CSA want my wage slips for my partner’s Ex!

April 25, 2010

My hubby has paid csa for 10years through a deo, now they have asked for my wages. What a joke – they’re not even my kids!!!

i have my own daughter to see to and no 1 ever helped me when i was a single mother with child support. What i want to know is can they take my wages in to account the form they sent out i have refused to give them my details? If they want my details they can ask me, not my husband, what a cheek they have. They are a bunch of idiots, they have harrased us for years and now i am off work sick as a result of the stress they are causing – not to mention the pressure they are putting on my marriage but as other people on here say, they dont casre.

They are extreemly ignorant when they phone and ver arrogant and dont care what outgoings you have, im just sick of all of them, i will wait and see if they write and ask me for my information. If they do i will still refuse to give it out, after all we are paying £150 per week as it is. while the parent with care sits on her arse and has another 4 children with somone else what a joke !!!!


  • charlie says:

    i feel for you.

    my ex thinks she is going to get my girlfriends money too. she is a money grabber with no pride or self respect.

    i am certain they cant take your money in to account.

    my girlfriend was worried too about her money and felt the same about how can she be forced to pay for someone elses children. she felt if she bought them things its because she wants too which she is always spoiling them but she dont want the csa to force it.

    we went to citzens advice, had a meeting with my solicitor who confirmed that my ex could not take anyones money only the biologcal parents.

    if you have home insurance, usually they offer legal advice. my insurance company does its only over the phone advice, but it still helps.
    if you see a solicitor, make sure they are LEXEL, RESOLUTION
    AND LAW SOCIETY ACCREDITED. They are the top ones who know their stuff. they are a bit more expensive but its because they are specialists in the familty law area.

    i hope you get everything sorted.

    women like yur husbands give women a bad name and its a shame i know theres some really decent ones out there.

  • Frankie says:

    You are not quite right in thinking they cannot access a new partners income. I had to provide wage slips in support of my husband’s assessment by the CSA. They do not directly take money from me obviously but what happens is they assess him as having less money to pay towards housing etc as they presume that I pay half. So indirectly I do contribute to his ex wife and their children and because under the old system they do not take into account my own children. They also do not take into account high commuting costs which were unavoidable for us.
    We have now moved to Ireland where the CSA cannot assess us and now ironically we earn more money so my husband can now afford to pay his ex more money, which he does. But at least this way we can control what we give her and now we can afford to see the kids which we couldn’t before.

  • boon says:

    I know someone whos partner has 2 children and she has to pay out 15% of her wages towards his kids because there partners living together, and its there household income its coming out off. takes the pss, i’d really never pay for someone else kids, they had them they’re children. I’d never give my boyfriends ex money, ever, she can kiss my ass, n like the dirt from the toilet bowl before she’ll get a penny of me. That makes me mad.

  • Kirsten says:

    I am recently married and my husband was made unemployed a couple of months ago, the CSA have been asking for my information for a long time which i am not providing, I have no children myself out of choice, his ex however has 5 (2 are his) to several different men. Not only am i single handedly paying all the bills for us both whilst working every hour i can, the only holiday i had this year is a week away for my honeymoon (she has been to Turkey twice this year, once with and once without the kids). Now it looks like they want to take money off me, I am not paying for anyone elses children and i am not giving any of my details but I just dont know where i stand legally on this. His money grabbing ex makes me physically sick and is a disgrace to women everywhere. This is affecting my 6 month marriage, between his unemployment and this. I was better off on my own.

  • Fuming says:

    They can have info on his wage but im givin no info away..take me t court.. I dnt care..Im not payin a penny towards my bfs kids. Ive got my own kids to support. They can kiss my ass.

  • Wayne Porter says:

    I am getting married next year and I feel ashamed my past will affect my wife to be. I have only one child thank god. My child will be 15 next year when we are married. I had to pay £5000 to my BG to ween her of the old system and then pay £1500 to the secretary of state. They started a new case on me at Christmas 2010 and did not write to me and did not take the money out my wage even though they knew my employer. I left the employer and coincidently they then said I owe 3 months money. I don’t even see my child because the BM left Nottingham to lived in Birmingham and did not forward contact details. I had to fill in a C100 form for contact with my daughter and PR. Basically since my daughter is born before 2003 and I was not married I do not have PR. I see my daughter fortnightly now. She even abandoned my daughter for 3 months in Nottingham with the baby sitter. I THINK THEY TREAT FATHERS WRONG IN THIS COUNTRY. What made me laugh was the riots and everyone was asking where are the fathers for the children rioting. THE FATHERS HAVE NO RIGHTS.

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