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CSA want money when child lives with me!

I have an 18 1/2 year old son. His mum applied for housing and benefits back in the about 1997. The benefits staff got her to sign papers applying to the csa.

I left my employer of 10 years to avoid paying £80 a week from a £140 wage packet to the csa.

About 8 years ago i remarried, a year afterwards my son’s mum threw him out with his clothes in 3 black bags. I moved him in with me.

The ex has been claiming all the benefits she is allowed to and now has applied for a bigger house. she has not told them that my son is and has been living with me all these years.

Now, the csa are after chasing me for £15,000 reduced to £8800 if I pay soon.

They some how found out my new address, luckily the house is on my new wifes name and she told them that no one of that name lives here. I phoned them and gave them a false address a few weeks later!

The csa have played a dirty game with me all these years SO why not return the favour!

I have and AM supporting my son over the past 7 years he has lived with me AND when he was living with his mum.

After all this I still am being hounded and probably will be hounded for life!

Thanks for reading my post (sighs)

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