I managed to trace her and asked her for a DNA test and she refused, why?, something to hide?.

I then got a call from work saying there were 2 court bailiffs waiting to arrest me, I handed myself in and went to court again and they said they want £300 a month or I will go to jail for 42 days if I miss a payment. That was in 2007. In july 2009 I broke my leg so I was off work for 8 weeks and being self employed I wasnt earning anything, didnt even get sick pay so I had to borrow off family.

I informed the CSA of this and they wanted proof so I sent them all sorts from hospital and a copy of my sick note. I went back to work but failed to tell them as I thought paying back family in my eyes is more important than paying the government! Then last week I got the call I was waiting for CSA Enforcement officer telling me if I dont pay £4500 in the next 3 weeks when a court date is set I will be jailed for 42 days! Now dont get me wrong but in a nutshell I didnt have a problem paying maintainence if the kids were mine, but I thought people were innocent until proven guilty, but in the case of the CSA your guilty till you pay thousands to prove your innocent!

Now i owe £25,000 in arrears and dont see a way out! On top of that I owe £35.000 in debts my ex wife ran up in my name and Im looking at bankruptcy! Suicide is sounding like a good idea every day that passes. All I wanted was too see my kids but she stopped me, I wanted to prove my kids were mine but I couldnt afford to do it and she refused the test!

I stopped paying CSA through principle and now that principle will end up finishing me!!


  • Brokenfather says:

    Are you on the birth certificates of the child/children that the CSA want CM for?

    You need to find the money from somewhere for the DNA test, and start that process immediately. If the CSA wont assist, make an application to court to force you ex.

    I dont know for certain, but I would hope that any reasonable judge would delay any imprisonment pending the outcome.

  • Gary Hilton says:

    Hi, as far as Im aware I am on the birth cert but if you have a look at your birth cert it does state at the bottom that a certificate is not evidence of identity, check it out. So I guess I could argue the toss thats its my word against theirs so I would imagine that a judge wouldnt send me down till its proven by dna that they are mine, in theory anyway. As for paying for the test myself, I cant afford it as I need a solicitor, been told by one of those free hourly ones that it could cost up to and over 5k to get it sorted, just dont have that cash. I owe over 35k in previous marriage debts so im looking at bankruptcy as well. With the CSA I owe over 60k! At this rate suicide is looking like a solution to end it all, seeing as I havnt seen the kids for years!!!

  • Brokenfather says:

    As far as you are aware? What a strange statement.

    As an unmarried father you can only be named on the birth certficate if you were present at time of registration, or specifically had your name added afterwards. Either way you would definately know if you are or are not!

  • Gary Hilton says:

    Well I never saw the birth cert but I was told im on as the father by my ex, I will have to go to the registry office and try and get a copy.Either way its not a legal form of identity, did you check your birth cert? I cant believe how many people on this site and others like it are having nightmares with the CSA! I usually call them the Government Extortion Agency, thats what it feels like anyway!

  • Brokenfather says:

    Whether it is a legal form of identity or not in immaterlal. The point is Gary, if you are not on the birth certificate the CSA cannot deny you a DNA test and if they have they have acted unlawfully. You have to pay for it but if you arent the father you get that back.

    The mother cannot just put you on the birth certificate without your agreement because you were not married.

    If you want to avoid prison you need to use these failings.

  • im stuffed to says:

    well i myself cant deny who my kids are apart from one i have no clue who the child or the mother is with one. i take home £147 a week now the csa are hitting me for £26 a week plus any backdated for 6 months. so wanting 40% of my £147 a week. i asked them i have rent a cummunity charge to pay each week what amounts to about £90 a week and then my £16 per week to travel back and fourth to work this leaves me £40 to live on less than dole money . from my £40 i still have gas and electic to pay for leaving me with £25 a week to live on. the now want to take £26 a week and any arrears a total of 40% of my income what will leave me with about £90 a week. told them well im better of on the dole they said if i leave my work they will send in ballifs i have no assets so there is nothing to take so they said we will take you to court and jail you leave your job and not pay us. the way i see it they have taken away any human rights i have from the right to work and the right to live they think they are a power amongst there own. its high time someone stood up to them as they want me to either become destitute live on the streets or starve to death. if i leave work because i cant afford to work they say they will take me to court and imprison me. what do i do hang myself like many others or rin and bear it and say yes sir you are a law on your own.

  • joanne shier says:

    To I’m stuffed, I’m a pwc (and a nrpp) and it seems they tell us one thing and nrps something else. My children’s dad doesn’t bother with his two kids…not even a bday card so no lectures that I’m a greedy so and so as csa have never helped me and to be honest can’t be asked to keep on at them, my ex is non-compliant and I can’t be asked with the grief. When my ex left one of his jobs, he has had many, I was told that its very difficult to prove that he left in malice, they threaten with bailiffs to get you to pay, I was told by numerous agency staff it costs too much to get these enforcements and a court would laugh it out, as its their word against yours. People do need to start realising that this agency is only there to support the government. With now being a nrpp its heart breaking to see a good guy being beaten down…ex gfs n ex wives who are fortunate to have a guy that sticks around should have my ex, see how unfair it is then.

  • William T says:

    It is clear the CSA (Chronically Stupid Association) is totally unfit for purpose and is manned by a lazy, poorly trained, unethical bunch of man-haters.

    Write to MPs.


    Until they are so badgered by it all they’ll do something about it.

    My sympathies to everyone who is having/has had an appalling time at the hands of these people – the ultimate morons.

  • 0151sandithom says:

    You weren’t complaining when you were shagging her.

  • derek miller says:

    @0151sandithom what a helpful comment, I’d be so proud if I made that statement [email protected] Hilton surely you will need to go before a judge again being sent down so you may be able to plead your case. anyways, contact your MP and see what they can do for you

  • Lynn Woolsey says:

    It does not cost thousands of pounds for a DNA test, this is a total copout.

  • Krista says:

    What a pile of rubbish … The csa will do a DNA test like others have said … I for one hope you got your 42 days in prison …clearly with debt from a previous relationship also this is something you frequently do … No point crying suicide now, you should have thought about how your actions affected those children … And use protection when you’re sleeping around!!!!!

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